ELIZAVETA KHUDAIBERDIEVA on old and new partnerships and keeping busy during isolation

ELIZAVETA KHUDAIBERDIEVA on old and new partnerships and keeping busy during isolation

© Elizaveta Khudaiberdieva | Instagram
Elizaveta Khudaiberdieva is the 2019 Junior World Championship silver medalist and a four time Junior Grand Prix winner.
Born in Moscow, Russia, Elizaveta started skating in 2005 and participated in her first ice dance competition in the 2016-17 season. In her junior career, she medaled at all of her Junior Grand Prix events and qualified for the Junior Grand Prix Final twice.
In May 2020, Elizaveta was announced to be a reserve skater on the Russian national team roster with her new partner Egor Bazin. We had the opportunity to catch up with her after this announcement to talk about her journey in the 2019-20 season, her partnerships, and how she is spending time in isolation.

What have you been doing with your free time during isolation? Have you started any new hobbies? 

Well, I hate sitting at home. Being locked up is a real torture for me. But finally, there was an opportunity to improve my English, I found time for online classes. I also do vocals, exclusively for self-development! I draw, cross-stitch, and also review many skater programs! This is my favorite hobby. To stay fit I’m pumping muscles. I tried yoga, I also stretch.
© Elizaveta Khudaiberdieva | Instagram

I became happier, fell in love in a new way with figure skating thanks to Andrew.

Liza Khudaiberdieva

You started your ice dance career with Nikita Nazarov and skated together for three seasons. What was it like having to skate with someone new after such a long time?

Yes, it was great and really important experience for me. But it’s life and people makes decisions, I did mine and didn’t regret even once. To be honest, I became happier, fell in love in a new way with figure skating thanks to Andrew.

Favourite competition memory?

Crying as much as possible at the Junior World Championships  after I realized we’re with silver. I couldn’t believe my happiness

Last season you partnered with Andrey Filatov and won both of your Junior Grand Prixs. How did you feel achieving such great results in a short amount of time?

I’m just so proud of my team and myself. Of course all of  our results were great thanks to our coaches.
But it was also such hard work of mine and Andrew’s. 

© Elizaveta Khudaiberdieva | Instagram
What inspired the music choices for your La La Land Rhythm Dance and Free Dance set to Sign of the Times?

Of course we were inspired by the movie. We fell in love with “La-La-Land”. I think that’s why this Rhythm Dance was so charming and had a magic atmosphere. Both of us are loyal fans of Harry Styles. We were in love with this song a long time ago actually. And when we wondered what kind of music to take – the answer was obvious.

© Elizaveta Khudaiberdieva | Instagram

Your reaction after finding out you had won at the Junior Grand Prix in Riga was very memorable! Can you remember what you were feeling when you heard the score? What goals did you have going into the competition?

Oh yeah! I’m so sorry, I’m still a little ashamed of that scene in kiss and cry! I just could not believe my eyes. But then I realized that nothing is impossible if you really want to.
I remember that I simply said: “We did it. You did it. This is our victory today, because it was so hard.. ” Of course I wanted to win, but I realized that it was almost impossible. I wanted to prove to everyone that we arrived, we worked until we lost heart rate and we deserve the best. I didn’t want to screw it up, because many believed that I would not succeed, that I could not return to the previous level. I didn’t want to let my partner and my team down. 

Unfortunately, an error at Nationals meant you didn’t qualify for Junior Worlds 2020, where you had placed second in the 18/19 season. How did you feel after the competition?

Well, I was so upset, but….as I said sooner – that’s life. No one could predict the result. And no one was to blame for this, it just happened.

In May, the Russian Federation announced your partnership with Egor Bazin. When did you partner up and have you been able to train at all or think about music choices? Are you excited to move into the
Senior field?

Yes! I can’t wait to start practicing again as a senior. When my season was over we have made a decision. Yes, we skated quite a bit before quarantine!

Can you describe a normal day of training? 

About 3-4 hours on ice + choreographic class, ballroom dance, gym and lift skills of ice

© Elizaveta Khudaiberdieva | Instagram

With school and skating keeping you busy, how important is it to find time outside of that. What do you like to do in your life away from the ice?

It’s very important for me to be with friends on the weekend since I don’t have any siblings. I like to spend my weekends and free time being active in the city and doing some sight-seeing, as well as practicing self-care. I found that having a life outside of the skating world helped me appreciate life itself and unwind after a hard day of training.

Favourite TV show?

I can’t…..Netflix, HBO, it’s too much. Okay. Game of Thrones, How I met your Mother, Friends,
Sherlock, Castle, and, finally, Riverdale!

Country you’d love to visit?

Canada, no doubt!

If you could be coached by any skaters who would it be and why? Is there anybody you would want to train?

I probably would like to spend a week in #iceacademyofmontreal. For me it would be an incredible and very interesting experience. I would really like to become an ice dancing coach, so I don’t know who I would like to train. My goal is to raise new dancers, I would like to teach someone from the start than to teach the great ones already.

I would really like to become an ice dancing coach [...] My goal is to raise new dancers, I would like to teach someone from the start.

Liza Khudaiberdieva
© Elizaveta Khudaiberdieva | Instagram

Favourite/Least Favourite element?

Twizzles! Love all of them!

Favourite make up brand?

Seriously? You know me! Of course it’s Huda Beauty!

Favourite competition dress?

Sign of the times 🙂

Describe your perfect day from start to finish! 

Wake up. Coffee. Training. One more coffee of course. Meet my bestie Eva. Going to sleep early 😀 

© Elizaveta Khudaiberdieva | Instagram

Elizaveta competed at the Junior Grand Prix events in Latvia (September 4-7) and Italy (October 2-5) , placing first in both and thus qualified for the Junior Grand Prix Final (December 5-8), where she placed fourth. 

In February 2020, she competed at the Russian Junior National Championships (February 4-8) and also placed fourth. 

Competitions for the upcoming 20-21 season are yet to be announced. Russian Test Skates are usually scheduled for September.

All photos courtesy of Elizaveta’s Instagram.

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