2022-2023 Junior Grand Prix Qualifiers

At every Junior Grand Prix event, skaters are given points depending on their final placements. These are totalled up and after all JGP stages are over, the six skaters that have earned the highest amount of points in each discipline are qualified to the Junior Grand Prix Final. The next three highest are reserves for the event.

In case of a tie in points, there are seven tie-breakers:-
– The highest placement out of two events (e.g. a skater who placed 1st and 3rd would get the place over a skater who placed 2nd at their two events),
– Higher total of the two combined scores (e.g. Panetta/Thrasher’s combined score is 273.44, so they qualify over Murakami/Moriguchi who had a combined score of 270.19),
– Participation in two events as opposed to only one,
– Highest combined scores in the free skating/free dance portion of both events,
– Highest individual score in the free skating/free dance portion from one event,
– Highest combined scores in the short program/short dance of both events,
– Highest number of total participants at the events,


30 points – Lucas Broussard (USA)
28 points – Nikolaj Memola (Italy)
28 points – Shunsuke Nakamura (Japan)
26 points – Takeru Amine Kataise (Japan)
22 points – Nozomu Yoshioka (Japan)
22 points – Robert Yampolsky (USA)

22 points – Rio Nakata (Japan)
22 points – Younghyun Cha (South Korea)
20 points – Minkyu Seo (South Korea)


30 points – Mao Shimada (Japan)
30 points – Hana Yoshida (Japan)
28 points – Jia Shin (South Korea)
26 points – Ami Nakai (Japan)
24 points – Chaeyeon Kim (South Korea)
24 points – Minsol Kwon (South Korea)
22 points – Mone Chiba (Japan)
20 points – Ayumi Shibayama (Japan)
20 points – Inga Gurgenidze (Georgia)


30 points – Anastasia Golubeva / Hektor Giotopoulos Moore (Australia)
28 points – Cayla Smith / Andy Deng (USA)
26 points – Sophia Baram / Daniel Tioumentsev (USA)
26 points – Violetta Sierova / Ivan Khobta (Ukraine)
20 points – Ava Rae Kemp / Yohnatan Elizarov (Canada)
20 points – Chloe Panetta / Kieran Thrasher (Canada)

20 points – Haruna Murakami / Sumitada Moriguchi (Japan)
16 points – Ashlyn Schmitz / Tristan Taylor (Canada)
16 points – Oxana Vouillamoz / Flavien Giniaux (France)

Ice Dance

30 points – Kateřina Mrázková / Daniel Mrázek (Czech Republic)
30 points – Nadiia Bashynska / Peter Beaumont (Canada)
28 points – Hannah Lim / Ye Quan (South Korea)
28 points – Darya Grimm / Michail Savitskiy (Germany)
26 points – Phebe Bekker / James Hernandez (Great Britain)
24 points – Célina Fradji / Jean-Hans Fourneaux (France)

20 points – Sandrine Gauthier / Quentin Thieren (Canada)
20 points – Mariia Pinchuk / Mykyta Pogorielov (Ukraine)
20 points – Vanessa Pham / Jonathan Rogers (USA)

Countries Represented in the JGPF

Japan (6), South Korea (4), USA (4), Italy (1), Australia (1), Ukraine (1), Canada (3), Czech Republic (1), Germany (1), Great Britain (1), France (1).

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