Junior Grand Prix Baltic Cup 2019 – Preview

The fifth of the Junior Grand Prix events takes place in Gdansk, Poland from the 18th-21st September.

Here’s a rundown of who you can expect to see competing at this event and some information about them.


* Junior debut

Skater Country Notable Results 18/19 Nationals Program Information Notable Jumps Result from 1st JGP
Milana Ramashova Belaus 1st SP: Due Soldi (Liquidation) / FP: La Campanella 3T+2T 16th (136.62) - JGP Chelyabinsk
Amelia Orzel Canada 30th Golden Bear - 9th (132.82) 11th SP: Halo/Can You Feel The Love Tonight / FP: Romeo and Juliet 3Lz+2T
*Qijing Cao China 5th (S) SP: Larrons en foire
*Tzu-Han Ting Chinese Taipei Oceania International Novice FSC - 1st (120.78, N) 1st SP: Corpse Bride / FP: Finding Neverland 3S+3T
*Michaela Vrastakova Czech Republic International Halloween Cup - 8th (75.56, N) SP: Code Name Vivaldi (Bourne soundtrack) / FP: Big Spender/Jumpin' Jack
Niina Petrokina Estonia Lounakeskus Trophy - 1st (152.31) 4th (S) SP: S'Wonderful / FP: Love of My Life 3Lz+1Eu+3S 6th (166.83) - JGP Riga Cup
Sofia Sula Finland Nordics Open - 6th (140.79) SP: Nothing Else Matters / FP: Soul Stories
*Aya Hatakawa Germany Inge Solar Memorial Alpen Trophy Junior - 4th (97.87, N) 1st (N) 3Lz+2T
Anna Litvinenko Great Britain 11th Tirnavia Ice Cup - 1st (117.36) 7th (S) SP: California Dreamin' / FP: Romeo and Juliet 3T+2T
Cheuk Ka Kahlen Cheung Hong Kong International Halloween Cup - 6th (128.17) SP: Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) / FP: Carmen 3T+1Eu+2S 13th (144.34) - JGP Courchevel
Marta Maria Johannsdottir Iceland Reykjavík International Games - 3rd (107.12) 1st SP: Four Seasons / FP: Warsaw Concerto
Lucrezia Beccari Italy 14th European Youth Olympic Winter Festival - 2nd (173.69) 2nd (S) SP: Moonlight Sonata/Morir D'Amor / FP: Cinderella (soundtrack) 3Lz+2T
Moa Iwano Japan JGP Kaunas - 5th (153.94) 7th SP: I Put a Spell On You/Sinnerman / FP: Papa, Can You Hear Me 3F+2T+2Lo
Tomoe Kawabata Japan JGP Bratislava - 5h (173.84) 3rd (J), 10th (S) SP: Blue Danube / FP: Yumeji's Theme/Sikuriadas 3Lz+3T 5th (171.67) - JGP Courchevel
Alana Toktarova Kazakhstan 51st Golden Spin - 3rd (130.52) SP: Parla piu piano (The Godfather) / FP: Nella Fantasia 3Lz+2T 21st (118.48) - JGP Riga Cup
Mariia Bolsheva Latvia Silver Skate Cup - 1st (115.18) 1st (N) SP: Hallelujah / FP: Mozart Rock Opera 3S
Paulina Ramanauskaite Lithuania JGP Kaunas - 9th (141.40) 1st (S) SP: La Cena (The Lady Caliph soundtrack) / FP: Je suis malade 2A+2A+SEQ / 3Lo+2T
*Ana Camila Gonzalez Mexico Santa Claus Cup - 17th (70.25, N) SP: California Dreamin' / FP: Now We Are Free (from "Gladiator" soundtrack)
*Merilyn Otgonbayar Mongolia SP: Esperanza / FP: Summer in the High Grassland/Variation/Dream of Gobi
Morgane Crausaz Morocco Bavarian Open - 18th (87.36) SP: James Bond Medley / FP: Good Bye Lenin (soundtrack)/Amen (soundtrack) 33rd (67.75) - JGP Courchevel
Dani Loonstra Netherlands Ice Talent Trophy - 2nd (121.44) 3F
*Linnea Sophie Kolstad Kilsand Norway Challenge Cup - 8th (88.63, N) 3rd (N) SP: Can't Help Falling in Love / FP: Beauty and the Beast (soundtrack) 3T+2T
Sofia Isabel Victoria Guidote Philippines JGP Yerevan - 18th (102.08) SP: Skyfall / FP: 42nd Street
Ekaterina Kurakova Poland Four Nationals - 1st (178.80, S) 1st SP: La vie en rose / FP: Le Corsaire 3Lz+3T (training a 3A) 5th (175.97) - JGP Riga
Amelia Rams Poland Mini Europa - 4th (99.05) 4th SP: Give Me Love / FP: People Help the People 3S
Oliwia Rzepiel Poland Edu Sport Trophy - 4th (134.65) 2nd SP: Feel It Still / FP: Iron 3Lo+2T
Seoyeon Ji South Korea 7th (S) SP: Danse Macbabre / FP: lovely/Gangster's Paradise 3Lz+3T 4th (179.23) - JGP Lake Placid
Seoyeong Wi South Korea JGP Ostrava - 4th (176.50) 6th (S) SP: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (soundtrack)/The Banquet OST / FP: Amelie OST 3Lz+3T 2nd (191.07) - JGP Courchevel
Anastasia Tarakanova Russia JGP Richmond - 2nd (190.69) 7th (J) 13th (S) SP: House of the Rising Sun / FP: Frida (soundtrack) 3Lz+3T 3rd (179.29) - JGP Lake Placid
Viktoria Vasilieva Russia Russian-Chinese Winter Games - 1st (198.64) 11th (S) SP: Tron: Legacy (soundtrack)/The Fifth Element (soundtrack) / FP: Introduction et Rondo Capriccioso 3Lz+3T 3rd (198.79) - JGP Chelyabinsk
Alexandra Michaela Filcova Slovakia Golden Spin - 6th (120.15) 2nd SP: Bla Bla Bla Cha Cha Cha / FP: Angel and Devil 3T+2T+1Lo 27th (107.34) - JGP Courchevel
Gian-Quen Isaacs South Africa JGP Kaunas - 31st (68.31) 1st SP: Uninvited / FP: My Immortal 3T+2T 26th (104.01) - JGP Riga
Emelie Ling Sweden 37th Volvo Open Cup - 2nd (140.63) 1st SP: River Flows in You / FP: A Thousand Times Good Night (Romeo and Juliet) 3S+1Eu+2F 19th (110.80) - JGP Lake Placid
Anais Coraducci Switzerland 30th Golden Bear - 4th (159.19) 4th (S) SP: Nisi Dominus / FP: The Feeling Begins 3T+1Eu+3S
*Yeva Shulga Ukraine Mini Europa - 1st (93.12, N) 1st (N) SP: I Love Rock'n'Roll/I Hate Myself for Loving You / FP: Danza Mora Vocal 3T+2T
Alysa Liu USA Asian Open Figure Skating Trophy - 1st (138.45, N) 1st (S) SP: Don't Rain On My Parade / FP: Illumination 4Lz 1st (208.10) - JGP Lake Placid
*Lindsay Thorngren USA Bavarian Open - 2nd (113.88, N) 1st (Inter) SP: Papa Can You Hear Me / FP: Lovers 3Lz+3T< (domestically)


