Finlandia Trophy 2023 – Preview

The fifth of the 2023/24 Challenger events is Finlandia Trophy which takes place in Espoo, Finland from the 6th-8th of October.

Here’s a rundown of who you can expect to see competing at this event and some information about them.


TeamCountryNotable Results 22/23NationalsProgram InformationWorld Standing
Brooke McIntosh / Benjamin MimarCanadaWorlds 2023 - 11th (181.95)2ndSP: Oh! Darling / FS: SOS d'un terrien en detresse/The Firmament14th
Barbora Kucianova / Martin BidarCzech Republic
Milania Vaananen / Filippo ClericiFinland1st
Camille Kovalev / Pavel KovalevFranceGrand Prix de France 2022 - 2nd (179.85)1stSP: The Feeling Begins/Prince of Persia / FS: Kingsman The Secret Service/James Bond/Mission Impossible9th
Oceane Piegad / Denys StrekalinFranceChallenge Cup 2023 - 7th (145.74)55th
Letizia Roscher / Luis SchusterGermanyWarsaw Cup 2022 - 3rd (170.65)2ndSP: In The Air Tonight / FS: Game of Thrones (soundtrack)/Dawn of Faith19th
Maria Pavlova / Alexei SviatchenkoHungaryWorlds 2023 - 7th (190.67)1stSP: Another One Bites the Dust / FS: My Perception of Love/Iron 202118th
Irma Caldara / Riccardo MaglioItalyNHK Trophy 2022 - 4th (164.23)4th21st
Rebecca Ghilardi / Filippo AmbrosiniItalyGrand Prix Espoo 2022 - 1st (189.74)2nd4th
Ellie Kam / Danny O'SheaUSAIce Challenge 2022 - 1st (183.19)3rd31st


SkaterCountryNotable Results 22/23NationalsProgram InformationNotable JumpsWorld Standing
Gabriel BlumenthalCanadaPhiladelphia Summer International 2022 - 3rd (188.15)14thSP: Real Love / FS: Piano Concerto No. 1 (Tchaikovski)3A+1Eu+3S
Georgii ReshtenkoCzech RepublicTriglav Trophy 2023 - 5th (176.75)2ndSP: Triple Concerto in C Major (Beethoven) / FS: The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (soundtrack)4T+3T87th
Iker Oyarzabal AlbasSpainOpen d'Andorra 2022 - 6th (159.09)4thSP: A Million Years Ago / FS: Cry Me A River3A176th
Arlet LevandiEstoniaTallink Hotels Cup 2023 - 1st (225.79)3rdSP: Mauvaise Journee / FS: Baikal3Lz+3T20th
Aleksandr SelevkoEstoniaChallenge Cup 2023 - 4th (215.94)2nd3Lz+3T / 4T57th
Mihhail SelevkoEstoniaWorlds 2023 - 17th (230.94)1stSP: Break My Baby / FS: Game of Thrones (soundtrack)4S+3T25th
Arttu JuusolaFinlandNordics Open 2023 - 5th (162.94)4thSP: Sun / FS: Amour/Il/Ouessant3Lz+2A192nd
Makar SuntsevFinlandJGP Riga 2022 - 5th (189.03, J)2ndSP: Moonlight Sonata / FS: Ghosts of Japan/Taki Burossamu Taki/The Geisha and the Samurai/The Way of the Samurai3Lz+3T99th
Denis GurdzhiGermanyGolden Spin 2022 - 13th (156.24)SP: Interstellar Main Theme / FS: Con te Partiro3Lo+1Eu+3S185th
Nikita StarostinGermanyWorlds 2023 - 19th (217.87)1stSP: Disco Inferno / FS: Backstreet Boys medley3S+2A+2A49th
Nikolaj MemolaItalyBudapest Trophy 2022 - 3rd (231.47)2ndSP: Prelude No. 2 (Rachmaninov) / FS: Samson et Dalila/I Belong To You/Mon coeur s'ouvre a ta vois3A+1Eu+3S15th
Kao MiuraJapan4CC 2023 - 1st (281.53)6thSP: This Place Was A Shelter / FS: Attack on Titan (soundtrack)4T+3T12th
Shun SatoJapanGrand Prix Espoo 2022 - 2nd (262.21)4thSP: Libertango / FS: Four Seasons4T+3T / 4Lz9th
Younghyun ChaSouth KoreaWorld University Games 2023 - 7th (208.03)6thSP: Erlkoenig D.328 / FS: Dune (soundtrack)3Lz+2A+2A56th
Davide Lewton BrainMonacoSanta Claus Cup 2022 - 1st (208.14)SP: Sign of the Times / FS: Sound of Silence3T+3T52nd
Lukas BritschgiSwitzerlandWorlds 2023 - 8th (257.34)SP: I'm In the Mood/Superstition / FS: The Rainmaker/Enduring Love/Corpus Rex4T+3T13th
Andreas NordebackSwedenFinlandia Trophy 2022 - 3rd (229.88)1st3A+3T27th
Kyrylo MarsakUkraineVolvo Open Cup 2022 - 3rd (194.05)1stSP: Pale Yellow / FS: Flight/Everybody Knows/A Dark Knight3Lz+2A+2T74th
Liam KapeikisUSAIce Challenge 2022 - 1st (223.02)6th3Lz+1Eu+3S / 4S42nd


