Nepela Memorial 2023 – Preview

The fourth of the 2023/24 Challenger events is Nepela Memorial which takes place in Bratislava, Slovakia from the 28th-30th of September.

Here’s a rundown of who you can expect to see competing at this event and some information about them.


SkaterCountryNotable Results 22/23NationalsProgram InformationNotable JumpsWorld Standing
Madeline SchizasCanadaGrand Prix Espoo 2022 - 5th (187.84)1st3Lz+3T15th
Michaela VrastakovaCzech RepublicBosporus 2022 - 6th (146.25)4thSP: Hit The Road Jack / FS: Tout l'Univers3T+2A+2A
Nina PoveyGreat BritainEdu Sport Trophy 2023 - 3rd (166.06)3rdSP: Hold My Hand3F+2T119th
Julia LangHungaryBudapest Trophy 2022 - 4th (165.07)1stSP: The Road / FS: A Evaristo Carriego/Grand Guignol2A+1Eu+3S64th
Daria ZsirnovHungaryTriglav Trophy 2023 - 7th (126.32)4thSP: Listen To Your Heart/ FS: Scent of a Woman3Lz+1Eu+2S
Mariia SeniukIsraelSanta Claus Cup 2022 - 2nd (158.55)3F+1Eu+2F133rd
Lara Naki GutmannItalyDragon Trophy 2023 - 1st (180.89)1stSP: Kiss of Death/Le Serpent/War Dance / FS: Hitchcock (soundtracks)3Lz+1Eu+3S25th
Chaeyeon KimSouth KoreaFinlandia Trophy 2022 - 2nd (205.51)4thSP: Pantomeme/(Pina) soundtrack / FS: Le Bal des folles3Lz+2A+2T14th
Haein LeeSouth KoreaWTT 2023 - 1st (225.47)3rdSP: Seirenes/Haktan Gelen Serbeti / FS: Notre Dame de Paris3Lz+3T5th
Young YouSouth KoreaMK John Wilson Trophy 2022 - 4th (191.35)11thSP: Listen To Your Heart / FS: Four Seasons3Lz+1Eu+3S10th
Sofja StepcenkoLatviaLatvian Trophy 2022 - 1st (177.71)SP: All Eyes On Me / FS: Il Est Ou Le Bonheur3F+2A+2A34th
Jogaile AglinskyteLithuaniaLatvian Trophy 2022 - 9th (129.76)3rdSP: Freakshow/Cheap Smell / FS: Lovely/Copycat3Lz+1Eu+2S163rd
Aleksandra GolovkinaLithuaniaWarsaw Cup 2022 - 7th (157.42)1st3Lo+2T87th
Meda VariakojyteLithuaniaEdu Sport Trophy 2023 - 4th (143.21)SP: Bang Bang / FS: Van Gogh x Voila3Lz+3T121st
Ekaterina KurakovaPolandMK John Wilson Trophy 2022 - 5th (190.44)1stSP: Kill Bill (soundtrack)3Lz+1Eu+3F8th
Julia SauterRomaniaBellu Memorial 2023 - 1st (171.88)1st3T+3T32nd
Sara FranziSwitzerlandTriglav Trophy 2023 - 3rd (170.94)SP: Concerto for Viola d'amore / FS: Les Missrables3Lz+3T
Vanesa SelmekovaSlovakiaTirnavia Ice Cup 2022 - 4th (148.03)3rd SP: Golden Hour / FS: Forbidden Love/Le Di Ala Caza Alcance3S+2A180th
Yelizaveta BabenkoUkraine3Lz+2T
Anastasia GozhvaUkraineGolden Spin 2022 - 10th (155.23)SP: Vuelvo al Sur / FS: Proud3Lz+2A160th