* Junior debut

Team Country Notable Results 18/19 Nationals Program Information Results from 1st JGP
*Kelly Ann Laurin / Loucas Éthier Canada 1st (N) SP: Doctor Zhivago (soundtrack) / FP: Ever After/A Cinderella Story
*Camille Perreault / William St-Louis Canada SP: Creature de Siam / FP: Terra Rossa
Motong Liu / Tianze Wang China JGP Linz - 10th (103.81) 6th (S) SP: New York, New York / FP: Sound of an Orchestra 9th (106.33) - JGP Chelyabinsk
*Liudmila Molchanova / Remi Belmonte France 2nd
*Alina Butaeva / Luka Berulava Georgia SP: O Fortuna / FP: D'Artagnan
*Annika Hocke / Robert Kunkel Germany SP: Wasting My Young Years / FP: Do You Love Me/Cry to Me/Wipe Out
Letizia Roscher / Luis Schuster Germany Bavarian Open - 7th (118.11) 2nd SP: Home of the Dark Butterflies / FP: West Side Story
Federica Zamponi / Marco Zandron Italy Egna Spring Trophy - 2nd (102.49) 3rd SP: Boogie Wonderland/A Fifth of Beethoven / FP: Young and Beautiful/Booty Swing
Apollinariia Panfilova / Dmitry Rylov Russia Junior Worlds - 2nd (188.17) 3rd (J) 7th (S) SP: The Matrix soundtrack / FP: No One Ever Called Me That 1st (186.92) - JGP Lake Placid
Alina Pepeleva / Roman Pleshkov Russia Russian-Chinese Winter Games - 1st (165.63) 4th SP: L.O.V.E. / FP: Romeo and Juliet (soundtrack) 3rd (159.29) - JGP Lake Placid
*Anna Shcheglova / Ilia Kalashnikov Russia 10th SP: Corpse Bride (soundtrack) / FP: Aladdin (soundtrack)
Tereza Zendulkova / Simon Fukas Slovakia Bavarian Open - 6th (121.44) 1st SP: It's a Man's World / FP: West Side Story
Greta Crafoord / John Crafoord Sweden SP: Fiesta Flamenco / FP: Khorobushko
*Kateryna Dzitsiuk / Ivan Pavlov Ukraine SP: King Arthur (soundtrack) / FP: The Great Gatsby (soundtrack)
Sofiia Nesterova / Artem Darenskyi Ukraine Junior Worlds - 8th (140.88) 1st (S) SP: Bolero / FP: Braveheart (soundtrack)
Kate Finster / Balazs Nagy USA Junior Worlds - 11th (132.29) 2nd SP: Hallelujah / FP: To Build a Home/Rain in Your Black Eyes 6th (133.09) - JGP Lake Placid


