European Championships 2020 – Preview

The 2020 European Championships take place from the 20th to the 26th of January in Graz, Austria.

Here’s a rundown of who you can expect to see competing at this event and some information about them.

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Skater Country Notable Results 19/20 Nationals Program Information Notable Jumps World Standing
Slavik Hayrapetyan Armenia 40th Volvo Open Cup - 10th (189.50) SP: The Dance Of Peace / FP: Une vie d'amour/Non, je n'ai rien oublie 3A+2T 68th
Maurizio Zandron Austria 8th Denkova-Staviski Cup - 1st (212.37) 1st SP: That's Life/In the Swing / FP: Alice in Wonderland (soundtrack) 3Lo+1Eu+3S 61st
Vladimir Litvintsev Azerbaijan Rostelecom - 11th (209.07) SP: Blues for Klook / FP: Hallelujah 4T+3T 59th
Alexander Lebedev Belarus Bosporus Cup - 5th (192.77) 2nd SP: Tosca / FP: Once Upon a Time in Mexico 3Lz+3T 76th
Larry Loupolover Bulgaria Edu Sport Trophy - 1st (202.98) 1st 3Lz+3T (landed a 4Lz at Nationals) 114th
Matyas Belohradsky Czech Republic JGP Lake Placid - 6th (184.01, J) 2nd SP: Love Is a Bitch/Seven Nations Army / FP: Dueling Banjos/Down The Road 3Lz+1Eu+3S 69th
Michal Brezina Czech Republic Rostelecom - 9th (236.47) 1st SP: Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing / FP: Beatles Medley 4S+2T 18th
Aleksandr Selevko Estonia 52st Golden Spin - 5th (221.94) 1st SP: Step Out For A While / FP: Notre Dame de Paris soundtrack 4T 39th
Roman Galay Finland Lombardia Trophy - 6th (203.52) 1st SP: Never Tear Us Apart / FP: Maybe I Maybe You 3A+1Eu+3S 98th
Kevin Aymoz France Grand Prix Final - 3rd (275.63) 1st SP: The Question Of U / FP: Lighthouse 4T+3T 13th
Adam Siao Him Fa France Ice Star - 3rd (215.57) 2nd SP: Dust and Light/Lords of Lankhmar / FP: Golden Age 4T+3T 27th
Morisi Kvitelashvili Georgia Denis Ten Memorial - 1st (244.98) SP: Always Watching You / FP: Confessa 4S+3T 16th
Irakli Maysuradze Georgia 40th Volvo Open Cup - 2nd (220.35) SP: Fix You / FP: For My Help/Cold Little Heart 3A+3T / 4T 44th
Paul Fentz Germany Skate Canada - 11th (202.24) 1st SP: Blue Skies / FP: I’m Still Standing 4T / 3A+3T 45th
Peter James Hallam Great Britain Tayside Trophy International - 1st (202.47) 1st SP: Footloose / FP: Charlie Chaplin soundtrack 3A+3T 80th
András Csernoch Hungary International Halloween Cup - 6th (167.97) 1st SP: Sarabande Suite (Aeternae) / FP: The Rock (soundtrack) 3Lo+3T
Conor Stakelum Ireland 8th Denkova-Staviski Cup - 10th (164.02) SP: Nightshade / FP: The Sound of Silence 3T+3T 154th
Alexei Bychenko Israel Skate America - 7th (219.70) 3rd SP: Words / FP: Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack 4T 21st
Mark Gorodnitsky Israel Golden Spin - 12th (200.71) 1st SP: Stop It (I Like It) / FP: Burnt by the Sun 3A+1Eu+3S 40th
Gabriele Frangipani Italy Warsaw Cup - 4th (202.96) 1st (J) SP: Unholy War / FP: Assassin's Tango/Tango Oblivion/Adios Nonino 3A+3T 50th
Daniel Grassl Italy Ice Star - 1st (243.82) 1st SP: Lacrimosa (Requiem) / FP: Single Man (soundtrack)/Nocturnal Animals (soundtrack) 4Lz 17th
