Junior Grand Prix Baltic Cup 2021 – Preview

The sixth of the Junior Grand Prix events takes place in Gdansk, Poland from the 29th September-2nd October.

Here’s a rundown of who you can expect to see competing at this event and some information about them.

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* Junior debut

Skater Country Notable Results Nationals Program Information Notable Jumps
Emily Saari Austria Cranberry Cup - 7th (129.59) SP: Orange Colored Sky / FS: La La Land (soundtrack 3Lz+2T
Milana Ramashova Belarus Junior Worlds 2020 - 12th (169.16) SP: Russian Dance / FS: Je suis malade 3T+3T
Maria Manova Bulgaria Sofia Trophy 2020 - 2nd (149.39) SP: Interrupted Flight / FS: Les Miserables (soundtrack) 3S+3T
Catherine Carle Canada Volvo Open Cup 2019 - 4th (153.83) SP: Palladio Concerto Grosso for String Orchestra / FS: Samson & Delilah 3T+3T
*Meri Marinac Croatia Egna Spring Trophy 2021 - 15th (75.72, N) SP: Voila / FS: Glembajevi/Dans la Maison 2Lz+2Lo
*Stefania Yakoleva Cyprus Skate Helena 2021 - 1st (98.72, N) SP: La Cena / FS: Mathilde (soundtrack) 3Lo
Hiu Yau Chow Hong Kong Asian Open Trophy 2019 - 3rd (130.97) SP: Hallelujah / FS: Chicago 2A+1Eu<+3S
*Elizabet Gervits Israel Open Ice Mall Cup 2019 - 4th (91.46, N) SP: Sonata "Tempest"/Allegro / FS: Arirang Rhapsody 3F+2T
Anna Levkovets Kazakhstan Spring Star 2021 - 9th (99.53) SP: Run / FS: Nutcracker 2A
*Sofiia Shubina Kyrgyzstan Bosporus Cup 2018 - 18th (65.47, N) 2Lz+2Lo<
*Heesue Han South Korea 2nd SP: Concerto For Violin and Orchestra / FS: Frida (soundtrack) 3Lz+2T
Minchae Kim South Korea JGP Ljubljana 2021 - 4th (192.48) 10th (S) SP: Miss Saigon / FS: James Bond (soundtrack) 3Lz+3T
Jia Shin South Korea JGP Ljubljana 2021 - 6th (178.65) 1st SP: La Boheme / FS: Love Me If You Dare 3Lz+3T
Sofja Stepcenko Latvia Volvo Open Cup 2021 - 5th (107.52) SP: All Eyes On Me / FS: Il Est Ou Le Bonheur 2F+2Lo+2Lo
Selina Kaneda Lithuania Volvo Open Cup 2018 - 9th (112.81) 4th SP: La Cera - La Califfa / FS: Melodies of the White Nights 2Lz+2T+2Lo
Misheel Otgonbaatar Mongolia JGP Krasnoyarsk 2021 - 23rd (44.89) SP: Singing in the rain / FS: Cinema Paradiso 2S+2Lo<
Karolina Bialas Poland Mentor Torun Cup 2020 - 16th (104.99) 5th (S) SP: Caruso / FS: Querer 2A+2T+2Lo
*Weronika Ferlin Poland SP: Mulan (soundtrack) / FS: Winter (The Four Seasons 3T
Noelle Streuli Poland JGP Courchevel I 2021 - 10th (129.49) SP: Stand By Me / FS: The Four Seasons (Mix Summer and Winter) 3Lz+2T
Sofia Akateva Russia JGP Krasnoyarsk 2021 - 1st (233.08) 1st SP: Ezio Bosso medley / FS: Mulan (soundtrack) 4T+3T / 3A+3T
Elizaveta Kulikova Russia JGP Krasnoyarsk 2021 - 4th (196.83) SP: Les Parapluies De Cherbourg/Remember When / FS: Aytekin Atas medley 3Lz+1Eu+3S
Ivona Kleut Serbia Skate Celje 2019 - 25th (75.81) 3rd SP: Hunger Games (soundtrack) / FS: Ekaterina: The Rise of Catherine the Great (soundtrack) 2A
*Sarina Joos Switzerland Challenge Cup 2020 - 5th (103.10, N) SP: Rome (soundtrack)/Marco Polo (Main Theme) /Nights from the Alhambra / FS: Violin Concerto Op.35 3S+2T+2Lo
*Atikarn Uersilapasart Thailand SP: Evita (musical) / FS: Theme from Sabrina
Vera Hsiaowei Zhong Chinese Taipei Cranberry Cup 2021 - 8th (115.35) SP: Blues for Klook / FS: Phantom of the Opera medley 3Loq+2T
*Taisiia Spesivtseva Ukraine 2nd (S) SP: Sous le siel de Paris / FS: Aladdin (soundtrack) 3S+1Eu+2S
Mia Kalin USA JGP Kosice 2021 - 7th (156.23) 8th SP: Waltz of the Flowers / FS: Clash of the Titans/Game of Thrones 4T+2T
Clare Seo USA JGP Courchevel I 2021 - 3rd (174.80) 3rd SP: Rain In Your Black Eyes / FS: Jean de Florette/Querer 3Lz+3Tq