SkaterCountryNotable Results 22/23NationalsProgram InformationNotable JumpsWorld Standing
Fiona BombardierCanadaIce Challenge 2022 - 6th (136.23, J)3rdSP: Take The A Train / FS: Alegria3Lz+2T
Nataly LangerbaurEstoniaVolvo Open Cup 2023 - 2nd (172.40, S)2ndSP: Love on the Brain / FS: Je t'aime3Lz+2A96th
Kristina LisovskajaEstoniaTallink Hotels Cup 2023 - 3rd (168.14)4thSP: Caught Out In The Rain / FS: Lighthouse3Lz+2T+2Lo61st
Janna JyrkinenFinlandVolvo Open Cup 2022 - 1st (178.72)1stSP: Flowers / FS: The Story of Voyages (soundtrack)3Lz+3T41st
Oona OunasvuoriFinlandTallink Hotels Cup 2023 - 5th (158.72)5thSP: Nothing Else Matters / FS: Violin Fantasy/Nessun Dorma3Lz+2T80th
Nella PelkonenFinlandNordics Open 2023 - 1st (176.81)2nd3Lz+2A
Emmi PeltonenFinlandVolvo Open Cup 2022 - 3rd (160.87)SP: Je Suis Malade / FS: Adios Nonino3T+2T+2A77th
Anastasiia GubanovaGeorgiaEuropeans 2023 - 1st (199.91)SP: Mojo / FS: Caruso3Lz+3T7th
Kristina IsaevGermanyGolden Spin 2022 - 6th (163.79)2ndSP: Why Don't You Do Right? / FS: Semblanzas de un Rio/Orobroy/Poeta En La Mar3T+3T73rd
Anna PezzettaItalyIce Challenge 2022 - 1st (174.49, S)3rdSP: Fly / FS: Winter3Lz+3T126th
Rinka WatanabeJapanLombardia Trophy 202 - 1st (213.14)12thSP: Avatar (soundtrack) / FS: Brotsjor/Goliath/Meeting Laua/November3Lz+2A / 3A14th
Yelim KimSouth KoreaFinlandia Trophy 2022 - 1st (213.97)2ndSP: Ladies in Lavender / FS: Je Suis Malade/Tormented Mad Love3Lz+3T6th
Seoyeong WiSouth KoreaNebelhorn Trophy 2022 - 2nd (193.25)9thSP: Pride and Prejudice (soundtrack) / FS: Exogenesis Symphony3Lz+3T77th
Angelina KuchvalskaLatviaTallinn Trophy 2022 - 2nd (156.89)3T+3T79th
Misa Risa GomezNorwaySanta Claus Cup 2022 - 1st (163.04)1stSP: Metamorphosis / FS: Samurai Swords/Happiness Does Not Wait3T+3T94th
Antonina DubininaSerbiaBosporus Cup 2022 - 8th (138.11)SP: Proud / FS: The Voice of Enigma/La Terre Vue Du Ciel3S+2T98th
Alexia PaganiniSwitzerlandFinlandia Trophy 2022 - 5th (165.71)3Lz+3T51st
Josefin TaljegardSwedenTallink Hotels Cup 2023 - 2nd (175.75)2ndSP: Wicked Game / FS: Elvis Presley medley3F+2T40th
Tzu-Han TingChinese TaipeiNebelhorn Trophy 2022 - th (162.42)1stSP: Crimson Peak / FS: Sherlock Holmes (soundtrack)3F+3T36th
Ava Marie ZieglerUSASkate Canada 2022 - 4th (186.76)9thSP: Jazz Man / FS: Liberation/Bound to You3Lz+3T26th

Ice Dance

TeamCountryNotable Results 22/23NationalsProgram InformationWorld Standing
Laurence Fournier Beaudry / Nikolaj SoerensenCanada4CC 2023 - 2nd (214.08)1stRD: Top Gun (soundtrack) / FD: Notre Dame de Paris5th
Lily Hensen / Nathan LickersCanadaLake Placid 2022 - 7th (158.66)7th95th
Olivia Smart / Tim DieckSpain99th
Yuka Orihara / Juho PirinenFinlandBavarian Open 2023 - 2nd (177.89)2ndRD: Madonna medley / FD: Chicago33rd
Juulia Turkkila / Matthias VersluisFinlandEuropeans 2023 - 3rd (198.21)1stRD: Tell It To My Heart/I'll Always Love You/Prove Your Love / FD: Mass/Loss10th
Marie Dupayage / Thomas NabaisFranceWorld University Games 2023 - 1st (176.04)5th46th
Olexandra Borysova / Aaron FreemanPolandPavel Roman Memorial 2022 - 6th (142.17)3rdRD: Super Freak/Black Velvet/Let's Dance / FD: Mozart L'Opera Rock
Oona Brown / Gage BrownUSAMK John Wilson Trophy 2022 - 7th (173.74)9thRD: Elton John medley / FD: All By Myself18th
Christina Carreira / Anthony PonomarenkoUSAGolden Spin 2022 - 1st (191.31)3rdRD: Stevie Nicks medley / FD: Perfume: The Story of a Murderer9th

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