* Junior debut

Skater Country Notable Results 18/19 Nationals Program Information Notable Jumps Result from 1st JGP
Alexander Lebedev Belarus Volvo Open Cup - 5th (191.72) 1st (S) SP: E lucevan le stelle / FP: Once Upon a Time in Mexico 3Lz+3T 8th (173.08) - JGP Chelyabinsk
Corey Circelli Canada 3rd 3F+3T
Joseph Phan Canada Junior Worlds - 12th (209.02) 4th (S) SP: Torn (Redux) / FP: Piano Concerto No. 5 "Emperor" 4T+2T 6th (189.72) - JGP RIga
Luanfeng Li China 4th SP: Lonely In The Dark / FP: Totentanz 3Lz+1Eu+2F 9th (171.76) - JGP Chelyabinsk
Filip Scerba Czech Republic Four Nationals - 9th (158.69, S) 7th (S) 3Lz+3T
Aleksandr Selevko Estonia Tallink Hotels Cup - 2nd (201.08, S) 3rd (S) SP: I Step Out For A While / FP: Caruso 3Lz+3T 5th (194.00) - JGP Riga
Makar Suntsev Finland Tallink Hotels Cup - 3rd (127.54) 4th 3S+2T
Yann Frechon France 3S+2T
Louis Weissert Germany NRW Summer Trophy - 5th (138.83) 3rd 3T+2T
Joseph Alexander Zakipour Great Britain 14th European Youth Olympic Winter Festival - 14th (114.45) 4th 3S+2T
Daniel Grassl Italy 30th Golden Bear - 1st (250.37, S) 1st (S) SP: Lacrimosa + Requiem "Angel" / FP: A Single Man (soundtrack) 4Lz
Yuma Kagiyama Japan Challenge Cup - 2nd (218.02, S) 5th (J), 6th (S) SP: Piano Concerto "Fate" (Soho Crime) / FP: Tucker soundtrack 4T+2T 1st (234.87) - JGP Courchevel
Rakhat Bralin Kazakhstan 37th Volvo Open Cup - 1st (177.51) 3Lz+3T
*Didier Djkstra Netherlands Ice Talent Trophy - 1st (81.69, N)
Egor Khlopkov Poland 60th Grand Prix of Bratislava - 1st (131.56) 4th 3Lz+2T
Jakub Lofek Poland Mini Europa - 1st (107.19, N) 3rd SP: Assassin's Tango / FP: The Godfather II (soundtrack) 3T+2T 16th (121.45) - JGP Courchevel
Kornel Witkowski Poland Mentor Torun Cup - 8th (139.60 1st SP: The Shadow Line / FP: Fly Me To the Moon/Why Me 3Lz+2T (3A in practice) 15th (152.81) - JGP Riga
Gleb Lutfullin Russia Skate Victoria - 1st (206.84) 13th SP: Vabanque (soundtrack) / FP: Moonlight Sonata 3A+3T / 4S 3rd (203.50) - JGP Lake Placid
Daniil Samsonov Russia 1st Winter Children of Asia International Sports Games - 1st (238.06) 1st SP: Rain, In Your Black Eyes / FP: Per Te 3Lz+3Lo / 3A (attempting 4Lz) 3rd (211.62) - JGP Riga
Sinali Sango South Africa Cup of Tyrol - 8th (117.39) 2nd 3T+2T
Andreas Nordeback Sweden JGP Ostrava - 9th (173.44) 1st SP: I'm a Wanted Man / FP: The Untouchables (soundtrack)/Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (soundtrack) 3Lz+1Eu+3S / 3A
Noah Bodenstein Switzerland 37th Volvo Open Cup - 2nd (155.16) 1st 3T+3T
Alp Eren Özkan Turkey Mentor Torun Cup - 2nd (158.38) 2nd SP: I Found / FP: Exit Music (for a Film) 3Lz+2T 18th (135.94) - JGP Chelyabinsk
Ivan Shmuratko Ukraine Bosporus Cup - 2nd (208.65, S) 1st 3Lz+3T / 3A
Ryan Dunk USA JGP Yerevan - 4th (195.30) 1st SP: The Blower's Daughter / FP: Io Ci Saro 3F+3T 5th (188.39) - Lake Placid
Dinh Tran USA JGP Linz - 10th (169.70) 2nd 3Lz+3T / 3A