Matteo Rizzo Italy Shanghai Trophy - 1st (248.53) 2nd SP: Start A Fire / FP: Galicia Flamenca 4T+3T 10th
Deniss Vasiljevs Latvia Rostelecom - 6th (241.09) 1st SP: Bloodstream or Two Men in Love / FP: Lotus Feet 3A+3T 15th
Davide Lewton Brain Monaco 8th Denkova-Staviski Cup - 5th (191.35) 3T+3T 106th
Thomas Kennes Netherlands Tallinn Trophy International - 5th (174.38) 3S+3Lo 130th
Sondre Oddvoll Boe Norway 13th Santa Claus Cup - 4th (180.97) 1st SP: I Found You / FP: Loving You/Wildfire 3Lz+3T 60th
Dmitri Aliev Russia Rostelecom - 2nd (259.88) 1st SP: Je Dors Sur Des Roses / FP: The Sound of Silence 4Lz+3T 11th
Artur Danielian Russia Golden Spin - 4th (227.41) 2nd SP: Don Juan soundtrack / FP: La Traviata 3A+3T (4S+1Eu+3S at Nationals) 28th
Alexander Samarin Russia Internationaux de France - 2nd (265.10) 3rd SP: Blues for Klook / FP: Good News 4Lz+3T 5th
Michael Neuman Slovakia 8th Denkova-Staviski Cup - 7th (166.21) 1st SP: Bella Bella Signorina / FP: Dracula The Musical 3Lz+3T 108th
Nikolaj Majorov Sweden Nebelhorn Trophy - 8th (186.36) 1st SP: Run Boy Run / FP: The Addams Family 3Lz+3T 111th
Illya Solomin Sweden Tallinn Trophy International - 7th (164.39) 2nd 3Lz+3T 175th
Lukas Britschgi Switzerland 40th Volvo Open Cup - 6th (193.64) 1st SP: Nothing Else Matters / FP: Hallelujah I love her So/Hard Times/Soda Pop 3A+2T 74th
Burak Demirboga Turkey International Halloween Cup - 3rd (205.52) 1st SP: They Live in You / FP: Who Wants to Live Forever 3Lz+3T 71st
Andrey Kokura Ukraine 40th Volvo Open Cup - 12th (186.77) 3rd SP: I Put a Spell On You / FP: Casanova 3Lz+3T


Team Country Notable Results 19/20 Nationals Program Information World Standing
Miriam Ziegler / Severin Kiefer Austria Rostelecom - 4th (182.02) 1st SP: In Your Hands / FP: Broken 12th
Lana Petranovic / Antonio Souza Kordeiru Croatia Golden Spin - 12th (144.73) SP: I Put a Spell On You / FP: Writing's On the Wall 33rd
Cleo Hamon / Denys Strekalin France Finlandia Trophy - 7th (148.48) 1st SP: Bang Bang / FP: Notre Dame de Paris (soundtrack) 37th
Coline Keriven / Antoine Pierre France Golden Spin - 9th (153.00) 3rd 78th
Minerva Fabienne Hase / Nolan Seegert Germany Rostelecom - 3rd (186.16) 1st SP: Open Hands / FP: House of the Rising Sun 14th
Annika Hocke / Robert Kunkel Germany Junior Grand Prix Final - 6th (159.22, J) 2nd SP: Wasting My Young Years / FP: Do You Love Me/Cry to Me/Wipe Out 48th
Zoe Jones / Christopher Boyadji Great Britain Warsaw Cup - 12th (144.49) 1st SP: The Storm / FP: To Build A Home 28th
Ioulia Chtchetinina / Mark Magyar Hungary Golden Spin - 5th (158.87) 1st SP: Prodigy / FP: Need you tonight/Legendary 50th
Anna Vernikov / Evgeni Krasnopolski Israel 40th Volvo Open Cup - 3rd (150.53) 1st SP: Moonlight / FP: The Experience 49th
Nicole Della Monica / Matteo Guarise Italy Cup of China - 4th (182.88) 1st SP: Crazy in Love / FP: Pilgrims On a Long Journey/Saturn 7th
Rebecca Ghilardi / Filippo Ambrosini Italy 40th Volvo Open Cup - 1st (175.57) 2nd SP: Let’s Shut Up and Dance/Women/Kiss the Sky / FP: Once Upon A Time In America soundtrack 25th
Daria Danilova / Michel Tsiba Netherlands Golden Spin - 15th (135.71) SP: Don't Stop Me Now / FP: Grease
