Junior Grand Prix Bangkok 2023 – Preview

The 2023/24 Junior Grand Prix begins with an event in Bangkok, Thailand from the 23rd-26th of August.

Here’s a rundown of who you can expect to see competing at this event and some information about them.


SkaterCountryNotable Results 22/23NationalsProgram InformationNotable JumpsWorld Standing (Jr)
Hana BathAustraliaSEA Open 2022 - 2nd (118.96, AN)2nd (S), 1st (J)SP: Confutatis / FS: Yunona and Avos (soundtrack)3Lz+3T
Hetty ShiCanadaJGP Baltic Cup 2022 - 13th (148.75)1stSP: Twilight: New Moon / FS: The Prayer2A+3T
Ruotang LiChinaSP: Memory (Cats) / FS: The Sleeping Beauty
Ruichen TongChinaSP: Secrets/Beethoven's 5 Secrets / FS: Introduction and Tarantella op. 43/Fantasy for Violin and Orchestra
Hannah DabeesEgyptJGP Egna 2022 - 43rd (63.83)SP: Desert Rose/Enta Omri / FS: Merry Go Round of Life2F+2Tq
Ninon DapoignyFranceTallink Hotels Cup 2023 - 4th (115.84)SP: La valse d'Amelie/Le Petit Prince / FS: The Storm3S+2A
Anna Elizabeth GrekulGermanyBavarian Open 2023 - 3rd (117.23)3rdSP: The Flying of a Leaf/Facing The Past / FS: Yekeshish/Maktub/Move3S+2T
Chloe Desiree LeungHong KongBellu Memorial 2023 - 5th (133.49)2ndSP: Reflection (Mulan) / FS: Toccata and Fugue3Lz+2A
Melody Asri FatimahIndonesiaSEA Open 2022 - 6th (89.47)2ndSP: Melody / FS: Tenang2Lz+2T
Sophia ShifrinIsraelSanta Claus Cup 2022 - 1st (135.40, AN)1st (AN)SP: Bad Guy / FS: Exogenesis3Lo+2A+2A<
Amanda GhezzoItalyTriglav Trophy 2023 - 5th (112.40, AN)1stSP: Breve Adagio dal Chiardo di Luna/Chronos / FS: Forgotten Odes2A+2A+2T
Ami NakaiJapanJGP Baltic Cup 2022 - 1st (205.90)4th (S), 3rd (J)SP: Baby, God Bless You / FS: Glimmer of Faith/Only Hope3F+1Eu+3S / 3A4th
Yo TakagiJapanCoupe du Printemps 2023 - 2nd (179.78)21st (S), 7th (J)SP: Sous le ciel de Paris/Milord / FS: The Mission/Whispers In A Dream3Lz+2A+2T
Heesue HanSouth KoreaJGP Ostrava 2022 - 5th (170.00)10th (S)SP: Sous la Pluis / FS: La Bayadere3Lo+2A35th
Yuseong KimSouth KoreaDenis Ten Memorial 2022 - 2nd (153.90)SP: Fly Me To The Moon / FS: The Lark Ascending3F+3T
Jelizaveta DerecinaLatviaSP: Les valses de Vienne / FS: Remember Not to Forget3T+2T+2Lo
Katherine Ong Pui KhanMalaysiaSofia Trophy 2023 - 4th (126.46)SP: Querer / FS: La Terre Due Ciel3S+2A
Misheel OtgonbaatarMongoliaSP: Phantom of the Opera / FS: La La Land (soundtrack)2Lz+1T
Misaki JoeNew ZealandAsian Open Trophy 2022 - 12th (93.89)1stSP: Nocturne/Zydeko / FS: Memoirs of a Geisha2A+2T
Sofia Lexi Jacqueline FrankPhilippinesAsian Open Trophy 2022 - 1st (143.97, S)SP: Stop Right Now / FS: One Day I'll Fly Away3Lz+2A98th
Ella HawkesSouth AfricaJGP Egna 2022 - 31st (106.27)3rdSP: The Beat Goes On/The Dance / FS: Avatar 2 (soundtrack)3S+1Eu+2F
Vianna Shen-Rou LinkeSingaporeAbu Dhabi Trophy 2023 - 10th (103.04)SP: Everybody Wants To Rule the World / FS: To Love's End (Inuyasha) and Cernunnos2F+1Eu+2S
Anthea GradinaruSwitzerlandBavarian Open 2023 - 1st (151.54)1stSP: Lose You to Love Me / FS: James Bond (soundtrack)3Lz+2T+2Lo
Supitsara AttawiboonThailandSEA Open 2022 - 7th (88.48)SP: She Used To Be Mine / FS: Four Seasons3S<+2T
Cristabelle ChangThailandAsian Open Trophy 2022 - 8th (63.14, AN)SP: Ordinary World (soundtrack) / FS: Turning Pages2Lz+2T
Phattaratida KaneshigeThailandJGP Egna 2022 - 5th (175.41)SP: Capriccio Espagnol / FS: Warsaw Concerto3Lo+2A+2T30th
Yu-Feng TsaiChinese TaipeiThailand Open Trophy 2023 - 1st (156.07)SP: Copycat / FS: Schindler's List3F+2A66th
Elisa WesterhofUnited Arab EmiratesAbu Dhabi Trophy 2023 - 10th (75.85, AN)SP: Masquerade / FS: Sweet Child of Mine/Crescendo2Lz+2Lo+2T<
Annika ChaoUSA9thSP: No Roots / FS: Easy On Me3F+2A+2A
Varvara KorotkovaUzbekistanBosporous Cup 2023 - 4th (107.68, AN)SP: I Put A Spell On You / FS: Clubbed to Death3Lo+1Eu+2F
Huong Dieu LeVietnamSEA Open 2023 - 12th (72.92)SP: Je Veux / FS: Santa Maria2Lz+1Eu+2A