Team Country Notable Results Nationals Program Information
Chloe Panetta / Kieran Thrahser Canada John Nicks Pairs Challenge - 1st (130.46) SP: Can't Feel My Face / FS: Beatles medley
Barbora Kucianova / Lukas Vochozka Czech Republic JGP Kosice 2021 - 7th (116.13) 1st SP: Nemesis / FS: Someone You Loved
Ekaterina Chikmareva / Matvei Ianchenkov Russia JGP Krasnoyarsk 2021 - 1st (189.11) DP: Credits / FS: Bonnie & Clyde (musical)
Polina Kostiukovich / Aleksei Bruikhanov Russia JGP Kosice 2021 - 3rd (158.82) SP: Earned It / FS: Nature Boy
Ekaterina Petushkova / Evgenii Malikov Russia JGP Krasnoyarsk 2021 - 3rd (170.46) 5th SP: Gülümcan / FS: The Addams Family (soundtrack)
Isabelle Martins / Ryan Bedard USA JGP Zagreb 2019 - 11th (121.07) 2nd SP: My Romance/Skokiaan / FS: Never Enough
Anastasiia Smirnova / Danylo Siianytsia USA Cranberry Cup 2021 - 9th (145.09, S) 1st SP: Hey Big Spender / FS: Je Suis Malade


* Junior debut

Skater Country Notable Results Nationals Program Information Notable Jumps
*Semen Daniliants Armena Sofia Trophy 2020 - 1st (119.72, N) 1st SP: Tango in Ebony / FS: Perfect 3T+3T
*Vasil Barakhouski Belarus Ice Star 2019 - 6th (63.74, N) 3T+3T
Yauhenii Puzanau Belarus Tallinnk Hotels Cup 2020 - 10th (182.29, S) 2nd SP: Future Never Die / FS: Ecstasy 3Lz+3T
Filip Kaymakchiev Bulgaria Skate Helena 2021 - 2nd (113.84) SP: A Man's Dream / FS: Libertango 3F+2T
Jegor Martsenko Estonia Volvo Open Cup 2020 - 1st (143.45) 4th (S) SP: Betty Boop Remix / FS: L'Italiano 2A+1Eu+3S
Edward Appleby Great Britain JGP Courchevel II 2021 - 3rd (182.41) SP: Don't You Know / FS: Jon Batiste medley 3A+3T
Matteo Nalbone Italy Egna Spring Trophy 2021 - 4th (157.78) SP: Hideaway / FS: Go Down Moses/What A Wonderful World/Entr’ Acte 3Lz+3T
Gabriel Renoldi Italy Egna Spring Trophy 2021 - 6th (126.92) SP: Thor (soundtrack) / FS: Armageddon (soundtrack) 3S+2T
Mikhail Shaidorov Kazakhstan Sofia Trophy 2021 - 3rd (191.65) SP: Lemon Tree / FS: Once Upon a Time in America (soundtrack) 4T / 3Lz+3T
*Hangil Km South Korea 7th (S) SP: Cry of the Day/Requiem / FS: L'entree dans la lumiere/La Rancon de la gloire (soundtrack)/Smile
*Hyungyeom Kim South Korea Asian Open Trophy 2019 - 3rd (99.72, N) 8th (S) SP: Tosca / FS: The Man In The Iron Mask (soundtrack) 3Lz<+2T
Jakub Lofek Poland JGP Courchevel II 2021 - 7th (156.92) 4th SP: Stairway to Heaven / FS: The Godfather II (soundtrack) 3Lz+2T
Gleb Lutfullin Russia JGP Krasnoyarsk 2021 - 1st (230.42) SP: Black Earth / FS: Mala Luna 3A+1Eu+3S / 4S
Egor Rukhin Russia JGP Krasnoyarsk 2021 - 2nd (223.29) 3rd (J), 9th (S) SP: En Aranjuez con tu Amor / FS: Feed Me - Blood Red/For The Love Of A Princess/Mouvements 4T / 3A
Naoki Rossi Switzerland Egna Spring Trophy 2021 - 2nd (179.07) SP: Rain In My Black Eyes / FS: You Raise Me Up 3F+1Eu+3S
Casper Johanssen Sweden JGP Courchevel II 2021 - 6th (169.43) SP: Thinking Out Loud / FS: Narnia/Unsteady 3F+1Eu+3S
*Chindanai Ponsing Thailand SP: Zelda Breath of the Wild / FS: Dance Macabre 2S+2T
*Yu-Hsiang Li Chinese Taipei Asian Open Trophy 2019 - 2nd (102.99, N) 1st SP: Another Day of Sun (La La Land soundtrack) / FS: La terre vue du ciel 3F<+3T
Alp Tore Ovalioglu Turkey Sofia Trophy 2021 - 4th (141.35) 2nd SP: The World We Knew (Over and Over) / FS: Music 3T+3T
Andrey Kokura Ukraine Volvo Open Cup 2019 - 12th (186.77) 4th (S) SP: Crack of Doom / FS: Casanova 3A / 3Lz+3T
William Annis USA JGP Kosice 2021 - 3rd (204.60) SP: Wake Me Up When September Ends / FS: Sarabande Suite 3A / 3Lz+3T
Jacob Sanchez USA Cranberry Cup 2021 - 3rd (180.32) 4th SP: Footloose (soundtrack) / FS: Who Wants To Live Forever 3Lz+3T