Aleksandra Boikova / Dmitrii Kozlovskii Russia Rostelecom - 1st (229.48) 1st SP: My Way / FP: The Writing On The Wall (James Bond) 9th
Daria Pavliuchenko / Denis Khodykin Russia Internationaux de France - 2nd (206.56) 3rd SP: The Storm / FP: Tron: Legacy (soundtrack) 11th
Evgenia Tarasova / Vladimir Morozov Russia Roselecom - 2nd (216.77) 2nd SP: Bolero / FP: Te Amo 1st
Laura Barquero / Ton Consul Spain Warsaw Cup - 4th (159.96) 1st SP: Where's My Love / FP: The Journey Back In Time 47th
Dorota Broda / Pedro Betegon Martin Spain Denis Ten Memorial - 3rd (125.54) 2nd SP: Time Rise ("The Lion King" musical) / FP: Helium/Angel by the Wings
Alexandra Herbrikova / Nicolas Roulet Switzerland Golden Spin - 18th (121.84) 1st SP: Beneath Your Beautiful / FP: The Mummy (Suite)/Imhotep the High Priest/Incantation 70th
Sofiia Nesterova / Artem Darenskyi Ukraine Volvo Open Cup - 5th (141.53) 3rd SP: Musical Don Juan / FP: Braveheart (soundtrack) 35th

Ice Dance

Team Country Notable Results 19/20 Nationals Program Information World Standing
Tina Garabedian / Simon Proulx Senecal Armenia Mentor Torun Cup - 3rd (173.93) 62nd
Emiliya Kalehanova / Uladzislau Palkhouski Belarus Ice Star - 7th (160.39) 2nd RD: Grease / FD: Javier Navarrete medley 56th
Mina Zdravkova / Christopher M. Davis Bulgaria Bosporus Cup - 11th (133.05) 1st RD: Chicago / FD: Ergen Deda (Bulgarian Folk Music)/Vecherai Rado
Natalie Taschlerova / Filip Taschler Czech Republic Open d'Andorra - 2nd (165.69) 1st (J) RD: Entr'act/Puttin’ on the Ritz/That’s Entertainment / FD: Place de la Republique/Sand 52nd
Yuka Orihara / Juho Pirinen Finland Nepela Memorial - 5th (166.93) 1st RD: Mary Poppins Returns / FD: Near Light/Waves 79th
Adelina Galyavieva / Louis Thauron France Mezzaluna Cup - 2nd (172.52) 2nd RD: Mamma Mia / FD: Carmen 42nd
Evgeniia Lopareva / Geoffrey Brissaud France Warsaw Cup - 4th (167.28) 3rd RD: Too Darn Hot / FD: Adagio for Tron/Huggy Bellkiss 65th
Gabriella Papadakis / Guillaume Cizeron France NHK Trophy - 1st (226.61) 1st RD: Fame / FD: Danny/Find Me/Suspects 2nd
Maria Kazakova / Georgy Reviya Georgia 40th Volvo Open Cup - 2nd (182.43) RD: Beautiful (Carole King Musical) / FD: In the End 21st
Katharina Mueller / Tim Dieck Germany Denis Ten Memorial - 1st (173.07) 1st RD: Burlesque / FD: Coco Chanel (soundtrack)/ It's A Man's Man's Man's World 45th
Lilah Fear / Lewis Gibson Great Britain Skate Canada - 3rd (195.35) 1st RD: The Blues Brothers / FD: Vogue/Like A Prayer 13th
Robynne Tweedale / Joseph Buckland Great Britain Mentor Torun Cup - 4th (166.14) RD: Top Hat, White Tie and Tails/Let's Face the Music and Dance / FD: Rocketman/Goodbye Yellow Brick Road 44th
Emily Monaghan / Ilias Fourati Hungary 40th Volvo Open Cup - 5th (154.86) 1st RD: Dancing Queen/Bad Girls / FD: Freddie Mercury medley 58th
Charlene Guignard / Marco Fabbri Italy Internationaux de France - 3rd (203.34) 1st RD: Grease / FD: David Bowie medley 4th
Jasmine Tessari / Francesco Fioretti Italy Mezzaluna Cup - 3rd (171.16) 2nd RD: Good Morning/Singin' In The Rain / FD: Beth Hart medley 33rd