SkaterCountryNotable Results 22/23NationalsProgram InformationNotable JumpsWorld Standing (Jr)
Vinceman ChongAustraliaHollins International 2023 - 2nd (124.26)2ndSP: The Last Airbender (soundtrack) / FS: Unraveled (Tokyo Ghoul)2A+2A
Grayson LongCanadaJGP Riga 2022 - 12th (167.60)2ndSP: William Tell Overture / FS: Queen medley3Lz+1Eu+3S
Rio MoritaCanadaJGP Gdansk 2022 - 15th (152.85)4thSP: Still Got The Blues / Rhapsody in Blue3Lz+3T
Wenbao HanChinaSP: Hidden Machinations / FS: Adios Nonino
Francois PitotFranceIce Challenge 2022 - 5th (212.25, S)3rd (S)SP: Separate Ways (Stranger Things) / FS: Cry Me A River3A+2A7th
Jarvis HoHong KongThailand Open Trophy 2023 - 2nd (143.14)3rdSP: Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon / FS: Big Fish and Begonia3F+2A+2A78th
Betrand Zeusef ZurielIndonesiaSEA Open 2022 - 11th (72.00)1stSP: Ghost The Musical2F+2T
Manjesh TiwariIndiaAsian Open Trophy 2022 - 9th (93.29)5th3S+2T
Tamir KupermanIsraelOpen d'Andorra 2022 - 1st (169.17)3rdSP: You Raise Me Up / FS: Phantom of the Opera3Lz+3T
Rio NakataJapanJGP Baltic Cup 2022 - 4th (200.41)5th (J), 26th (S)SP: God Particle/160 bpm / FS: James Bond (soundtrack)3A+1Eu+3S21st
Tsudoi SutoJapanJGP Riga 2022 - 6th (183.30)7th (J), 17th (S)SP: Per Te / FS: Piano Concerto No. 2 (Rach)3Lz+3T60th
Artur SmagulovKazakhstanBosporus Cup 2022 - 6th (145.75)SP: Moonlight Sonata (remix) / FS: View of Silence3T+1Eu+3S83rd
Minkyu SeoSouth KoreaJGP Ostrava 2022 - 4th (209.59)3rd (S)SP: Flower Dance / FS: Notre Dame de Paris/Le Temps Des Cathedrales3F+3T22nd
Ze Zeng FangMalaysiaThailand Open Trophy 2023 - 1st (149.80)SP: Make It Rain / FS: Bruno Mars medley3S+2A
Yanhao LiNew ZealandOceania International 2023 - 1st (190.69)1stSP: Supreme / FS: Garde Confiance3Lz+2A+2A74th
Brandon James BaldozPhilippines
Cody KockSouth Africa2ndSP: Enemy / FS: Got It In You
Casper JohanssonSwedenNordics Open 2023 - 1st (176.82)2ndSP: I Didn't Know My Own Strength / FS: Avatar (soundtrack)3Lz+3T37th
Yu-Hsiang LiChinese TaipeiAsian Open Trophy 2022 - 2nd (171.87)1stSP: AJR Carma / FS: Eleanor Rigby3Lz+2A53rd
Jacob SanchezUSACoupe du Printemps 2023 - 1st (212.63)2ndSP: Singin in the Rain / FS: Sarabande Suite3Lz+1Eu+3S69th
Michael XieUSAJGP Gdansk 2022 - 7th (193.48)5thSP: Sevdama/Ceremony of Passage/Inamorata / FS: Armand Amar medley3Lz+1Eu+3S32nd
Hoang Huu NguyenVietnamThailand Open Trophy 2023 - 3rd (20.66, IN)SP: Requiem for a Tower / FS: Legendary2S+1Aq

