Junior World Championships 2020 – Preview

The 2020 Junior World Championships take place from the 2nd to the 8th of March in Tallinn, Estonia.

Here’s a rundown of who you can expect to see competing at this event and some information about them.


Skater Country Notable Results 19/20 Nationals Program Information Notable Jumps World Standing
Darian Kaptich Australia Philadelphia Summer International - 3rd (152.26) 3rd (S) SP: I Swear / FP: It's a Man's Man's Man's World/I Got You (I Feel Good) 3Lz+2T+2Lo
Luc Maierhofer Austria JGP Egna - 8th (192.43) SP: Notte Stellata / FP: Across the Sky/Iron Sky 3Lz+3T 52nd
Vladimir Litvintsev Azerbaijan Europeans - 9th (221.09, S) SP: Blues for Klook / FP: Hallelujah 4T+3T 34th
Alexander Lebedev Belarus Bosporus Cup - 5th (192.77) 2nd (S) SP: Tosca / FP: Once Upon a Time in Mexico 3Lz+3T 76th
Alexander Zlatkov Bulgaria Golden Spin - 21st (175.96, S) SP: Romeo and Juliet / FP: Mala Luna 3Lz+3T 126th
Stephen Gogolev Canada Bavarian Open - 1st (227.68) SP: Grand Waltz/Russian Sailor's Dance / FP: Peter Gabriel medley 3Lz+1Eu+3S / 4S 46th
Joseph Phan Canada JGP Baltic Cup - 5th (207.70) 4th (S) SP: Torn (Redux) / FP: Emperor Concerto 4T+3T 47th
Fang-Yi Lin Chinese Taipei Asian Open Figure Skating Trophy - 2nd (156.27) 1st SP: SOS d'un terrien en detresse / FP: Turandot 3T+3T
Charles Henry Katanovic Croatia Golden Spin - 2nd (141.59) SP: Bohemian Rhapsody/Don't Stop Me Now / FP: Small Change Girl 3Lz+2T
Filip Scerba Czech Republic Four Nationals Championship - 4th (189.58, S) 4th (S) SP: Give Me Love / FP: The Sleeping Beauty 3Lz+1Eu+3S / 3A
Aleksandr Selevko Estonia Golden Spin - 5th (221.94, S) 1st (S) SP: Step Out For A While / FP: Notre Dame de Paris soundtrack 4T / 3Lz+3T 37th
Lauri Lankila Finland Nordics Open - 3rd (146.66) 3rd (S) 2A+1Eu+3S
Adam Siao Him Fa France Europeans - 11th (219.89, S) 2nd (S) SP: Never Tear Us Apart / FP: Dust and Light/Lords of Lankhmar 4T+3T 26th
Nika Egadze Georgia 13th Skate Helena - 1st (189.96) 4S / 3Lz+3T
Denis Gurdzhi Germany JGP Courchevel - 8th (178.54) 1st (J), 5th (S) SP: Caruso / FP: Je suis malade 3S+3T 172nd
Edward Appleby Great Britain Mentor Torun Cup - 1st (170.90) 1st SP: I Will Wait / FP: Sherlock Holmes soundtrack 3Lz+3T / 3A 180th
Mark Gorodnitsky Israel Europeans - 17th (206.83, S) 1st (S) SP: Stop It (I Like It) / FP: Burnt by the Sun 3A+1Eu+3S 42nd
Gabriele Frangipani Italy Europeans - 13th (218.00, S) 1st SP: Unholy War / FP: Assassin's Tango/Tango Oblivion/Adios Nonino 3A+3T 43rd
Daniel Grassl Italy Europeans - 4th (244.88, S) 1st (S) SP: Lacrimosa (Requiem) / FP: Single Man (soundtrack)/Nocturnal Animals (soundtrack) 4Lz / 4Lo 13th
Yuma Kagiyama Japan Four Continents - 3rd (270.61, S) 1st (J), 3rd (S) SP: Piano Concerto "Fate" / FP: Tucker soundtrack 3A+1Eu+3S / 4T+2T 29th