Ice dance

TeamCountryNotable Results 22/23NationalsProgram InformationWorld Standing
Olivia Josephine Shilling / Leo BaetenBelgiumEgna Dance Trophy 2023 - 6th (147.40)
Nadiia Bashynska / Peter BeaumontCanadaJGP Baltic Cup 2022 - 1st (171.61)1st (J)RD: Never Tear Us Apart/The Wild Boys / FD: Romeo and Juliet22nd
Marjorie Lajoie / Zachary LaghaCanadaBudapest Trophy 2022 - 1st (202.40)2ndRD: Thriller7th
Natalia Taschlerova / Filip TaschlerCzech RepublicWorlds 2023 - 8th (196.39)1stRD: The Knowledge/Juicy Fruit/Serious Slammin / FD: Bluecobalto/Terra Rosa/Son Felice12th
Sofia Val / Asaf KazimovSpainChallenge Cup 2023 - 6th (159.34)RD: Top Gun / FD: SOFIA/Turning Page
Yuka Orihara / Juho PirinenFinlandBavarian Open 2023 - 2nd (177.89)2ndRD: Madonna medley / FD: Chicago32nd
Phebe Bekker / James HernandezGreat BritainJunior Worlds 2023 - 4th (169.07)1st (J)RD: Prince medley / FD: Muse medley34th
Lilah Fear / Lewis GibsonGreat BritainWorlds 2023 - 4th (214.73)1stRD: Sweet Dreams/Here Comes The Rain Again / FD: Rocky2nd
Diana Davis / Gleb SmolkinGeorgiaRD: Michael Jackson medley / FD: Swan Lake35th
Charise Matthaei / Max LiebersGermanyEgna Dance Trophy 2023 - 3rd (162.81)2ndRD: Pump Up The Jam/Sexual Healing/Get Up / FD: Eleanor Rigby70th
Paulina Ramanauskaite / Deividas KizalaLithuaniaLombardia Trophy 2022 - 9th (146.38)RD: I Love Rock n Roll/Crimson and Clover/Call Me / FD: En Contra/Duo de Amor63rd
Olivia Oliver / Filip BojanowskiPoland
Maria Sofia Pucherova / Nikita LysakSlovakiaBavarian Open 2023 - 5th (148.67)2ndRD: Joan Jett medley / FD: Moulin Rouge (soundtrack)66th
Anna Simova / Kirill AksenovSlovakiaNRW Trophy 2022 - 4th (160.78)1stRD: Ghostbusters/I Can Wait Forever/Name Game / FD: Beatles medley45th
Mariia Holubtsova / Kyryl BielobrovUkraineWorlds 2023 - 19th (162.38)RD: Bonnie Tyler medley / FD: Merry Go Round of Life/Fragile Dream/A Walk In The Skies60th
Emilea Zingas / Vadym KolesnikUSAGolden Spin 2022 - 3rd (184.10)4thRD: Michael Jackson medley / FD: Beauty and the Beast91st


SkaterCountryNotable Results 22/23NationalsProgram InformationNotable JumpsWorld Standing
Filip KaymakchievBulgariaDenkova-Staviski Cup 2022 - 5th (167.05)3rd2A+1Eu+3S106th
Conrad OrzelCanada4CC 2023 - 8th (226.10)2nd4S+3T102nd
Henry Privett-MendozaGreat BritainBellu Memorial 2023 - 5th (159.52)3rdSP: Renaissance / FS: McQueen (soundtrack)3Lz+2T155th
Nika EgadzeGeorgiaGrand Prix de France 2022 - 5th (233.40)SP: Ave Maria / FS: Moulin Rouge (soundtrack)4S+3T17th
Denis GurdzhiGermanyGolden Spin 2022 - 13th (156.24)SP: Interstellar Main Theme / FS: Con te Partiro3Lo+1Eu+3S182nd
Aleksandr VlasenkoHungarySanta Claus Cup 2022 - 3rd (193.65, S)1stSP: Une vie d'amour / FS: Iron Sky3Lz+1Eu+3S126th
Mark GorodnitskyIsraelWorlds 2023 - 16th (232.13)3A+1Eu+3S42nd
Gabriele FrangipaniItalyNepela Memorial 2022 - 1st (244.57)3rd4T+3T30th
Daniel GrasslItalyMK John Wilson Trophy 2022 - 1st (264.35)4th4Lz+3T5th
Mikhail ShaidorovKazakhstan4CC 2023 - 5th (237.14)4T+3T29th
Junhwan ChaSouth KoreaWorlds 2023 - 2nd (296.03)1stSP: Masquerade Waltz / FS: Batman Theme3A+2A / 4S3rd
Hyungyeom KimSouth KoreaJunior Worlds 2023 - 6th (213.56)2ndSP: Music / FS: Requiem for a Dream3Loq+2A+2A41st
Fedir KulishLatviaSP: Exogenesis Symphony / FS: Theme Andrei I3Lo+2A+2A134th
Deniss VasiljevsLatviaMK John Wilson Trophy 2022 - 2nd (254.56)SP: Hallelujah / FS: Blues Deluxe3Lz+1Eu+3S8th
Vladimir SamoilovPolandVolvo Open Cup 2022 - 1st (220.17)1st4Lz65th
Kornel WitkowskiPolandMaria Olszewska Memorial 2023 - 1st (201.35)3rd3Lz+3T87th
Milosz WitkowskiPolandMaria Olszewska Memorial 2023 - 2nd (182.96)2nd3T+2A+2A148th
Adam HagaraSlovakiaSkate Celje 2022 - 1st (207.58, S)1stSP: Freedom / FS: Dream On3F+2A+2A25th
Lukas VaclavikSlovakiaSofia Trophy 2023 - 2nd (191.63)SP: The Godfather (soundtrack) / FS: Paint It Black3A+2A131st
Ivan ShmuratkoUkraineGrand Prix de France 2022 - 8th (220.08)SP: Melody from The High Pass / FS: Skrypka Hrae3Lz+3T50th
Maxim NaumovUSABudapest Trophy 2022 - 5th (227.17)4th3Lz+3T / 4S58th

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