Autumn Classic 2023 – Preview

The second of the 2023/24 Challenger events is Autumn Classic which takes place in Montreal, Canada from the 14th-16th of September.

Here’s a rundown of who you can expect to see competing at this event and some information about them.


TeamCountryNotable Results 22/23NationalsProgram InformationWorld Standing
Sophia Schaller / Livio MayrAustriaBavarian Open 2023 - 5th (138.03)1stSP: Helium / FS: Voices Carry/Unsecret35th
Caidence Derenisky / Raine EberlCanada6th
Emmanuelle Proft / Nicolas NadeauCanada5thSP: Way Down We Go / FS: Suite Madame Blue
Deanna Stellato-Dudek / Maxime DeschampsCanadaWorlds 2023 - 4th (199.97)1stSP: Oxygene / FS: Interview With A Vampire6th
Camille Kovalev / Pavel KovalevFranceGrand Prix de France 2022 - 2nd (179.85)1st9th
Anastasia Vaipan-Law / Luke DigbyGreat BritainWorlds 2023 - 16th (153.38)1stSP: Never Tear Us Apart / FS: Survivor/Gangsta's Paradise29th
Riku Miura / Ryuichi KiharaJapanWTT 2023 - 2nd (224.16)SP: I Put A Spell On You / FS: Une chance qu'on s'a1st
Isabella Gamez / Aleksandr KorovinPhilippinesChallenge Cup 2023 - 6th (150.01)SP: My Love / FS: Somewhere In Time37th
Chelsea Liu / Balazs NagyUSA
Isabelle Martins / Ryan BedardUSASP: In This Shirt / FS: Hllelujah/Canticle of Life68th


SkaterCountryNotable Results 22/23NationalsProgram InformationNotable JumpsWorld Standing
Justine MicletteCanadaIce Challenge 2022 - 5th (167.87)6thSP: Le di a la Caza Alcance / FS: My Immortal3F+3T75th
Kaiya RuiterCanadaIce Challenge 2022 - 2nd (172.42)2ndSP: I Wanna Dance With Somebody / FS: Inspiration3Lz+3T45th
Eliska BrezinovaCzech RepublicSkate Celje 2022 - 1st (167.55)2ndSP: Running Up That Hill / FS: The Legend of Zorro/The Mask of Zorro (soundtracks)3T+3T54th
Emmi PeltonenFinlandVolvo Open Cup 2022 - 3rd (160.87)SP: Je Suis Malade / FS: Adios Nonino3T+2T+2A102nd
Ella ChenIsraelJGP Courchevel 2022 - 8th (150.07, J)SP: Runaway / FS: The Other Side3T+3T148th
Elizabet GervitsIsraelEdu Sport Trophy 2023 - 2nd (138.0)3Lz+2A
Mone ChibaJapanJGP Gdansk 2022 - 2nd (205.82, J)5thSP: Les Yeux Noirs / FS: The Legend of 19003Lz+3T22nd
Kaori SakamotoJapanChallenge Cup 2023 - 1st (228.35)1stSP: Baby, God Bless You / FS: Wild Is The Wing/Feeling Good3F+3T1st
Dabin ChoiSouth KoreaWorld University Games 2023 - 6th (171.53)14thSP: Hymne A L'amour / FS: Loves (Chunno soundtrack)3S+2T+2Lo156th
Andrea Astrain MaynezMexicoGolden Spin 2022 - 23rd (113.74)SP: Moulin Rouge (soundtrack) / FS: The Piano (soundtrack)3Lz+2T
Eugenia GarzaMexicoWorld University Games 2023 - 21st (117.87)3S+2T223rd
Sofia Lexi Jacqueline FrankPhilippinesAsian Open Trophy 2022 - 1st (143.97)SP: Stop Right Now / FS: Moulin Rouge (soundtrack)3Lz+2A106th
Amanda HsuChinese TaipeiCranberry Cup 2022 - 15th (111.11)2ndSP: Dulcea Si Tandra Mea Fiara / FS: Coeur Volant3S+2T
Audrey ShinUSANHK Trophy 2022 - 4th (189.00)13thSP: Pina/Lillies of the Valley/All Names / FS: Skyfall/Cuba Chase/Komodo Dragon3Fq+2A+2T16th