Shun Sato Japan Junior Grand Prix Final - 1st (255.11) 2nd (J), 5th (S) SP: Arrivee des Camionneurs / FP: Romeo and Juliet 4Lz / 4T+3T 73rd
Mikhail Shaidorov Kazakhstan 3Lz+3T
Kornel Witkowski Poland JGP Riga Cup - 16th (152.81) 1st SP: The Shadow Line / FP: Fly Me To the Moon/Why Me 3Lz+2T
Sihyeong Lee South Korea JGP Riga Cup - 2nd (218.31) 2nd (S) SP: Elena & Lila, Last Days / FP: Love Never Dies 3Lz+3T / 3A 53rd
Petr Gumennik Russia JGP Egna - 2nd (232.39) 2nd (J), 7th (S) SP: Je me souviens de nous / FP: The Phantom of the Opera 3A+2T+2Lo 36th
Andrei Mozalev Russia Junior Grand Prix Final - 2nd (241.48) 3rd (J), 5th (S) SP: I Will Never Forget You - Juno and Avos (Rock Opera) / FP: Lost in Blue, My Own Paradise, In this Shirt 4T+3T 48th
Ilya Yablokov Russia JGP Egna - 4th (213.40) 6th (J), 11th (S) SP: Tick Tock Goes the Clock / FP: Notre Dame de Paris (soundtrack) 3Lz+3T / 3A 127th
Adam Hagara Slovakia 13th Skate Helena - 3rd (151.95) 3Lz+2T+2Lo
Pablo Garcia Spain Open d'Andorra - 1st (155.61) 1st 3Lz+3T
Nikolaj Majorov Sweden Europeans - 15th (212.57, S) 1st (S) SP: Flamenco / FP: The Addams Family 3Lz+3T / 3A 71st
Noah Bodenstein Switzerland Youth Olympics - 7th (176.92) SP: Ouverture (Top Hat) / FP: Desert (Cirque du Soleil) 3S+1Eu+3S
Basar Oktar Turkey Bosporus Cup - 2nd (209.54, S) 1st SP: Cry Me A River / FP: E Lucevan le Stelle (Tosca) 3Lz+3T 51st
Ivan Shmuratko Ukraine JGP Egna - 3rd (221.44) 1st (S) SP: What a Wonderful World / FP: Cornerstone 3A+3T 56th
Ilia Malinin USA JGP Egna - 7th (203.47) SP: Make It Rain / FP: Writing on the Wall 3Lz+3T / 3A 135th
Maxim Naumov USA JGP Courchevel - 7th (179.15) 1st SP: Uprising / FP: Who Wants To Live Forever 2A+1Eu+3S 149th
Andrew Torgashev USA Asian Open Figure Skating Trophy - 2nd (217.54, S) 5th (S) SP: Bloodstream / FP: Tosca 3A+1Eu+3S 33rd


Team Country Notable Results 19/20 Nationals Program Information World Standing
Patricia Andrew / Zachary Daleman Canada JGP Croatia Cup - 10th (126.01) 1st SP: Lovely / FP: Aladdin (soundtrack) 67th
Kelly Ann Laurin / Loucas Ethier Canada Bavarian Open - 1st (139.71) 3rd SP: Doctor Zhivago (soundtrack) / FP: Ever After/A Cinderella Story 78th
Huidi Wang / Ziqi Jia China JGP Lake Placid - 4th (148.70) 2nd SP: Chariots of Fire / FP: Introduction Et Rondo Capriccioso op. 28 56th
Yuchen Wang / Yihang Huang China Youth Olympics - 5th (141.61) 1st SP: Fly Me to the Moon / FP: Pirates of the Caribbean (soundtrack) 58th
Cleo Hamon / Denys Strekalin France Europeans - 9th (153.49, S) 1st (S) SP: Bang Bang / FP: Notre Dame de Paris (soundtrack) 35th
Alina Butaeva / Luka Berulava Georgia Youth Olympics - 3rd (157.29) SP: O Fortuna (Carmina Burana) / FP: D'Artagnan 61st
Annika Hocke / Robert Kunkel Germany Bavarian Open - 2nd (176.63, S) 2nd (S) SP: Wasting My Young Years / FP: Do You Love Me/Cry to Me/Wipe Out 36th
Alyssa Montan / Manuel Piazza Italy Bavarian Open - 3rd (122.37) 1st