Ice Dance

Team Country Notable Results 18/19 Nationals Program Information Result from 1st JGP
*Alexandra Fladun-Dorling / Christopher Fladun-Dorling Australia RD: Come Fly With Me/Puttin' On the Ritz / FD: California Dreamin'
*Jessica Li / Jacob Richmond Canada 11th RD: Can-Can / FD: La Vie En Rose/Song For The Little Sparrow
Miku Makita / Tyler Gunara Canada JGP Richmond - 8th (127.80) 9th RD: Hairspray / FD: Don't Know How To Love You/I'll Take Care Of You 4th (149.63) - JGP Lake Placid
*Yufei Lin / Zijian Gao China RD: Singin' In The Rain/Good Morning / FD: A Thousand Years/Arms
Elisabeta Korinkova / Tomas Moravec Czech Republic Bavarian Open - 17th (110.62) 2nd RD: Burlesque / FD: Never Tear Us Apart/River 14th (106.56) - JGP Riga
*Katerina Bunina / Artur Gruzdev Estonia
*Daniela Ivanitskiy / Samu Kyyhkynen Finland RD: Waltz in Swingtime/The Way You Look Tonight / FD: Memoirs of a Geisha (soundtrack)
Loicia Demougeot / Theo Le Mercier France Egna Dance Trophy - 1st (151.89) 1st RD: Ain’t Misbehavin / FD: Carmen 2nd (161.01) - JGP Courchevel
Anne-Marie Wolf / Max Liebers Germany Pavel Roman Memorial - 9th (118.59) 3rd RD: Hello Dolly/Top Hat / FD: You Are the Reason 8th (130.44) - JGP Riga
Sasha Fear / George Waddell Great Britain Egna Dance Trophy - 3rd (145.55) 1s RD: Singin' In The Rain / FD: An American In Paris 8th (123.38) - JGP Lake Placid
Francesca Righi / Aleksei Dubrovin Italy Bosporus Cup - 1st (144.87) 1st RD: Elvis The Musical / FD: It's a Man's Man's Man's World/Back to Black/Party Rock Anthem
Ayumi Takanami / Yoshimitsu Ikeda Japan Mentor Torun Cup - 12th (120.65) 1st RD: Cats / FD: Believer/Chasing Cars
Gaukhar Nauryzova / Boyisangur Datiev Kazakhstan Ice Star - 9th (109.46) RD: 42nd Street / FD: This Bitter Earth/The End
Oliwia Borowska / Filip Bojanowski Poland JGP Ostrava - 18th (81.57) 1st SP: Singin' in the Rain / FP: Perfect/Believer
Olivia Oliver / Joshua Andari Poland RD: At Last/Why Don't You Do Right?/ FD: Sarabande 18th (99.36) - JGP Courchevel
Ekaterina Katashinskaia / Aleksandr Vaskovich Russia Tallinn Trophy - 3rd (136.68) 10th RD: Sweet Charity / FD: Bailar/Temptation/Happy Brasilia 3rd (151.65) - JGP Courchevel
*Anna Cherniavska / Oleg Muratov Ukraine RD: Singin' in the Rain/Fit As A Fiddle / FD: Pigalle/I Put A Spell On You
Ella Ales / Daniel Tsarik USA Bavarian Open - 5th (134.31) 7th RD: Cabaret / FD: I'll Take Care Of You 5th (140.51) - JGP Lake Placid
Avonley Nguyen / Vadym Kolesnik USA Junior Worlds - 4th (167.90) 2nd RD: Aladdin The Musical / FD: Piano Concerto No. 2 (Rachmaninoff) 1st (170.80) - JGP Lake Placid

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