Junior Grand Prix Courchevel 2019 – Preview

The first of the Junior Grand Prix events takes place in Courchevel, France from the 21st-24th August.

Here’s a rundown of who you can expect to see competing at this event and some information about them.

There is no Pairs event at JGP Courchevel.


* Junior debut

Skater Country Notable Results 18/19 Nationals Program Information Notable Jumps
*Paula Margarido Pereira Andorra Open d'Andorra - 16th (56.82, N) 27th (N)
Stefanie Pesendorfer Austria Bavarian Open - 4th (147.01) 2nd SP: Radar Love / FP: Anything Goes/Back To Black/Got My Number 3T+3T
Alison Schumacher Canada Junior Worlds - 10th (158.52) 7th (S) SP: Clair de Lune / FP: Ghost The Musical 2A+3T
*Hengxin Jin China Asian Open Figure Skating Trophy - 10th (82.14, N) 11th (S) SP: Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again / FP: Max Bruch medley 3Lz+2T
Giorgia Isabella Sechi Cyprus Skate Victoria - 20th (62.22) 3rd SP: Arrow Theme Song/Dark Knight Arises Theme / FP: Peter Pan - Vouoi Volare Con Me
Nikola Rychtarikova Czech Republic Prague Riedell Ice Cup - 6th (124.86) 1st SP: Something's Got a Hold On Me / FP: Hernando's Hideaway/Yo Soy Maria 3S+2T
*Catharina Victoria Petersen Denmark Jysk Fynske Mesterskaber - 1st (104.37, N) 1st (N) SP: Gringo / FP: Anna Karenina (soundtrack) 3S+2T
Laura Karhunen Finland Mentor Torun - 4th (141.42, S) 9th (S) SP: Desde Arentro/Libertango / FP: Miss Saigon 3T+3T
Lorine Schild France Dragon Trophy - 2nd (146.91) 3rd SP: Coward / FP: Arte y compas/Ilusion (Alegrias)/Gitaneria 3Lo+2T+2Lo
*Sophie Sprung France Mentor Torun Cup - 1st (94.32, N) SP: Bei mir bist du schoen/Juming' Jack / FP: Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence 3Lo+2T
Alina Urushadze Georgia JGP Yerevan - 6th (165.37) SP: Bolero / FP: Mas Que Nada/Hip Hip Chin Chin 3Lz+2T
*Nargiz Suleymanova Germany Bavarian Open - 5th (103.80, N) 2nd (N) SP: Pictures of an Exhibition/Hymn to the Rising Sun / FP: Romance/Palladio 3S+2T (underotated 3Lz+3T at NRW Summer Trophy)
Cheuk Ka Kahlen Cheung Hong Kong International Halloween Cup - 6th (128.17) SP: Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) / FP: Carmen 3S+2T
Regina Schermann Hungary 60th Grand Prix of Bratislava - 1st (150.67) SP: In the House / FP: Memoirs of a Geisha OST 3T+1Eu+3S
Viktoriia Iushchenkova Israel Open Ice Mall Cup - 3rd (146.33) 3F+2T
Lara Naki Gutmann Italy Bosporus Cup - 2nd (150.37, S) 3rd (S) SP: The Sheltering Sky / FP: The Mission (soundtrack) 3T+3T
Nana Araki Japan JGP Ostrava 5th (176.14) 2nd (J), 13th (S) SP: Destino (Kenji Miyamoto) / FP: Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind (Miki Ando) 3Lz+3T
Tomoe Kawabata Japan JGP Bratislava - 5th (173.84) 3rd (J), 10th (S) SP: Blue Danube / FP: Yumeji's Theme & Sikuriadas (Stephane Lambiel) 3Lz+3T
Anete Lace Latvia European Youth Olympic Winter Festival - 11th (124.82) 1st 3Lz+2T
*Jogaile Aglinskyte Lithuania Silver Skate Cup - 1st (97.98, N) 1st (N) SP: Never Enough / FP: She Is Like the Swallow 3S+2T (underotated 3T+3T at NRW Summer Trophy)
Anne Marie Jordan Luxembourg Coupe du Printemps - 22nd (80.78) SP: She / FP: Bohemian Rhapsody
Morgane Crausaz Morocco Bavarian Open - 18th (87.36)
Lindsay Van Zundert Netherlands Ice Talent Trophy - 1st (134.53) 3Lo+2T
*Ruth Xu New Zealand 2nd (Int N) SP: Awoo / FP: Never Tear Us Apart
Julia Kierul Poland Bavarian Open - 12th (112.21) 3rd SP: La Vie en Rose / FP: The Great Gatsby (soundtrack) 3Lo+2T
Jihun To South Korea JGP Richmond - 5th (164.96) 8th (S) SP: Ashes / FP: The Storm 3Lz+2T+2Lo (3Lz+3T at JGP selection)
Seoyeong WI South Korea JGP Ostrava - 4th (176.50) 6th (S) SP: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (soundtrack)/The Banquet OST / FP: Amelie OST 3Lz+3T
*Maiia Khromykh Russia Hopes of Russia - 2nd (203.97) SP: Fantasy for Violin and Orchestra / FP: Ghost (soundtrack) 3Lz+3T
*Kamila Valieva Russia Hopes of Russia - 1st (220.55) SP: Spiegel im Spiegel/Allerdale Hall / FP: Exogenesis: Symphony, Part 3 3F+1Eu+3S (4T at Russian Test Skates)
Alexandra Michaela Filcova Slovakia Golden Spin - 6th (120.15) 2nd SP: Bla Bla Bla Cha Cha Cha / FP: Angel and Devil 3T+2T+1Lo
Noémie Bodenstein Switzerland JGP Ostrava - 18th (118.87) 12th (S) SP: Variations of the Canon / FP: Marriage d'amour 3S+1Eu+2F
Guzide Irmak Bayir Turkey JGP Richmond - 15th (115.91) 1st SP: Games of Thrones (soundtrack) / FP: I Was Here 3T+1Eu+2F
*Kseniia Klymenko Ukraine Halloween Cup - 2nd (100.59, N) 3rd (N) SP: Yang Thousand Hands Guan Yin / FP: Galicia Flamenco/Flamenco Nights 3S+2Lo
Calista Choi USA Egna Spring Trophy - 1st (159.68) 1st (N) SP: My Sweet and Tender Beast (Scott Brown) / FP: Nessun Dorma (Benoit Richaud) 3Lz+2T
Hanna Harrell USA Junior Worlds - 7th (176.69) 4th (S) SP: Carmen's Story/Tanguera / FP: Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini (both Misha Ge) 3Lz+3T