Kseniia Akhanteva / Valerii Kolesov Russia JGP Chelyabinsk - 1st (185.05) 2nd (J), 10th (S) SP: Interstellar (soundtrack) / FP: Shine On You Crazy Diamond 37th
Iuliia Artemeva / Mikhail Nazarychev Russia JGP Croatia Cup - 1st (179.83) 3rd (J), 7th (S) SP: Senza Parole / FP: Queen medley 48th
Apollinariia Panfilova / Dmitry Rylov Russia Youth Olympics - 1st (199.21) 1st (J), 6th (S) SP: Matrix soundtrack / FP: No One Ever Called Me That 28th
Greta Crafoord / John Crafoord Sweden Bavarian Open - 4th (120.06) 1st SP: Fiesta Flamenco / FP: Khorobushko
Kateryna Dzitsiuk / Ivan Pavlov Ukraine JGP Croatia Cup - 7th (133.96) 1st (S) SP: King Arthur (soundtrack) / FP: The Great Gatsby (soundtrack) 62nd
Winter Deardorff / Mikhail Johnson USA Golden Spin - 3rd (132.59) 3rd SP: Ecstasy / FP: Kashmir
Kate Finster / Balazs Nagy USA JGP Baltic Cup - 2nd (166.22) 1st SP: Hallelujah / FP: To Build a Home/Rain In Your Black Eyes 43rd
Anastasiia Smirnova / Danylo Siianytsia USA Golden Spin - 2nd (132.70) 2nd SP: Kiss of Fire / FP: Gravity 80th

Ice Dance

Team Country Notable Results 19/20 Nationals Program Information World Standing
Yulia Alieva / Artur Biktimirov Azerbaijan Egna Dance Trophy - 7th (123.39)
Karina Sidarenka / Maksim Yalenich Belarus Jégvirág Cup - 2nd (122.40) 2nd RD: The Mask soundtrack / FD: Take It Easy On Me/Bang Bang Boom Boom
Emmy Bronsard / Aissa Bouaraguia Canada Bavarian Open - 2nd (155.85) 1st RD: Cabaret / FD: David Bowie medley 62nd
Natalie D'Alessandro / Bruce Waddell Canada Bavarian Open - 3rd (155.05) RD: He Loves and She Loves/Le Jazz Hot / FD: I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That) 60th
Miku Makita / Tyler Gunara Canada JGP Baltic Cup - 4th (154.11) RD: Hairspray / FD: Don't Know How to Love You/I'll Take Care of You 77th
Angelina Kudryavtseva / Ilia Karankevich Cyprus 20th Open d'Andorra - 1st (152.05) RD: You Gotta Have A Gimmick/Revival Seattle to Los Angeles / FD: Raphael Beau medley 118th
Natalie Taschlerova / Filip Taschler Czech Republic 20th Open d'Andorra - 2nd (165.69, S) 1st RD: Entr'act/Crazy for You/Puttin’ on the Ritz/That’s Entertainment / FD: Place de la Republique/Sand 51st
Sara Buch-Weeke / Nicolas Woodcock Denmark Golden Spin - 13th (109.24) 1st RD: Puttin' On The Ritz / FD: Queen medley
Darja Netjaga / Marko Jevgeni Gaidajenko Estonia 40th Volvo Open Cup - 7th (137.03) 2nd (S) RD: Puttin' On the Ritz / FD: Queen medly
Loicia Demougeot / Theo Le Mercier France JGP Baltic Cup - 2nd (162.70) 1st RD: Ain't Misbehavin / FD: Carmen 43rd
Lou Terreaux / Noe Perron France Mentor Torun Cup - 6th (144.66) 2nd RD: My Girl/Hey Joe / FD: Odinn/God's Whisper/Decimator 84th
Maria Kazakova / Georgy Reviya Georgia 40th Volvo Open Cup - 2nd (182.43, S) RD: Take Good Care of My Baby/Dream A Little Dream / FD: In the End 22nd