SkaterCountryNotable Results 22/23NationalsProgram InformationNotable JumpsWorld Standing
Wesley ChiuCanadaJunior Worlds 2023 - 5th (213.88)3rdSP: Romeo and Juliet / FS: Kill Bill (soundtrack)4T+3T25th
Stephen GogolevCanadaNHK Trophy 2022 - 8th (221.02)4thSP: The Sound Of Silence / FS: Time Lapse3A+1Eu+3S44th
Boyang JinChina4CC 2023 - 7th (227.47)SP: Vienna / FS: This3A+1Eu+3S38th
Tomas-Llorenc Guarino SabateSpainIce Challenge 2022 - 4th (216.05)1stSP: St James Infirmary Blues/Happy / FS: Cowboys & Aliens (soundtrack)/Powershifter/The Ecstasy of Gold/Guns Go Bsck/Cotton Eye Joe3Lz+3T41st
Kevin AymozFranceWorlds 2023 - 4th (282.97)2nd4T+3T12th
Mark GorodnitskyIsraelWorlds 2023 - 16th (232.13)3A+1Eu+3S39th
Nikolaj MemolaItalyBudapest Trophy 2022 - 3rd (231.47)2ndSP: Adios Nonino/Inverno Porteno / FS: Samson and Delila3A+1Eu+3S15th
Sota YamamotoJapanWorld University Games 2023 - 1st (274.86)5thSP: Chameleon / FS: Exogenesis Symphony4T+3T11th
Donovan CarrilloMexicoSkate America 2022 - 12th (188.28)SP: Sexyback/4 Minutes / FS: Besame Mucho/Cuba (remix)3A+1Eu+3S78th
Edrian Paul CelestinoPhilippinesGolden Spin 2022 - 10th (178.35)SP: What Is Jazz / FS: The Golden Age/Embers3Lz+3T159th
Jimmy MaUSACoupe du Printemps 2023 - 1st (222.73)5th4T18th
Ilia MalininUSAWorlds 2023 - 3rd (288.44)1stSP: Malaguena / FS: Succession (soundtrack)4Lz+3T2nd
Daniil MurzinUSA4th (J)SP: Notre Dame de Paris / FS: Phantom of the Opera3Lo+1Eu+3S

Ice Dance

TeamCountryNotable Results 22/23NationalsProgram InformationWorld Standing
Holly Harris / Jason ChanAustraliaSanta Claus Cup 2022 - 1st (178.16)RD: Madonna medley16th
Sandrine Gauthier / Quentin ThierenCanadaJGP Riga 2022 - 2nd (156.92)2nd (J)49th
Alyssa Robinson / Jacob PortzCanada10thRD: What A Feeling/Maniac / FD: Trauma/Bird Set Free114th
Olivia Smart / Tim DieckSpainRD: Call Me/Rapture
Evgeniia Lopareva / Geoffrey BrissaudFranceChallenge Cup 2023 - 1st (196.46)1st10th
Leia Dozzi / Pietro PapettiItalyEgna Dance Trophy 2023 - 2nd (170.73)4th69th
Hannah Lim / Ye QuanSouth KoreaWTT 2023 - 6th (179.23)RD: Prince medley / FD: Umbrellas of Cherbourg24th
Mariia Holubtsova / Kyryl BielobrovUkraineWorlds 2023 - 19th (162.38)58th
Eva Pate / Logan ByeUSAU.S. Classic 2022 - 2nd (179.63)8thRD: My Prerogative/Walk This Way / FD: Polovtsian Dances32nd
Katarina Wolfkostin / Dimitry TsarevskiUSA

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