* Junior debut

Skater Country Notable Results 18/19 Nationals Program Information Notable Jumps
Yakau Zenko Belarus Tallink Hotels Cup - 4th (190.03, S) 2nd, 1st (S) SP: Blue Canary / FP: Blood and Stone 3Lz+3T
Iliya Kovler Canada JGP Yerevan - 3rd (201.20) 9th (S) SP: Natural / FP: The Sound Of Silence 3A+3T
Aleksa Rakic Canada JGP Ostrava - 6th (185.08) 1st SP: Stargazing / FP: Rachmaninov 3Lz+3T
Yudong Chen China Russian-Chinese Winter Games - 3rd (195.74) SP: No Man No Cry / FP: Tristan and Isolde 3Lz+3T
Lucas Strzelec Denmark Mini Europa - 2nd (116.92) 2nd SP: To Build A Home / FP: Astor Piazzolla 3S+1Eu+2S
François Pitot France Triglav Trophy- 1st (110.71) 12th SP: Sherlock Holmes soundtrack / FP: Inception soundtrack 3A
*Corentin Spinar France 10th 3Lz+2T
Denis Gurdzhi Germany NRW Summer Trophy - 2nd (155.19) 1st SP: Caruso (Adam Solya) / FP: Je suis malade 2A+1Eu+3S
Mark Gorodnitsky Israel JGP Ljubljana - 6th (205.19) 3rd (S) SP: Stop It (I Like It) / FP: Burnt by the Sun 3Lz+3T (training a 3F+3A)
Yuma Kagiyama Japan Challenge Cup - 2nd (218.02, S) 5th (J), 6th (S) SP: Piano Concerto "Fate" (Soho Crime) / FP: Tucker soundtrack 3Lz+3T (training a 4T, 4S+3T and 4T+3T)
*Douglas Gerber New Zealand 1st (N) SP: Light of the Seven / FP: Libertango
*Jakub Lofek Poland Mini Europa - 1st (107.19) 3rd SP: Assassin's Tango / FP: The Godfather II (soundtrack) 3T+2T
*Andrei Kutovoi Russia 9th SP: Fly Me to the Moon / FP: Les Miserables 3Lz+3Lo
Egor Rukhin Russia 8th SP: Evermore / FP: Your Song (Moulin Rouge) 3Lz+3T (also has a 4S)
Leon Auspurg Switzerland 14th European Youth Olympic Winter Festival - 12th (134.69) 4th 3Lo+2T
Micah Kai Lynette Thailand Inge Solar Memorial Alpen Trophy - 11th (180.88, S) 1st (S) SP: Ameksa: The Shepard/Poeta en el viento / FP: Piano Concerto in F: Allegro 3Lz+3T
Ömer Efe Sayici Turkey Mentor Torun Cup - 6th (147.36) 3rd SP: Hello / FP: My Way 3Lz+2T
Hlib Smotrov Ukraine 8th (N) SP: Run Boy Run / FP: Unholy War 3Lz+2T
Maxim Naumov USA SP: Uprising / FP: Who Wants To Live Forever 3Lz+2T+2Lo
Matthew Nielsen USA Golden Bear - 5th (150.04) 2nd (N) SP: Come Together / FP: I Don't Want to Miss a Thing 3T+3T (training 3A+3T, 3Lz+3T in summer comp)

