Anything GOEs Fan Awards 2022/2023

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  1. フィギュアスケートを愛する一人としてこれからも選手たちを心より応援していきます。

  2. I am so proud of all figure skaters competing last season. They faced a bleak moment at the start of the season: the pandemic was still active, the great Yuzuru Hanyu and Nathan Chen had both left competition, Sui and Han, Gabrielle and Gui had also left, Russians were banned, judging seemed both biased and corrupt. But the competitive skaters who were left rallied, skaters who had occupied lower ranks worked damn hard, and 2023 GPF and Worlds revealed the richness of the existing men and women. Shoma Uno and Kaori Sakamoto led the men’s and women’s fields with power and grace, old faces took on luster with new skills, new talented faces appeared in juniors. ISU has serious problems in credibility, fairness, and ‘reading the room’ that they will likely never solve, media money that has fed this sport is leaving. But skaters continue working hard and risking injury on the ice every single day, enriching the life blood of ice skating. Thank the skaters for fighting as hard as they can to constantly reinvent themselves and save this sport!

  3. My forever best skater is Daisuke Takahashi.
    Kana and Dai made a history.
    I will never forget their beautiful challenge for three seasons.
    Only 3(by COVID,it is almost 2 )seasons, but how amazing and graceful they were!

  4. 「かなだい」こと村元哉中/高橋大輔のまるでショートムービーを観ているようなFD「オペラ座の怪人」

  5. Dai & Kana’s World Championships performance, the Phantom of the Opera touched my heart and tears were rolling down my face naturally. I will never forget a thunderous applause from the audience at Saitama Super Arena. They have improved so much in just 3 seasons. Especially Dai has made remarkable progress as a ice dancer in such a short period time. I respect his courage to challenge new discipline and thank Kana to invite Dai to do ice dance.

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