Four Continents Championships 2024 – Preview

The 2024 Four Continents Championships take place in Shanghai, China from the 30th January-4th February.

Here’s a rundown of who you can expect to see competing at this event and some information about them.


TeamCountryNotable Results 23/24NationalsProgram InformationWorld Standing
Anastasia Golubeva / Hektor Giotopoulos MooreAustraliaNHK Trophy 2023 - 4th (185.39)1stSP: Architect of Your Mind / FS: Umbrellas of Cherbourg12th
Kelly Ann Laurin / Loucas EthierCanadaNebelhorn Trophy 2023 - 6th (175.73)3rdSP: All Right Now / FS: You Don't Own Me/Independent Mind21st
Lia Pereira / Trennt MichaudCanadaGrand Prix de France 2023 - 1st (194.67)2ndSP: River / FS: Gladiator (soundtrack)15th
Deanna Stellato-Dudek / Maxime DeschampsCanadaSkate Canada 2023 - 1st (214.64)1stSP: Oxygene / FS: Interview With A Vampire4th
Cheng Peng / Lei WangChinaGrand Prix Espoo 2023 - 4th (186.16)SP: The Storm Driven Sea / FS: L Apprenti Sorcier/The Sorcerer's Apprentice Fantasia49th
Yuchen Wang / Lei ZhuChinaCup of China 2023 - 7th (139.35)SP: The Godfather (soundtrack) / FS: On The Shore of Lake Baikal78th
Siyang Zhang / Yongchao YangChinaShanghai Trophy 2023 - 3rd (173.57)SP: Wu Shu / FS: If Came The Hour45th
Riku Miura / Ryuichi KiharaJapanAutumn Classic 2023 - 2nd (188.05)SP: Dare You To Move / FS: Une chance qu'on s'a3rd
Isabella Gamez / Aleksandr KorovinPhilippinesJohn Nicks Pairs Challenge 2023 - 6th (138.39)SP: My Love / FS: Somewhere In Time51st
Ellie Kam / Danny O'SheaUSAFinlandia Trophy 2023 - 1st (182.07)1stSP: East of Eden / FS: Nocturnal Animals (soundtrack)23rd
Chelsea Liu / Balazs NagyUSASkate America 2023 - 3rd (177.66)4thSP: Dive / FS: Romeo and Juliet39th
Valentina Plazas / Maximiliano FernandezUSANebelhorn Trophy 2023 - 7th (169.37)3rdSP: Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini / FS: Top Gun Maverick11th

Ice dance

TeamCountryNotable Results 23/24NationalsProgram InformationWorld Standing
Holly Harris / Jason ChanAustraliaGolden Spin 2023 - 6th (164.02)RD: Madonna medley / FD: Ocean Lullaby/Gefion/Freya/Vale20th
India Nette / Eron WestwoodAustraliaBosphorus Cup 2023 - 17th (138.07)62nd
Natalia Pallu-Neves / Jayin PanesarBrazilBosphorus Cup 2023 - 12th (151.03)RD: INXS medley / FD: Prince medley
Laurence Fournier Beaudry / Nikolaj SoerensenCanadaGrand Prix Espoo 2023 - 2nd (206.32)RD: Top Gun (soundtrack) / FD: Notre Dame de Paris5th
Piper Gilles / Paul PoirierCanadaSkate Canada 2023 - 1st (219.01)1stRD: No More I Love You's / FD: Wuthering Heights4th
Marie-Jade Lauriault / Romain le GacCanadaBudapest Trophy 2023 - 2nd (188.32)2ndRD: INXS medley / FD: Corpse Bride (soundtrack)14th
Xizi Chen / Jianing XingChinaCup of China 2023 - 8th (159.72)1stRD: Kool and the Gang medley / FD: The Phantom of The Opera On Ice90th
Xuantong Li / Xinkang WangChinaJGP Osaka 2023 - 9th (129.17, J)RD: Let's Dance/Love of my Life/Another One Bites The Dust / FD: Grass/Jaha100th
Shang Shi / Nan WuChinaBudapest Trophy 2023 - 12th (144.56)RD: Michael Jackson medley / FD: Exogensis Symphony
Misato Komatsubara / Tim KoletoJapanNHK Trophy 2023 - 9th (167.61)1stRD: Ghostbusters/True / FD: Loving You/Love Grows40th
Azusa Tanaka / Shingo NishiyamaJapanGolden Spin 2023 - 9th (158.69)2ndRD: Mario Bros / FD: Introduction/Retour des Vendangeurs/Pas de Deux/Galop
Utana Yoshida / Masaya MoritaJapanGolden Spin 2023 - 5th (164.20)3rdRD: Real Wild Child/Wild Thing/Wild Side / FD: Rise of the Phoenix/X-X112th
Hannah Lim / Ye QuanSouth KoreaWarsaw Cup 2023 - 2nd (187.10)1stRD: Prince medley / FD: Umbrellas of Cherbourg17th
Christina Carreira / Anthony PonomarenkoUSAFinlandia Trophy 2023 - 2nd (191.14)2ndRD: Stevie Nicks medley / FD: Perfume: The Story of a Murderer11th
Caroline Green / Michael ParsonsUSACup of China 2023 - 3rd (189.33)4thRD: Scorpions medley / FD: Denmark/Wind and Snow10th
Emilea Zingas / Vadym KolesnikUSANepela Memorial 2023 - 4th (187.28)6thRD: Michael Jackson medley / FD: Beauty and the Beast36th


