Nebelhorn Trophy 2019 – Preview

The fifth of the ten Challenger Series events is Nebelhorn Trophy, which takes place in Oberstdorf, Germany from the 25th-28th September.

Here’s a rundown of who you can expect to see competing at this event and some information about them.

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Skater Country Notable Results 18/19 Nationals Program Information Notable Jumps World Standing
Maurizio Zandron Austria Cup of Tyrol - 2nd (212.83) 1st SP: That's Life/In the Swing / FP: Alice in Wonderland (soundtrack) 3Lz+3T / 3A 52nd
Nam Nguyen Canada World Team Trophy - 7th (251.97) 1st SP: Blues for Klook / FP: Beatles Medley 4S+3T 26th
Meng Ju Lee Chinese Taipei 3T+2T
Jonathan Hess Germany Junior Worlds - 22nd (175.11, J) 3A / 3Lz+1Eu+3S 109th
Thomas Stoll Germany Inge Solar Memorial Alpen Trophy - 8th (183.82) 2nd 3A / 3Lz+3T 104th
Samuel McAllister Ireland Tallink Hotels Cup - 6th (154.09) 1st SP: Take Five / FP: Pirates of the Caribbean OST 3Lz+2T
Conor Stakelum Ireland 7th Denkova-Staviski Cup ISU - 4th (170.01) 2nd SP: Nightshade / FP: Sound of Silence (Disturbed) 3T+3T 146th
Alexei Bychenko Israel Open Ice Mall Cup - 2nd (234.57) 2nd 4T+2T 24th
Daniel Samohin Israel Open Ice Mall Cup - 1st (238.61) 1st 4T+3T / 4S 33rd
Koshiro Shimada Japan JGP Linz - 2nd (220.45, J) 5th SP: Stay / FP: Artist 4T+3T / 3A 35th
Julian Zhi Jie Yee Malaysia Skate America - 7th (207.51) 1st 4S / 3F+3T / 3A 48th​
Christopher Caluza Philippines Edu Sport Trophy - 1st (119.29) SP: Clair de Lune / FP: La terre vue de ciel 3Lo+2T+2Lo 157th
Yamato Rowe Philippines​ 30th Golden Bear - 10th (159.41) 3rd SP: Take Me to Church / FP: 3Lz+3T
Makar Ignatov Russia Tallinn Trophy International - 4th (165.33, J) SP: In this Shirt / FP: Remember ("Troy") 3A 80th
Matthew Samuels South Africa Lombardia Trophy - 15th (118.20) 1st SP: Umbrella / FP: The Prayer (Solo Version) 3Lz+2T
Nikolaj Majorov Sweden 37th Volvo Open Cup - 7th (187.98) 2nd SP: Run Boy Run 3Lz+1Eu+3S / 3A 120th
Nurullah Sahaka Switzerland Bavarian Open - 1st (179.52) 2nd 3S+3T / 3A 131st
Burak Demirboga Turkey Dragon Trophy - 3rd (191.48) 1st 3Lz+3T / 3A 64th


Team Country Notable Results 18/19 Nationals Program Information World Standing
Ekaterina Alexandrovskaya/ Harley Windsor Australia Skate Canada - 7th (166.95) 1st 15th
Miriam Ziegler / Severin Kiefer Austria Rostelecom - 4th (187.01) SP: In Your Hands / FP: Broken 11th
Kirsten Moore-Towers / Michael Marinaro Canada Four Continents - 2nd (211.05) 1st SP: Love on the Brain / FP: Carry You 6th
Feiyao Tang / Yongchao Yang China Junior Worlds - 4th (168.77, J) 3rd 31st
Tae Ok Ryom / Ju Sik Kim North Korea Internationaux de France - 4th (187.95) 22nd
Minerva Fabienne Hase / Nolan Seegert Germany Challenge Cup - 1st (185.38) 1st SP: Open Hands 16th
Anna Vernikov / Evgeni Krasnopolski Israel Open Ice Mall Cup - 3rd (159.08) 1st 49th
Liubov Efimenko / Dmitry Epstein Netherlands Challenge Cup - 4th (138.13) 1st 52nd
Alisa Efimova / Alexander Korovin Russia 51st Golden Spin - 1st (183.89) 6th SP: O Fortuna / FS: The Sound of Silence 17th
Haven Denney / Brandon Frazier USA Four Continents - 5th (184.18) 2nd SP: Music from Cirque du Soleil / FS: The Lion King 20th
Alexa Scimeca Knierim / Chris Knierim USA NHK Trophy - 3rd (190.49) 7th SP: At Last / FS: Drop of Fragrance/Experience 13th


