Lombardia Trophy 2021 – Preview

The first of the nine Challenger Series events is Lombardia Trophy and takes place in Bergamo, Italy from the 9th-12th September.

Here’s a rundown of who you can expect to see competing at this event and some information about them.

There is a Pairs event at Lombardia Trophy, but it is not part of the Challenger event.


Skater Country Notable Results Nationals Program Information Notable Jumps World Standing
Stefanie Pesendorfer Austria Prague Ice Cup 2019 - 1st (160.35) 3Lz+1Eu+3S 83rd
Sophia Schaller Austria Bavarian Open 2020 - 7th (150.83) 2nd 3T+3T 82nd
Ivelina Baycheva Bulgaria Icelab International Cup 2019 - 3rd (142.31, J) 4th SP: Carmen / FS: Nothing Else Matters 3Lz+2T
Yae-Mia Neira Chile SP: Killing Me Softly / FS: The Floating Bed/La historia de un amor
Olusa Gajdosova Czech Republic Egna Spring Trophy 2021 - 26th (99.01, J) 3rd SP: Glasgow Love Theme/Rhapsody in Rock II / FS: To Build a Home 3S
Eva-Lotta Kiibus Estonia Tallink Hoels Cup 2021 - 1st (190.23) 1st SP: Baiana / FS: A Star Is Born (soundtrack) 3F+1Eu+3S 12th
Nataly Langerbaur Estonia Tallink Hotel Cup 2021 - 13th (131.61) 5th SP: My Own Way / FS: No Ordinary 3F+2T
Kristina Shkuleta-Gromova Estonia Ice Star 2020 - 4th (161.67) 3rd SP: All That Jazz / FS: The Phantom Of The Opera 3T+3T 134th
Maia Mazzara France Europeans 2020 - 11th (170.06) 2nd 3T+3T 53rd
Lea Serna France Internationaux de France 2019 - 8th (166.02) 1st 3Lz+3T 83rd
Nina Povey Great Britain Challenge Cup 2018 - 5th (150.74) SP: I Giorni (Portrait)/Divenire (Pas De Deux) / FS: Tango To Evora/Tanos 3F+2T
Kristen Spours Great Britain Volvo Open Cup 2018 - 3d (151.66) SP: Oblivion/Yo Soy Maria / FS: Moulin Rouge 3F+2T+2Lo
Nargiz Sueleymanova Germany Bavarian Open 2020 - 6th (149.31, J) SP: Anytime, Anywhere / FP: Bang Bang 3Lz+3T 106th
Regina Schermann Hungary Celje Open 2021 - 3rd (163.24) 2nd SP: The Theory of Everything / FS: Sherlock Holmes (soundtrack) 3Lo+1Eu+3S 170th
Bernadett Szigeti Hungary Celje Open 2021 - 7th (142.13) 3rd SP: Amelie (soundtrack) / FS: At Last/Big Spender 2A+1Eu+3S
Ivett Toth Hungary 1st Christmas Cup 2018 - 1st (172.45) SP: Si, Mama/Let's Get Loud 3T+1Eu+3S 75th
Lara Naki Gutmann Italy World Team Trophy 2021 - 7th (179.59) 1st SP: Elizabeth/Maria and the Violin's String / FS: Scheherazade 3T+1Eu+3S 40th
Ginevra Lavinia Negrello Italy Challenge Cup 2020 - 2nd (172.21, J) 2nd SP: Game of Thrones (soundtrack) / FS: La terre vue du ciel 2A+3T 109th
Anete Lace Latvia Junior Worlds 2020 - 21st (137.36, J) SP: Can't Help Falling In Love / FS: Danse Macabre 2A+1Eu+3S 169th
Romana Kaiser Liechtenstein Sofia Trophy 2018 - 11th (107.95) SP: Ninna Nanna Reprise/Ohayoo Ohio / FS: River Flows in You/Faded 2A+2T
Lindsay van Zundert Netherlands Worlds 2021 - 16th (174.50) SP: 11 Past The Hour / FS: Jerome Rebotier medley 3S+2T+2Lo 88th
Nayra Rosalia Junco Metzger Peru SP: Que hiciste / FS: First Light/Heart Cry
Victoria Verlarde Peru Challenge Cup 2021 - 18th (89.86) SP: Paint It Black / FS: Havana (soundtrack) 2Lo+2Lo<
Ekaterina Kurakova Poland Warsaw Cup 2019 - 1st (201.47) 1st FS: Charlie Chaplin 3Lz+1Eu+3F 23rd
Julia Sauter Romania Europeans 2019 - 14th (153.15) 3T+2T+2Lo
Dasa Grm Slovenia Celje Open 2021 - 2nd (163.36) 3T+3T 55th
Antonina Dubinina Serbia 14th Skate Helena 2021 - 1st (149.17) 3T+1Eu+3S 124th
Alexia Paganini Switzerland Europeans 2019 - 4th (192.88) SP: Summertime/Ich Dich Liebe / FS: Scheherazade 3Lz+3T 29th
Shaline Ruegger Switzerland Golden Bear 2018 - 4th (147.55) SP: Abbey Road Blues / FS: Chrysalis 3S+1Eu+2S
Yasmine Kimiko Shamada Switzerland Golden Spin 2018 - 8th (164.68) 3F+3T 57th
Alysa Liu USA JGP Lake Placid 2019 - 1st (208.10, J) 4th SP: Gypsy Dance (Don Quixote) / FS: Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto in D op.35 3A+3T / 4Lz 17th
Audrey Shin USA Youth Olympics 2020 - 7th (176.67, J) 7th SP: The Giving / FS: Piano Sonata No. 14 in C-Sharp Minor, "Moonlight" 3Lz+3T 101st


