Skate Canada 2019 – Preview

The second of the Grand Prix events is Skate Canada, which takes place in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada from the 25th-27th October.

Here’s a rundown of who you can expect to see competing at this event and some information about them.

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Ice Dance

Team Country Notable Results 18/19 Notable Results 19/20 Nationals Program Information Key Points World Standing
Piper Gilles / Paul Poirier Canada Four Continents - 3rd (202.45) Autumn Classic - 1st (202.49) 2nd RD: Mack and Mabel / FD: Both Sides Now NYNN (+1.61) 6th
Marjorie Lajoie / Zachary Lagha Canada Junior Worlds - 1st (176.10, J) Finlandia Trophy - 4th (173.69) 1st (J) RD: West Side Story / FD: Bohemian Rhapsody NYNT (+1.34) 21st
Haley Sales / Nikolas Wamsteeker Canada Skate Canada - 9th (150.23) Nebelhorn Trophy - 11th (157.59) 4th RD: Mamma Mia / FD: Samson and Delilah (soundtrack) NNNY (-0.32) 52nd
Lilah Fear / Lewis Gibson Great Britain Europeans - 6th (182.05) Shanghai Trophy - 2nd (193.80) 1st RD: Blues Brothers / FD: Madonna medley YYNN (+1.07) 20th
Sofia Evdokimova / Egor Bazin Russia Winter Universiade - 2nd (181.33) Nepela Memorial - 7th (164.62) 3rd RD: 42nd Street / FD: Schindler's List NNNN (+0.36) 29th
Betina Popova / Sergey Mozgov Russia Winter Universiade - 1st (183.01) Finlandia Trophy - 3rd (175.24) 4th RD: Cabaret / FD: Bohemian Rhapsody NYYY (+1.61) 25th
Sara Hurtado / Kirill Khaliavin Spain Worlds - 12th (180.93) Ice Star - 1st (193.47) 1st RD: Hello Dolly / FD: Orobroy/Puerta del Sol YNYY (+0.80) 11th
Caroline Green / Michael Parsons USA Skate America - 7th (173.03) RD: Cry Baby / FD: Woodkid medley NTYY (+1.45) 59th
Kaitlin Hawayek / Jean-Luc Baker USA Four Continents - 5th (189.87) Nebelhorn Trophy - 2nd (192.47) 3rd RD: Saturday Night Fever / FD: Beethoven's 5th Symphony/Paganini's Caprice No. 24 NNYY (+2.09) 7th
Madison Hubbell / Zachary Donohue USA Worlds - 3rd (210.40) Skate America - 1st (209.55) 1st RD: My Heart Belongs To Daddy/Let's Be Bad / FD: A Star Is Born (soundtrack) YYYY (+2.30) 1st


Skater Country Notable Results 18/19 Notable Results 19/20 Nationals Program Information Notable Jumps World Standing
Veronik Mallet Canada Finlandia Trophy - 6th (170.68) Skate America - 10th (161.75) 2nd SP: True Colors / FP: Flashlight 3T+2T+2Lo 106th
Gabrielle Daleman Canada Worlds - 11th (192.67) Finlandia Trophy - 13th (138.89) 5th SP: Jazz Man / FP: It's All Coming Back To Me Now 3Lz+3T 30th
Alicia Pineault Canada Autumn Classic - 6th (159.70) U.S. International Figure Skating Classic - 7th (138.29) SP: Back to Black 3T+3T 84th
Marin Honda Japan Internationaux de France - 6th (188.61) Nebelhorn Trophy - 5th (174.01) 15th SP: Seven Nation Army / FP: La La Land (soundtrack) 3Lz+2T+2Lo 28th
Rika Kihira Japan Grand Prix Final - 1st (233.12) Autumn Classic - 1st (224.16) 2nd SP: Breakfast in Baghdad / FP: "International Angel of Peace" 3A+3T (training 4S) 5th
Yelim Kim South Korea JGP Czech Skate 2018 - 2nd (196.34, J) Nebelhorn Trophy - 2nd (186.27) 5th SP: Black Swan (soundtrack) / FP: Love Story (soundtrack) 3Lz+3T 20th
Young You South Korea Bavarian Open - 1st (195.50) Lombardia Trophy - 3rd (200.89) 1st SP: Romeo + Juliet / FP: Evita 3Lz+1Eu+3S / 3A 27th
Evgenia Medvedeva Russia Worlds - 3rd (223.80) Autumn Classic - 2nd (217.43) 7th SP: Exogenesis: Symphony, Part 3 / FP: Memoirs of a Geisha 3F+3T 4th
Serafima Sakhanovich Russia Tallinn Trophy - 1st (202.62) Denis Ten Memorial - 1st (184.45) SP: Megapolis / FP: Umbrellas of Cherbourg 3F+3T (training a 4S) 40th
Alexandra Trusova Russia Junior Worlds - 1st (222.89) Nepela Memorial - 1st (238.69) 2nd SP: Peer Gynt / FP: Game of Thrones (soundtrack) 4T+3T / 4Lz 15th
Alexia Paganini Switzerland Rostelecom - 4th (182.50) Autumn Classic - 6th (158.33) 1st SP: 16 Tons/Bei Mir Bist De Schon / FP: Jealousy Tango 3Lz+3T 18th
Bradie Tennell USA World Team Trophy - 2nd (225.64) Skate America - 2nd (216.14) 2nd SP: Mechanisms/Chronos / FP: Cinema Paradiso (soundtrack) 3Lz+3T 6th