Skater Country Notable Results 18/19 Nationals Program Information Notable Jumps World Standing
Stefanie Pesendorfer Austria Bavarian Open - 4th (147.01, J) 2nd (J) SP: Radar Love / FP: Anything Goes/Back to Black/Got My Number 3T+3T 212th
Lara Roth Austria Bavarian Open - 7th (144.30) 1st 3T+2T
Alexandra Feigin Bulgaria Sofia Trophy - 1st (193.40) 1st SP: Schindler's List (soundtrack)/Horizons / FP: Grand Hotel Budapest (soundtrack)/Passagers 3Lz+3T 46th
Klara Stepanova Czech Republic Tallinn Trophy 2018 - 16th (135.20 ) 2nd 3Lo+2Lo
Eva Lotta Kiibus Estonia 14th European Youth Olympic Winter Festival - 4th (155.93) 2nd SP: House of the Rising Sun / FP: Historia de un amor 3T+3T 103rd
Lutricia Bock Germany Finlandia Trophy - 19th (123.87) 3Lz+1Eu+2S
Ann-Christin Marold Germany Skate Celje - 2nd (136.99, J) 1st (J), 3rd (S) 3T+3T 232nd
Nicole Schott Germany Worlds - 16th (170.56) 1st SP: Caught Out In The Rain 3T+3T 30th
Júlia Láng Hungary Junior Worlds - 14th (153.24, J) 2nd (J) SP: Romeo and Juliet / FP: Malaguena 3T+3T (training a 3A) 146th
Alina Iushchenkova Israel Open Ice Mall Cup - 5th (141.70) 3Lz+2T 183rd
Taylor Morris Israel 2A+3T 198th
Alina Soupian Israel Open Ice Mall Cup - 1st (174.18) 1st (J) SP: Nocturne / FP: Marco Polo/Unveiled & Tabla Makes You Dance 3Lz+3T 159th
Marin Honda Japan Internationaux de France - 6th (188.61) 15th SP: Seven Nation Army / FP: La La Land (soundtrack) 3Lz+2T+2Lo 31st
Alisson Krystle Perticheto Philippines Bosporus Cup - 1st (153.25) 3Lo+2T 83rd
Dabin Choi South Korea SP: Tu Sei / FP: Love Story (soundtrack) 3Lz+3T+2T 88th
Yelim Kim South Korea JGP Czech Skate 2018 - 2nd (196.34, J) 5th SP: Black Swan (soundtrack) / FP: Love Story (soundtrack) 3Lz+3T 25th
Matilda Algotsson Sweden Internationaux de France - 12th (146.35) 1st 3Lz+2T 111th
Anita Ostlund Sweden Finlandia Trophy - 12th (151.69) 3T+3T 44th
Tanja Odermatt Switzerland Egna Spring Trophy - 8th (134.46) 5th 3Lo+1Eu+2S 161st
Sinem Kuyucu Turkey Skate Victoria - 4th (131.26) 2nd 3S+2T 140th
Anastasia Gozhva Ukraine Jégvirág Cup - 1st (136.15) 4th 3Lz+2T 161st
Mariah Bell USA Worlds - 9th (208.07) 3rd SP: Radar/Work Bitch 3Lz+3T 14th

Ice Dance

Team Country Notable Results 18/19 Nationals Program Information World Standing
India Nette / Eron Westwood Australia Mentor Torun Cup - 13th (88.97) 3rd FD: Music/The Rhythm Thief
Laurence Fournier Beaudry / Nikolaj Sorensen Canada Worlds - 10th (188.10) 3rd RD: Bonnie and Clyde / FD: Summer Time/Georgia On My Mind/Cry Me A River 24th
Haley Sales / Nikolas Wamsteeker Canada Skate Canada - 9th (150.23) 4th RD: Mamma Mia / FD: Samson and Delilah (soundtrack) 49th
Shiyue Wang / Xinyu Liu China Worlds - 15th (173.89) 1st RD: Charlie Chaplin / FD: Black Swan (soundtrack) 13th
Shari Koch / Christian Nuechtern Germany Bosporus Cup - 2nd (174.86) 1st 40th
Amanda Peterson / Maximilian Pfisterer Germany
Jennifer Urban / Benjamin Steffan Germany Bavarian Open - 2nd (172.45) 3rd 50th
Lilah Fear / Lewis Gibson Great Britain Europeans - 6th (182.05) 1st RD: Blues Brothers / FD: Madonna medley 19th
Leia Dozzi / Michael Albert Valdez Hungary
Allison Reed / Saulius Ambrulevicius Lithuania Worlds - 17th (168.06) 1st RD: Bandstand / FD: Aurora medley 35th
Yura Min / Daniel Eaton South Korea RD: 42nd Street / FD: Love Is A Bitch/Nemesis
Olivia Smart / Adrian Diaz Spain Finlandia Trophy - 2nd (180.07) 2nd RD: Grease / FD: Larrons En Foire/My One and Only Love 12th
Darya Popova / Volodymyr Byelikov Ukraine 37th Volvo Open Cup - 3rd (158.84) 1st RD: Grease / FD: Believer/I Can't Go On Without You 27th
Christina Carreira / Anthony Ponomarenko USA Tallinn Trophy 2018 - 1st (180.22) 5th RD: Too Darn Hot / FD: Farrucas/Malagueña 10th
Kaitlin Hawayek / Jean-Luc Baker USA Four Continents - 5th (189.87) 3rd RD: Saturday Night Fever / FD: Beethoven's 5th Symphony/Paganini's Caprice Np. 24 7th

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