Skater Country Notable Results Nationals Program Information Notable Jumps World Standing
Luc Maierhofer Austria Inge Solar Memorial Alpen Trophy 2018 - 5th (198.29) 2nd 3Lz+3T 57th
Maurzio Zandron Austria Nebelhorn Trophy 2020 - 4th (217.65) 1st 3A / 3Lz+3T 66th
Vladimir Litvintsev Azerbaijan Worlds 2019 - 17th (230.84) SP: Rachmaninoff 4T+3T 37th
Konstantin Milyukov Belarus Winter Star 2020 - 2nd (242.77) SP: The Nutcracker 4S 63rd
Larry Loupolover Bulgaria Sofia Trophy 2021 - 1st (222.77) 1st SP: Lucid Dreams/Come & Go / FS: The Great Gig In The Sky/Money 4Lz 59th
Radoslav Marinov Bulgaria Sofia Trophy 2019 - 1st (173.81, J) 3Lz+3T
Matyas Belohradsky Czech Republic Ice Star 2018 - 2nd (194.34, J) SP: Love Is A Bitch/Seven Nation Army / FS: The Greatest Showman (soundtrack) 3Lz+1Eu+3S 87th
Tomas Llorenc Guarino Sabate Spain Challenge Cup 2021 - 8th (192.70) 1st 3F+1Eu+3S
Arlet Levandi Estonia JGP Courchevel II 2021 - 2nd (196.93, J) 2nd SP: Carmen / FP: La terre vue du cie 3Lz+1Eu+3S 81st
Aleksandr Selevko Estonia Tallink Hotels Cup 2021 - 1st (224.93) 1st SP: Bout It (Instrumental) 4Lz / 3A+3T 19th
Romain Ponsart France Challenge Cup 2021 - 2nd (244.75) 3rd 4T
Adam Siao Him Fa France Challenge Cup 2021 - 3rd (241.11) 2nd SP: Star Wars / FP: Daft Punk medley 4T+3T 30th
Adrien Tesson France Challenge Cup 2020 - 3rd (209.42) SP: Way Down We Go / FS: Moulin Rouge 3Lz+1Eu+3S / 4T 75th
Graham Newberry Great Britain 8th Denkova-Staviski Cup 2019 - 2nd (208.82) SP: Torture / FS: Malaguena 3A / 3Lo+3T 72nd
Morisi Kvitelashvili Georgia Winter Universiade 2019 - 3rd (258.02) SP: Tout l'univers / FS: Frank Sinatra medley 4S+3T 10th
Nikita Starostin Germany Bavarian Open 2020 - 5th (177.83, J) SP: Latch / FS: Stay 3A / 3Lz+3T
Mate Borocz Hungary Challenge Cup 2021 - 17th (153.99) 2nd SP: Pray / FS: Can You Hear Me Now/Trampoline (Jauz remix) 3A / 3F+1Eu+3S
Andras Csernoch Hungary Celje Open 2021 - 1st (187.20) 1st 3Lz+1Eu+3S
Daniel Grassl Italy Golden Bear 2018 - 1st (250.37) 1st SP: Nureyev (The White Crow soundtrack) / FS: Interstellar (soundtrack)/Armageddon (soundtrack) 4Lz / 4F / 4Lo 9th
Davide Lewton Brain Monaco Sofia Tropy 2021 - 2nd (193.13) 3Lz+3T 121st
Matthew Samuels South Africa Lombardia Trophy 2019 - 13th (164.18) SP: I Feel Like I'm Drowning / FS: The Prayer 3Lz+2T
Leon Auspurg Switzerland 14th European Youth Olympic Winter Festival - 12th (134.69, J) SP: I Feel Like I’m Drowning / FS: Imagination/Something’s Got to Give 3Lo+2T
Tomoki Hiwatashi USA 4CC 2020 - 9th (240.78) 7th SP: Standards / FS: The Artist 4T+3T 36th
Yaroslav Paniot USA Cranberry Cup 2021 - 4th (210.84) 4th SP: Boogie Shoes/You Should Be Dancing / FS: Elvis Presley medley 4T+3T 89th