Lara Luft / Stephano Valentino Schuster Germany Pavel Roman Memorial - 3rd (138.95) 1st RD: Sweet Charity / FD: La Alegria (Happiness)/Una Noche Mas/Asturias 114th
Emily Rose Brown / James Hernandez Great Britain Mentor Torun Cup - 4th (154.61) 1st RD: Top Hat / FD: Les Miserables 79th
Villõ Marton / Danyil Semko Hungary 20th Open d'Andorra - 3rd (147.54) 1st 94th
Mariia Nosovitskaya / Mikhail Nosovitskiy Israel Golden Spin - 6th (132.95) 1st RD: Mary Poppins soundtrack / FD: La Strada (soundtrack) 98th
Carolina Portesi Peroni / Michael Chrastecky Italy Golden Spin - 3rd (151.67) 1st RD: The Artist / FD: Io ci saro 90th
Utana Yoshida / Shingo Nishiyama Japan Youth Olympics - 6th (148.70) 1st RD: A Chorus Line / FD: Don Quixote 91st
Anna Shnaider / Fedor Varlamov Kazakhstan Ice Star - 7th (138.74) RD: New York, New York / FD: Tonight 116th
Oliwia Borowska / Filip Bojanowski Poland Ice Star - 11th (128.87) 1st RD: Singin' In The Rain / FD: Perfect/Believer
Diana Davis / Gleb Smolkin Russia 40th Volvo Open Cup - 1st (167.17) 3rd RD: Everybody Wants to Be a Cat / FD: Always Watching You/Love Is Gone 65th
Elizaveta Shanaeva / Devid Naryzhnyy Russia JGP Chelyabinsk - 1st (171.07) 1st RD: Bonnie and Clyde / FD: River 48th
Arina Ushakova / Maxim Nekrasov Russia Mentor Torun Cup - 1st (173.20) 2nd RD: Chicago / FD: Milord 32nd
Sofia Val / Linus Colmor Jepsen Spain Bosporus Cup - 5th (142.72) 1st RD: Cole Porter medley / FD: Bruno Mars medley
Gina Zehnder / Beda Leon Sieber Switzerland Bosporus Cup - 19th (105.93) 1st RD: I Want To Be Loved By You/Sparkling Diamonds / FD: Ghost Musical/Latch (Acoustic Version)/Unchained Melody
Maria Golubtsova / Kirill Belobrov Ukraine Bosporus Cup - 1st (162.75) 3rd (S) RD: Top Hat / FD: The Swan/Danse Macabre 66th
Oona Brown / Gage Brown USA Bavarian Open - 4th (151.06) 3rd RD: When I Get My Name In Lights/Everything Old Is New Again / FD: Bloodstream/Air 70th
Avonley Nguyen / Vadym Kolesnik USA Junior Grand Prix Final - 2nd (174.74) 1st RD: Aladdin (soundtrack) / FD: Piano Concerto No. 2 36th
Katarina Wolfkostin / Jeffrey Chen USA Golden Spin - 2nd (163.81) 2nd RD: Everything Old Is New Again / FD: How Will I Know/Fire On Fire 87th


Skater Country Notable Results 19/20 Nationals Program Information Notable Jumps World Standing
Valeriia Sidorova Armenia 13th Skate Helena - 4th (134.03) SP: The Fifth Element (soundtrack) / FP: Rhapsody in Blue 3Lz+1Eu+2S
Victoria Alcantara Australia JGP Lake Placid - 12th (132.83) 1st SP: Swan Lake / FP: Mary Poppins 2A+2T+2Lo
Stefanie Pesendorfer Austria Prague Ice Cup - 1st (160.35, S) 2nd (J), 3rd (S) SP: Radar Love / FP: Anything Goes/Back to Black/Got My Number 3Lz+1Eu+3S 156th
Ekaterina Ryabova Azerbaijan Rostelecom - 5th (187.77, S) SP: Tango de Roxanne / FP: Godfather 3Lz+3T 21st
Milana Ramashova Belarus Mentor Torun Cup - 4th (145.95) 1st (J), 2nd (S) SP: Liquidation soundtrack / FP: La Campanella 3T+3T