Aurelija Ipolito / J.T. Michel Latvia Pavel Roman Memorial - 4th (126.90) 1st RD: You Can't Hurry Love/My Girl/Shout / FD: Adele medley
Allison Reed / Saulius Ambrulevicius Lithuania Nebelhorn Trophy - 7th (180.13) RD: Bandstand / FD: Aurora medley 29th
Natalia Kaliszek / Maksym Spodyriev Poland Bosporus Cup - 1st (192.96) 1st RD: Kinky Boots / FD: Dirty Dancing 11th
Justyna Plutowska / Jeremie Flemin Poland Pavel Roman Memorial - 2nd (164.05) 2nd RD: The Mask / FD: Time to Go/Waves 53rd
Victoria Sinitsina / Nikita Katsalapov Russia Shanghai Trophy - 1st (213.54) 1st RD: Singin' In The Rain / FD: I Giorni: Andante/Songs My Mother Taught Me 6th
Alexandra Stepanova / Ivan Bukin Russia NHK Trophy - 2nd (208.81) 2nd RD: Moulin Rouge / FD: Primavera/Cry Me A River 7th
Tiffani Zagorski / Jonathan Guerreiro Russia Internationaux de France - 5th (184.44) 3rd RD: The Greatest Showman / FD: Survivor 18th
Sara Hurtado / Kirill Khaliavin Spain Ice Star - 1st (193.47) 2nd RD: Hello, Dolly / FD: Orobroy/Puerta del Sol 9th
Olivia Smart / Adrian Diaz Spain Skate America - 4th (191.01) 1st RD: Grease / FD: Micmacs a tire-largot/My One and Only 12th
Victoria Manni / Carlo Roethlisberger Switzerland Bosporus Cup - 7th (155.57) 1st RD: Everybody Needs Somebody To Love/Minnie The Moocher / FD: Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack 103rd
Nicole Kelly / Berk Akalin Turkey Bosporus Cup - 9th (147.89) RD: You are women, I am Man/Overture (Funny Girl) / FD: The Most Evolved/RocIo De Todos Los Campos/Almoraima
Alexandra Nazarova / Maxim Nikitin Ukraine Bosporous Cup - 2nd (189.23) 1st RD: 42nd Street / FD: Rene Aubry medley 28th


Skater Country Notable Results 19/20 Nationals Program Information Notable Jumps World Standing
Anastasiya Galustyan Armenia 13th Santa Claus Cup - 1st (149.92) 3Lz+3T 62nd
Olga Mikutina Austria Golden Bear - 2nd (172.99) 1st SP: Sing Sing Sing / FP: Step Up Tango 3Lz+3T 94th
Ekaterina Ryabova Azerbaijan Rostelecom - 5th (187.77) SP: Tango de Roxanne (Moulin Rouge) / FP: Godfather 3Lz+3T 26th
Viktoriia Safonova Belarus Golden Spin - 2nd (192.49) 1st 3Lz+1Eu+3S 115th
Alexandra Feigin Bulgaria 8th Denkova-Staviski Cup - 1st (192.26) 1st SP: Schindler's List (soundtrack)/Horizons / FP: Grand Hotel Budapest (soundtrack)/Passagers 3Lz+3T 38th
Hana Cvijanovic Croatia 8th Denkova-Staviski Cup - 5th (118.90) 1st SP: Bolero / FP: Rain, In Your Black Eyes 3S+2T
Eliska Brezinova Czech Republic Golden Bear - 8th (147.01) 1st SP: Never Tear Us Apart / FP: Survivor 3T+3T 42nd
Klara Stepanova Czech Republic Bosporus Cup - 5th (134.11) 4th SP: Stop! / FP: Stand By Me/Man! Feel Like a Woman 2A+2Lo+2T 204th
Eva-Lotta Kiibus Estonia Nebelhorn Trophy - 6th (166.10) 1st SP: House of the Rising Sun / FP: Histoire d'un amour 3T+1Eu+3S 57th
Linnea Ceder Finland Finlandia Trophy - 7th (151.48) 3rd SP: Cinema Paradiso (soundtrack) / FP: Romeo and Juliet 3S+3T 92nd
Emmi Peltonen Finland 40th Volvo Open Cup - 4th (158.40) 1st SP: Caruso / FP: Vinegar and Salt 2A+1Eu+3S 41st
Jenni Saarinen Finland Finlandia Trophy - 4th (181.20) 2nd SP: Differente / FP: I'll Take Care Of You 3T+3T 71st