Ice Dance

Team Country Notable Results Nationals Program Information World Standing
Ekaterina Kuznetsova / Oleksandr Kolosovskyi Azerbaijan LuMi Dance Trophy 2021 - 4th (148.39)
Alicia Fabbri / Paul Ayer Canada Warsaw Cup 2019 - 6th (155.77) RD: Mi Giente/Partition / FD: Frida (soundtrack) 88th
Laurence Fournier Beaudry / Nikolaj Sorensen Canada Nebelhorn Trophy 2019 - 1st (201.00) RD: George Micheal medley / FD: Roots (Return to the Inner Temple) 11th
Natalie Taschlerova / Filip Taschler Czech Republic Egna Dance Trophy 2021 - 1st (178.48) RD: Madonna medley / FD: Yuyo Verde/Oblivion/Primavera Portena 36th
Sara Hurtado / Kirill Khaliavin Spain Ice Star 2019 - 1st (193.47) RD: Partition/Mi Gente / FD: Led Zeppelin medley 8th
Yuka Orihara / Juho Pirinen Finland Egna Dance Trophy 2020 - 5th (168.75) RD: Lean On Me/Give Up The Funk / Gabriel's Oboe 43rd
Juulia Turkkila / Matthias Versluis Finland Egna Dance Trophy 2020 - 1st (182.88) RD: Breathe You In My Dreams/River / FD: Wild Side/Bruises 72nd
Loicia Demougeot / Theo Le Mercier France Egna Dance Trophy 2021 - 1st (165.40, J) 2nd (J) RD: The Way You Make Me Feel/Billie Jean remix / FD: Lonlon Ravel's Bolero 35th
Evgeniia Lopareva / Geoffrey Brissaud France Worlds 2021 - 17th (169.70) 2nd 30th
Julia Wagret / Pierre Souqet-Basiege France Bosporus Cup 2019 - 4th (179.10) RD: Torture/Criminal / FD: Kerry Muzzey medley 51st
Jennifer Janse van Rensburg / Benjamin Steffan Germany Bavarian Open 2019 - 2nd (172.45) RD: Is This Love/Ain't No Sunshine / FD: James Bond (soundtrack) 50th
Emese Csiszer / Axel Lamasse Hungary
Mariia Igneteva / Danyil Szemko Hungary RD: Two Feet medley / FD: Maybe I Maybe You
Anna Yanovskaya / Adam Lukacs Hungary 1st Christmas Cup 2018 - 1st (170.29)
Charlene Guignard / Marco Fabbri Italy World Team Trophy 2021 - 2nd (207.68) 1st 5th
Carolina Moscheni / Francesco Fioretti Italy Egna Dance Trophy 2021 - 3rd (160.27) 2nd
Carolina Portesi Peroni / Michael Chrastecky Italy Golden Spin 2019 - 3rd (151.67, J) 1st (J) 63rd
Maria Sofia Pucherova / Nikita Lysak Slovakia
Christina Carreira / Anthony Ponomarenko USA Asian Open Figure Skating Trophy 2019 - 1st (191.55) RD: Batdance / FD: Wicked Game 23rd
Molly Cesanek / Yehor Yehorov USA Lake Placid Ice Dance International 2021 - 3rd (166.12) 5th RD: Uptown Funk/Fallin'/24k Magic / FD: The Wisp Sings/You Are a Memory/The Passionate Love I Can’t Live Without 41st

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