Team Country Notable Results 18/19 Notable Results 19/20 Nationals Program Information World Standing
Liubov Ilyushechkina / Charlie Bilodeau Canada Finlandia Trophy - 3rd (193.58) SP: My Funny Valentine / FP: Je voudrais voir la mer 54th
Kirsten Moore-Towers / Michael Marinaro Canada Four Continents - 2nd (211.05) Nebelhorn Trophy - 1st (210.35) 1st SP: Love on the Brain / FP: Carry You 5th
Evelyn Walsh / Trennt Michaud Canada Worlds - 12th (174.40) Finlandia Trophy - 6th (151.72) 2nd SP: Bennie and The Jets / FP: One 26th
Feiyao Tang / Yongchao Yang China Junior Worlds - 4th (168.77, J) Nebelhorn Trophy - 4th (182.76) 3rd SP: Tango de los Exilados / FP: The Greatest Showman (soundtrack) 30th
Aleksandra Boikova / Dmitrii Kozlovskii Russia Worlds - 6th (210.30) Shanghai Trophy - 2nd (203.16) 3rd SP: My Way / FP: James Bond 11th
Evgenia Tarasova / Vladimir Morozov Russia Worlds - 2nd (228.47) U.S. International Figure Skating Classic - 2nd (194.69) 1st SP: Bolero / FP: Te Amo 1st
Jessica Calalang / Brian Johnson USA Tallinn Trophy - 3rd (172.31) Skate America - 4th (180.52) 5th SP: Light of the Seven / FP: You Are The Reason 36th
Alexa Scimeca Knierim / Chris Knierim USA NHK Trophy - 3rd (190.49) Nebelhorn Trophy - 2nd (202.41) 7th SP: At Last / FS: Drop of Fragrance/Experience 13th


Skater Country Notable Results 18/19 Notable Results 19/20 Nationals Program Information Notable Jumps World Standing
Brendan Kerry Australia Four Continents - 9th (224.44) Shanghai Trophy - 5th (207.04) 1st 4T+3T 33rd
Nicolas Nadeau Canada Finlandia Trophy - 4th (227.76) 6th 3A+3T 63rd
Nam Nguyen Canada World Team Trophy - 7th (251.97) Nebelhorn Trophy - 4th (209.84) 1st SP: Blues for Klook / FP: Beatles Medley 4S+3T 21st
Roman Sadovsky Canada Autumn Classic - 3rd (233.86) Finlandia Trophy - 3rd (222.23) 7th SP: Fly Me to the Moon / FP: Schindler's List (soundtrack)/Prelude in C-Sharp Minor 4S+1Eu+3S 65th
Paul Fentz Germany Rostelecom - 6th (220.57) 1st SP: Blue Skies / FP: I'm Still Standing 3Lz+3T 39th
Matteo Rizzo Italy Winter Universiade - 1st (273.54) Shanghai Trophy - 1st (248.53) 2nd SP: Start A Fire / FP: Galicia Flamenca 4T+3T 10th
Yuzuru Hanyu Japan Worlds - 2nd (300.97) Autumn Classic - 1st (279.05) SP: Otonal / FP: Origin 4T+3T / 4T+3A+SEQ 3rd
Keiji Tanaka Japan World Team Trophy - 5th (258.84) U.S. International Figure Skating Classic - 1st (249.96) 3rd SP: Hip Hip Chin Chin / FP: Sherlock Holmes (soundtrack) 3A+3T / 4S+2T 17th
Deniss Vasiljevs Latvia Cup of Tyrol - 1st (238.08) Nepela Memorial - 3rd (229.97) SP: Bloodstream or Two Men In Love / FP: Lotus Feet 3F+3T / 3A 13th
Julian Zhi Jie Yee Malaysia Skate America - 7th (207.51) Nebelhorn Trophy - 6th (193.55) SP: Everglow / FP: Seven Nation Army/Highway to Hell/Kings & Queens 3F+3T 47th
Andrei Lazukin Russia World Team Trophy 2019 - 8th (249.33) Finlandia Trophy - 7th (203.91) 4th SP: Mack the Knife / FP: Concierto de Aranjuez 4Lz 27th
Camden Pulkinen USA JGP Linz - 1st (223.95, J) Autumn Classic - 5th (216.25) 12th SP: Caruso / FP: Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence/Rain 3Lz+3T (attempting a 4T) 22nd

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