Ice Dance

TeamCountryNotable Results 22/23NationalsProgram InformationWorld Standing (Jr)
Renee Yuen / Oliver MaAustraliaRD: I Am Coming Out/Upside Down / FD: Fly Me To The Moon
Victoria Carandiuc / Andrei CarandiucCanadaRD: I've Got An Angel/Sweet Dreams / FD: Exogenesis Symphony
Layla Veillon / Alexander BrandysCanadaJGP Courchevel 2022 - 6th (126.37)5thRD: Walk This Way/It's Tricky / FD: Charlie Chaplin medley32nd
Yufei Lin / Zijian GaoChinaJGP Gdansk 2022 - 18th (109.36)RD: Dressed For Success/The Look/Dangerous / FD: Sleeping Beauty
Natalie Blaasova / Filip BlaasCzech RepublicPavel Roman Memorial 2022 - 4th (135.47)2ndRD: The Best/It's Raining Men / FD: Arboles Bajo El Mar/Con La Brisa/They Want It, But No37th
Eliska Zakova / Filip MenclCzech RepublicPavel Roman Memorial 2022 - 7th (115.95)4th
Celina Fradji / Jean-Hans FourneauxFranceJGP Gdansk 2022 - 3rd (157.11)RD: Still Loving You/Back In Black / FD: Partida/Porto Dio5th
Alexia Kruk / Jan EisenhaberGermanyNRW Trophy 2022 - 5th (136.89)3rdRD: Michael Jackson medley / FD: Malena/Uccen
Giulia Isabella Paolino / Andrea TubaItalyRD: The Power of Love
Jinny Kim / Namu LeeSouth KoreaJGP Gdansk 2022 - 16th (121.35)RD: I Love Rock n Roll/All She Wants to do is Dance / FD: The Greatest Showman (soundtrack)
Felicity Chase / Mikhail AjamSouth Africa1stRD: Love Cats/Self Control / FD: Song From a Secret Garden/Clocks
Leah Neset / Artem MarkelovUSABavarian Open 2023 - 2nd (164.43)1stRD: Still Loving You/I Hate Myself For Loving You / FD: Anytime, Anywhere/Cry8th

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