Ice Dance

* Junior debut

Team Country Notable Results Nationals Program Information
Ekaterina Andreeva / Ivan Desyatov Belarus Ice Star 2018 - 2nd (142.54) RD: Mount Everest/I am The Best / FD: Heaven I Know/In This Shirt/Brim
Chaima Ben Khelifa / Everest Zhu Canada JGP Courchevel II 2021 - 8th (121.14) RD: Goldeneye/Die Another Day / FD: Keeping Me Alive (Acoustic)/Composition by Benoit Babin
Hailey Yu / Brendan Giang Canada JGP Courchevel I 2021 - 8th (118.00) RD: River/Came Here for Love / FD: You Know It's About You/Blood Sweat and Tears
Angelina Kudryavtseva / Ilia Karankevich Cyprus Ice Star 2020 - 1st (165.21) RD: Ruby Blue / FD: Nuvole bianche
Phebe Bekker / James Hernandez Great Britain JGP Ljubljana 2021 - 10th (128.47) RD: Elvis Presley and Junkie XL medley / FD: In The Mood/I Will Talk and Hollywood Will Listen
Dea Kuparadze / Danila Saveliev Georgia JGP Krasnoyarsk 2021 - 13th (124.26) RD: Four Ton Mantis/Gangster Trippin / FD: Westworld (soundtrack)
Giorgia Galimberti / Matteo Libasse Mandelli Italy JGP Krasnoyarsk 2021 - 10th (135.48) 5th RD: No Diggity/Crazy In Love/Yeah!/Can’t Hold Us/Party Rock Anthem / FD: Torn (Redux)/Moonlight Sonata/Good News
*Sofiia Dovhal/ Wiktor Kulesza Poland 3rd RD: Earth song/Thriller / FD: Triveni/Diablo Rojo
Arina Klimova / Filip Bojanowski Poland JGP Ljubljana 2021 - 11th (127.31) 2nd RD: Ended With The Night/Brotherswing FD: To Build A Home/Rain In Your Black Eyes
Olivia Oliver / Joshua Andari Poland JGP Courchevel II 2021 - 7th (124.71) 1st RD: Ain’t No Sunshine/Play That Funky Music / FD: Stairway To Heaven
Irina Khavronina / Dario Cirisano Russia Open Ice Mall Cup 2019 - 2nd (167.40) 3rd RD: Babylon Berlin (soundtrack) / FD: La Cumparsita/Movimiento Continuo/Por Una Cabeza/Adrenalina
Olga Mamchenkova / Mark Volkov Russia JGP Krasnoyarsk 2021 - 5th (156.35) 8th RD: Broken People (from Bright soundtrack)/I'm An Albatraoz / FD: Für Elise
Mariia Pinchuk / Mykyta Pogorielov Ukraine Winter Star 2020 - 2nd (139.77) RD: Your Heart Is As Black As Night/Brotherswing / FD: Beethoven’s Last Night
Isabella Flores / Dimitry Tsarevski USA JGP Courchevel II 2021 - 2nd (153.07) 4th RD: Oh What A Night For Dancing/Perm / FD: Nuvole Bianch/Earth Song
Leah Neset / Artem Markelov USA JGP Krasnoyarsk 2021 - 8th (140.54) 6th RD: Feeling Good/DJ Turn It Up / FD: My Immortal/In the End

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