Ice Dance

* Junior debut

Team Country Notable Results 18/19 Nationals Program Information
Karina Sidarenka / Maksim Yalenich Belarus Mentor Torun Cup - 13th (119.30) 2nd (J), 3rd (S) RD: The Mask / FD: Take It Easy On Me/Bang Bang Boom Boom
Emmy Bronsard / Aissa Bouaraguia Canada JGP Ostrava - 4th (140.67) 6th RD: Cabaret / FD: David Bowie medley
Olivia McIsaac / Corey Circelli Canada JGP Ostrava - 7th (134.19) 8th RD: Funny Girl / FD: Nature Boy/Danse Macabre medley
Xizi Chen / Jianing Xing China Russian-Chinese Winter Games - 4th (116.79) RD: The Sound of Music / FD: They Don't Care About Us/Imagine
*Angelina Kudryavtseva / Ilia Karankevich Cyprus Open d’Andorra - 1st (124.02, N) RD: Gypsy / FD: Raphael Beau medley
Loicia Demougeot / Theo Le Mercier France Egna Dance Trophy - 1st (151.89) 1st RD: Ain’t Misbehavin / FD: Carmen
*Celina Fradji / Jean-Hans Fourneaux France Santa Claus Cup - 2nd (102.03, N) RD: Singin' In The Rain / FD: Come, Gentle Night/Rue des Cascades
Lou Terreau / Noe Perron France Egna Dance Trophy - 8th (126.12) 5th RD: My Girl/Hey Joe / FD: Odin/God's Whisperer/Decimator
*Lara Luft / Stephano Valentino Schuster Germany RD: Sweet Charity / FD: Yasmin Levy
Villõ Marton / Danyil Semko Hungary Christmas Cup - 2nd (133.42)
Carolina Portesi Peroni / Michael Chrastecky Italy Bosporus Cup - 2nd (133.30) 3rd RD: The Artist / FD: Io ci saro
*Olivia Oliver / Joshua Andari Poland RD: At Last/Why Don't You Do Right?/ FD: Sarabande
Ekaterina Katashinskaia / Aleksandr Vaskovich Russia Tallinn Trophy - 3rd (136.68) 10th RD: Sweet Charity / FD: Bailar/Temptation/Happy Brasilia
Elizaveta Shanaeva / Devid Naryzhnyy Russia Grand Prix of Bratislava - 1st (160.03) 4th RD: Bonnie and Clyde / FD: River
Sofía Val / Linus Colmor Jepsen Spain Bavarian Open - 9th (124.59) 1st RD: Cole Porter / FD: Bruno Mars medley
Sofiia Lyzohub / Danylo Yefremenko Ukraine Bosporus Cup - 4th (125.68) 1st (N) RD: Let's Make Love / FD: Holmes and Watson soundtrack
*Elizabeth Tkachenko / Alexei Kiliakov USA Egna Dance Trophy - 1st (121.24, N) 1st (N) RD: The Little Mermaid / FD: Sherlock Holmes
*Katarina Wolfkostin / Jeffrey Chen USA RD: Everything Old is New Again / FD: Sam Smith medley

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