SkaterCountryNotable Results 23/24NationalsProgram InformationNotable JumpsWorld Standing
Charlton DohertyAustraliaVolvo Open Cup 2023 - 5th (164.47)SP: Sherlock Holmes (soundtrack) / FS: The Godfather/Peaky Blinders2A+2A129th
Darian KaptichAustraliaAsian Open Trophy 2023 - 3rd (183.13)1stSP: Friend Like Me / FS: Unsteady3T+2A+2A127th
Wesley ChiuCanadaCranberry Cup 2023 - 2nd (230.52)1stSP: Romeo and Juliet / FS: Kill Bill4T+3T24th
Conrad OrzelCanadaNepela Memorial 2023 - 9th (213.52)4thSP: Carmina Burana / FS: Imagine Dragons medley4T+3T120th
Roman SadvoskyCanada6thSP: Unconscious / FS: Nureyev4Sq+1Eu+3S47th
Yudong ChenChinaJGP Budapest 2023 - 7th (178.88, J)SP: Hope / FS: Sakamoto Ryuici medley3A+1Eu+3S68th
Daiwei DaiChinaAsian Open Trophy 2023 - 1st (195.14)SP: I Still Love You / FS: You Are So Beautiful/Unchain My Heart3A+2A152nd
Boyang JinChinaGolden Spin 2023 - 1st (258.67)SP: Vienna / FS: This4Lz22nd
Lap Kan YuenHong KongAsian Open Trophy 2023 - 6th (161.67)SP: Schindler's List / FS: Krone3Lz+2T132nd
Heung Lai ZhaoHong KongAsian Open Trophy 2023 - 4th (178.28)SP: Cavatina / FS: Somewhere In Time3T+3T165th
Yuma KagiyamaJapanGPF 2023 - 3rd (288.65)2ndSP: Believer / FS: Rain, In Your Black Eyes4T+1Eu+3S / 4S13th
Shun SatoJapanGrand Prix Espoo 2023 - 2nd (273.34)5thSP: Libertango / FS: Four Seasons4T+3T / 4Lz11th
Sota YamamotoJapanSkate Canada 2023 - 1st (258.42)3rdSP: Chameleon / FS: Exogenesis Symphony4T+3T15th
Rakhat BralinKazakhstanBosphorus Cup 2023 - 3rd (203.40)3Lz+3T52nd
Dias JirenbayevKazakhstanBudapest Trophy 2023 - 12th (182.64)3Lz+1Eu+3S49th
Mikhail ShaidorovKazakhstanCup of China 2023 - 3rd (264.46)SP: The Matrix / FS: Carmina Burana4T+3T19th
Junhwan ChaSouth KoreaShanghai Trophy 2023 - 2nd (254.86)1stSP: Masquerade Waltz / FS: Batman Theme3A+2A+2A / 4S+3T5th
Younghyun ChaSouth KoreaFinlandia Trophy 2023 - 7th (211.15)6thSP: Erlkoenig D.328 / FS: Dune (soundtrack)3Lz+2A+2A55th
Juheon LimSouth KoreaJGP Gdansk 2023 - 1st (221.55, J)8thSP: Moulin Rouge / FS: Games of Thrones (Remix)3Lz+2A+2A72nd
Ze Zeng FangMalaysiaGolden Spin 2023 - 12th (158.25)SP: Make It Rain / FS: Bruno Mars medley3T+2A
Donovan CarrilloMexicoNRW Trophy 2023 - 2nd (205.70)SP: Sexyback/4 Minutes / FS: Besame mucho/Historia de un amor/Cuba3A+1Eu+3S78th
Edrian Paul CelestinoPhilippinesBudapest Trophy 2023 - 11th (184.07)SP: What Is Jazz / FS: The Golden Age/Embers3Lz+3T185th
Pagiel Yie Ken SngSingaporeSwiss Ice Skating Open 2023 - 3rd (150.55)SP: Before I Go / FS: My Name3Lz+2A210th
Fang-Yi LinChinese TaipeiAsian Open Trophy 2023 - 5th (171.10)2ndSP: All Alone / FS: La Terre Vue Du Ciel3Lz+2T155th
Tomoki HiwatashiUSABudapest Trophy 2023 - 3rd (223.79)8thSP: Romani Holiday / FS: Finlandia3A+2A64th
Maxim NaumovUSASkate America 2023 - 10th (210.53)4thSP: Glimpse of Us / FS: Tosca3Lz+1Eu+3S / 4S66th
Andrew TorgashevUSALombardia Trophy 2023 - 3rd (233.26)5thSP: L'enfer / FS: Void/Madness3Lz+1Eu+3S / 4S75th


