Newly Formed Senior and Junior Ice Dance and Pairs Partnerships for 2020/21 [Updated March 13th]

This list includes teams that formed post 2019/20 season.

Ice Dance






Great Britain

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Anything GOEs Fantasy Skating – NHK Trophy 2019

Welcome to Anything GOEs Fantasy Figure Skating for the 2019/20 Grand Prix season! This week: NHK TROPHY Here’s how to play: Pick ONE skater from EACH group below to represent you for the event, and whatever total score that skater gets in the event (rounded up to the nearest whole

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AGOEs Fantasy Skating Entries

JOIN HERE (Submissions closed for Skate America. Will reopen for Skate Canada) A big thank you to everybody who has decided to enter the form! We are so excited to play this game with you over the following weeks. Below are all the entries we have received so far. Don’t

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Anything GOEs Fantasy Skating – RESULTS Rostelecom 2019

CHECK OUT THE OVERALL RANKING FOR GRAND PRIXOverview of all Rankings Rostelecom 2019 is officially over and we can release the results of our Fantasy Skating game for this week!  Thank you to everybody who participated!  Check out your results below and see you again next week for NHK Trophy!

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