Maia Mazzara France Youth Olympics - 9th (166.16) 2nd SP: Rox Tango / FP: Silence 3T+3T 144th
Mae Berenice Meite France NHK Trophy - 11th (159.98) 1st SP: Mas que nada/Chacha & Batucada Mix / FP: Hometown Glory 2A+3T+2T 29th
Lea Serna France Internationaux de France - 8th (166.02) 3rd SP: Experience / FP: Light of the Seven 3Lz+3T 84th
Alina Urushadze Georgia Youth Olympics - 5th (179.50) SP: Bolero / FP: Mas Que Nada/Hip Hip Chin Chin 3Lz+2Lo 55th
Nicole Schott Germany Golden Spin - 3rd (182.71) 1st SP: Caught Out in the Rain / FP: Memoirs of a Geisha/Kung Fu Panda 3/Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 3F+3T 27th
Natasha McKay Great Britain Golden Bear - 3rd (170.26) 1st SP: Song for the Little Sparrow / FP: Ocean's 8 soundtrack 3S+2T+2Lo 59th
Ivett Toth Hungary Nepela Memorial - 8th (155.79) 1st SP: Black Swamp Village/Liquid Paradise / FP: Torn (Redux)/Resolve 3T+1Eu+3S< 43rd
Nelli Ioffe Israel JGP Croatia Cup - 11th (144.13) 2nd SP: Memory ("Cats" soundtrack) / FP: From Sarah With Love 2A+1Eu+3S 204th
Alessia Tornaghi Italy Youth Olympics - 6th (178.60) 1st SP: Sergey Rachmaninov / FP: With One Look 3Lz+3T 75th
Angelina Kuchvalska Latvia Tallinn Trophy International - 4th (153.55) 1st SP: Hurt / FP: Frida (soundtrack) 3T+3T 139th
Aleksandra Golovkina Lithuania Ice Star - 9th (141.49) SP: Seven Nation Army / FP: Tango Selection 3T+1Eu+2F
Niki Wories Netherlands Golden Spin - 12th (147.69) SP: Lylatov / FP: Adios Nonino 3Lz+2T 141st
Ekaterina Kurakova Poland Warsaw Cup - 1st (201.47) 1st SP: La vie en rose / FP: Le Corsaire 3Lz+1Eu+3F 69th
Alena Kostornaia Russia Grand Prix Final - 1st (247.59) 2nd SP: Departure (Lullaby)/November / FP: Twilight soundtrack 3F+1Eu+3S / 3A 16th
Anna Shcherbakova Russia Grand Prix Final - 2nd (240.92) 1st SP: The Perfume: The Story of a Murderer soundtrack / FP: Six Gnossiennes: No. 1: Lent/The Firebird 4Lz+3T 17th
Alexandra Trusova Russia Skate Canada - 1st (241.02) 3rd SP: Peer Gynt / FP: Game of Thrones soundtrack 4T+1Eu+3S 13th
Antonina Dubinina Serbia Bosporus Cup - 4th (139.25) 1st SP: Strange Birds / FP: My Life Is Tango 3F+2T 85th
Ema Doboszova Slovakia 12th Tirnavia Ice Cup - 4th (136.71) 1st 3S+2Lo
Dasa Grm Slovenia Golden Spin - 8th (158.39) 1st SP: Bloodstream / FP: Pretty Hurts/Only The Winds/I Was Here 3T+1Eu+2S 53rd
Valentina Matos Spain Lombardia Trophy - 10th (141.32) 1st SP: You Give Love a Bad Name / FP: Caprichio Arabe/Invierno Porteno/Le di Caza Alcance 3Lz+2T
Anita Ostlund Sweden Nebelhorn Trophy - 8th (150.81) 1st SP: Je t'aime / FP: Tango in Ebony/Specialtango 2A+3T+2T 48th
Alexia Paganini Switzerland Rostelecom - 7th (179.69) 1st SP: Sixteen Tons/Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen / FP: La La Land soundtrack 3Lz+3T 18th
Yasmine Kimiko Yamada Switzerland Edu Sport Trophy - 3rd (163.54) 3rd SP: Is it a crime / FP: Chess 3T+3T 56th
Sinem Kuyucu Turkey Bosporus Cup - 6th (130.99) 3rd SP: Chains / FP: Se 3S+2T 155th
Anastasia Gozhva Ukraine Nebelhorn Trophy - 16th ()127.80 3rd SP: Please / FP: Love and War/Lacrymosa 2A+1Eu+2S 183rd

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