SkaterCountryNotable Results 23/24NationalsProgram InformationNotable JumpsWorld Standing
Maria ChernyshovaAustraliaBosphorus Cup 2023 - 4th (143.54)3rd3S+2T212th
Vlada VasilievAustraliaVolvo Open Cup 2023 - 6th (136.11, J)2ndSP: Stella's Theme / FS: Anna Karenina (soundtrack)3F+2T+2Lo114th
Sara-Maude DupuisCanadaSkate Canada 2023 - 11th (151.95)6thSP: Never Go Back / FS: Piano Concerto No 3/Concerto de Quebec3Lz+2T+2Lo139th
Justine MicletteCanadaAutumn Classic 2023 - 3rd (169.24)8thSP: Le di a la Caza Alcance / FS: My Immortal3Lz+2T68th
Madeline SchizasCanadaSkate Canada 2023 - 4th (189.91)2ndSP: Farrucas/Solea Grana / FS: Summertime3Lz+3T15th
Hongyi ChenChinaCup of China 2023 - 8th (168.66)12thSP: Experience / FS: Half Moon Serenade3T+3T206th
Jiaying ChengChinaAsian Open Trophy 2023 - 3rd (145.54)SP: Fire Dance / FS: Pan's Labyrinth3S+2T+2Lo169th
Yi ZhuChinaCup of China 2023 - 10th (154.58)SP: Can't Help Falling In Love / FS: A Star is Born (soundtrack)3Lo+2T
Hiu Yau ChowHong KongAsian Open Trophy 2023 - 10th (113.03)SP: Survivor / FS: I Will Wait For You3S+2T173th
Joanna SoHong KongAsian Open Trophy 2023 - 5th (134.69)SP: Good Thing / FS: I See Red3S+1Eu+2S92nd
Mone ChibaJapanSkate America 2023 - 6th (177.79)2ndSP: Les Yeux Noirs / FS: The Legend of 19003F+2T+2Lo23rd
Mai MiharaJapanNHK Trophy 2023 - 8th (172.64)5thSP: Mr Christmas Mr Lawrence / FS: The Planets/I Vow To Thee, My Country2A+3T<7th
Rinka WatanabeJapanCup of China 2023 - 2nd (203.22)6thSP: Avatar (soundtrack) / FS: Brotsjor/Goliath/Meeting Laua/November3Lo+3T8th
Sofiya FarafonovaKazakhstanDenis Ten Memorial 2023 - 7th (139.74)SP: Waltz No. 7 (Chopin) / FS: La La Land (soundtrack)3F+1Eu+3S<130th
Anna LevkovetsKazakhstanEphesus Cup 2024 - 4th (135.72)3Lz+2A+1A135th
Nuriya SuleimenKazakhstanBosphorus Cup 2023 - 5th (138.50)3Lo+2A
Chaeyeon KimSouth KoreaNepela Memorial 2023 - 1st (202.26)3rdSP: Pantomeme/(Pina) soundtrack / FS: Le Bal des folles3Lz+3T12th
Haein LeeSouth KoreaShanghai Trophy 2023 - 2nd (196.40)2ndSP: Why Don't You Do Right?/Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen / FS: Notre Dame de Paris3Lz+2T+2Lo4th
Seoyeong WiSouth KoreaNHK Trophy 2023 - 10th (158.15)12thSP: Pride and Prejudice (soundtrack) / FS: Exogenesis Symphony3Lz+3T96th
Andrea Montesinos CantuMexicoNRW Trophy 2023 - 1st (136.19)SP: Yellow Moon & Andrei / FS: The Storm2A+2A155th
Sofia Lexi Jacqueline FrankPhilippinesAutumn Classic 2023 - 9th (128.93)SP: Stop Right Now / FS: Moulin Rouge (soundtrack)3Lzq+2A127th
Amanda HsuChinese TaipeiTayside Trophy 2023 - 6th (120.81)2ndSP: Dulcea Si Tandra Mea Fiara / FS: Coeur Volant3S+2T
Tzu-Han TingChinese TaipeiBosphorus Cup 2023 - 1st (165.53)1stSP: Crimson Peak / FS: Sherlock Holmes (soundtrack)3Lz+3T43rd
Elyce Lin-GraceyUSAJGP Istanbul 2023 - 4th (179.16, J)10thSP: Someone Like You / FS: Anna's Theme/Not About Angels3F+2A+2T54th
Lindsay ThorngrenUSACranberry Cup 2023 - 1st (199.16)7thSP: Windmills of Your Mind / FS: Twilight medley3Lz+3T18th
Ava Marie ZieglerUSANHK Trophy 2023 - 1st (200.50)SP: Jazz Man / FS: Liberation/Bound to You3F+2A+2A25th

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