Maria Levushkina Bulgaria 8th Denkova-Staviski Cup - 1st (157.15) 1st SP: Les Moulins de mon Coeur / FP: Hallelujah 3Lo+1Eu+2F
Kaiya Ruiter Canada Bavarian Open - 1st (165.22) 1st SP: Oh Heart / FP: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (soundtrack) 3Lz+3T 222nd
Alison Schumacher Canada Warsaw Cup - 8th (169.98, S) 2nd (S) SP: Clair de Lune / FP: Ghost - The Musical 2A+3T 64th
Yi Zhu China 4CC - 13th (155.41, S) 4th (S) SP: The Winner Takes It All / FP: Piano Concerto in F 3F+1Eu+2F 191st
Tzu-Han Ting Chinese Taipei Bavarian Open - 5th (150.15) 1st SP: Corpse Bride / FP: Finding Neverland 3F+3T+2T
Hana Cvijanovic Croatia 8th Denkova-Staviski Cup - 5th (118.90) 1st (S) SP: Bolero / FP: Rain, In Your Black Eyes 2A+1Eu+2S
Nikola Rychtarikova Czech Republic Four Nationals - 6th (134.44, S) 2nd (S) SP: Something's Got a Hold On Me/Show Me How You Burlesque / FP: Hernando's Hideaway/Yo Soy Maria 3Lz+2T
Maia Sorensen Denmark Tallink Hotels Cup - 3rd (140.35) 1st SP: How Can I Not Love You / FP: Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps 2A+1Eu+3S
Niina Petrokina Estonia Tallink Hotels Cup - 1st (174.42) 2nd (S) SP: S'Wonderful / FP: Love of My Life 3Lz+1Eu+3S 189th
Vera Stolt Finland 12th Tirnavia Ice Cup - 2nd (144.65, S) 4th (S) SP: Final Light/Rise - Tunes of Fantasy / FP: One Eye Open/Never Tear Us Apart 3Lz+3T 129th
Maïa Mazzara France Europeans - 11th (170.06, S) 2nd (S) SP: Rox Tango / FP: Silence 3T+3T 99th
Alina Urushadze Georgia Youth Olympics - 5th (179.50) SP: Bolero / FP: Mas Que Nada/Hip Hip Chin Chin 3Lz+3T 48th
Nargiz Suleymanova Germany Bavarian Open - 6th (149.31) 1st SP: Pictures of an Exhibition/Hymn to the Rising Sun / FP: Romance/Palladio 3Lz+3T
Elena Komova Great Britain 13th Skate Helena - 5th (130.18) 1st SP: The Show Most Go On (Moonlight Sonata) / FP: The Snowstorm 2A+1Eu+3S
Cheuk Ka Kahlen Cheung Hong Kong JGP Courchevel - 13th (144.34) SP: Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) / FP: Carmen 2A+1Eu+3S 229th
Regina Schermann Hungary Four Nationals - 3rd (155.77, S) 1st (J), 2nd (S) SP: Dans la Maison / FP: Memoirs of a Geisha (soundtrack) 3Lo+1Eu+3S
Aldis Kara Bergsdottir Iceland Nordics Open - 8th (115.39) 1st SP: Grandioso / FP: Tristan and Isolde 3S+2T+2Lo
Nelli Ioffe Israel JGP Zagreb - 11th (144.13) 2nd (S) SP: Memory (Cats soundtrack) / FP: From Sarah With Love 2A+1Eu+3S 209th
Alessia Tornaghi Italy Youth Olympics - 6th (178.60) 1st (S) SP: Sergei Rachmaninov / FP: With One Look (Sunset Boulevard) 3Lz+3T 49th
Tomoe Kawabata Japan JGP Baltic Cup - 5th (177.86) 2nd (J), 3rd (S) SP: Blue Danube / FP: Yumeji's Theme/Sikuriadas 3Lz+3T 77th
Mana Kawabe Japan Youth Olympics - 4th (185.22) 1st (J), 13th (S) SP: You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch / FP: Black Swan 3F+3T+2T / 3A 160th
Anete Lace Latvia JGP Riga - 16th (131.57) 1st SP: Dollhouse/Dead Silence / FP: Crazy in Love 2A+1Eu+3S
Jogaile Aglinskyte Lithuania Dragon Trophy - 1st (156.29) SP: Never Enough / FP: She Is Like the Swallow 3T+3T
Andrea Montesinos Cantu Mexico Autumn Classic - 10th (148.55, S) 1st (S) SP: Swing Da Cor / FP: Jeux d'Eau (Cirque du Soleil) 3Lz+2T 130th
Lindsay Van Zundert Netherlands Bavarian Open - 4th (151.08) SP: Writing on the Wall / FP: Spartacus 3Lz+2T+2Lo
Jocelyn Hong New Zealand 13th Skate Helena - 6th (126.20) 1st (S) SP: Danzarin Tango / FP: I Will Find You 3Lz+2T
Ekaterina Kurakova Poland Warsaw Cup - 1st (201.47, S) 1st (J), 1st (S) SP: La vie en rose / FP: Le Corsaire 3Lz+1Eu+3F 50th
Haein Lee South Korea JGP Croatia Cup - 1st (203.40) 2nd (S) SP: Nocturne / FP: Riverdance - Firedance 3Lz+3T 55th
Seoyeong Wi South Korea Asian Open Figure Skating Trophy - 1st (194.47) SP: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (soundtrack)/Banquet (soundtrack) / FP: Amelie (soundtrack) 3Lz+3T 82nd
Ana Sofia Beschea Romania Sofia Trophy - 10th (120.48, S) 1st (J), 1st (S) SP: Vogue / FP: Mil Pasos/Tango de los Exilados 2Lz+2Lo+2T
Maiia Khromykh Russia Denis Ten Memorial - 2nd (191.85) 5th SP: Fantasy for Violin and Orchestra / FP: Ghost (soundtrack) 3Lz+3T (attempted 4S at Junior Nationals) 146th
Daria Usacheva Russia Denis Ten Memorial - 1st (211.25) 3rd SP: Please Don't Make Me Love You / FP: Je suis malade 3Lz+1Eu+3S 125th
Kamila Valieva Russia JGP Chelyabinsk - 1st (221.95) 1st SP: Spiegel im Spiegel/Allerdale Hall / FP: Exogenesis Symphony Part 3 4T+2T 110th
Darja Mijatovic Serbia Dragon Trophy - 12th (117.78) 1st SP: Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps / FP: Les Patineurs Waltz op. 183 3T+2T
Alexandra Michaela Filcova Slovakia 61st Grand Prix of Bratislava - 1st (139.41) 1st SP: Bla Bla Bla Cha Cha Cha / FP: Angel and Devil 3Lz+2T+2T
Marian Millares Spain 20th Open d'Andorra - 2nd (126.10) 1st SP: Malaguena / FP: Turandot 3T+2T
Emelie Ling Sweden Bavarian Open - 4th (135.88) 3rd (S) SP: River Flows in You / FP: A Thousand Times Good Night (Romeo and Juliet) 3S+1Eu+2F
Anais Coraducci Switzerland Golden Bear - 5th (156.81, S) 4th (S) SP: Nisi Dominus / FP: The Feeling Begins 3T+1Eu+3S 197th
Yasemin Zeki Turkey JGP Croatia Cup - 16th (113.68) 9th SP: Pas de Deux (Nutcracker) / FP: Firedance 3S+2T
Anastasiia Shabotova Ukraine Ice Star - 1st (174.76) 1st (S) 3Lz+1Eu+3S
Starr Andrews USA Lombardia Trophy - 5th (181.18, S) 6th (S) SP: You Lost Me / FP: Salome's Dance of the Seven Veils 3T+3T 24th
Alysa Liu USA JGP Lake Placid - 1st (208.10) 1st (S) SP: Don't Rain on My Parade / FP: Illumination 3A+3T / 4Lz 112th
Lindsay Thorngren USA JGP Baltic Cup - 8th (158.09) 1st SP: Papa Can You Hear Me / FP: Lovers 3Lz+3T< 231st

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