Four Continents Championships 2020 – Preview

The 2020 Four Continents Championships take place from the 4th to the 9th of February in Seoul, South Korea.

Here’s a rundown of who you can expect to see competing at this event and some information about them.

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Ice Dance

Team Country Notable Results 19/20 Nationals Program Information World Standing
Matilda Friend / William Badaoui Australia Asian Open Figure Skating Trophy - 10th ( 137.07) 3rd RD: The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert / FD: Game of Thrones 52nd
Holly Harris / Jason Chan Australia Warsaw Cup - 9th (148.48) 1st RD: A Chorus Line / FD: Ain't Nobody
Chantelle Kerry / Andrew Dodds Australia Open d'Andorra - 4th (151.01) 2nd RD: Rocky Horror / FD: Love Is A Bitch 44th
Piper Gilles / Paul Poirier Canada Skate Canada - 1st (209.01) 1st RD: Mack and Mabel / FD: Both Sides Now 7th
Marjorie Lajoie / Zachary Lagha Canada Skate Canada - 6th (177.53) 2nd RD: West Side Story / FD: Bohemian Rhapsody 22nd
Carolane Soucisse / Shane Firus Canada U.S. International Figure Skating Classic - 3rd (181.39) 3rd RD: Jersey Boys / FD: Tom Jones medley 19th
Hong Chen / Zhuoming Sun China Mentor Torun Cup - 6th (163.45) 2nd RD: Swing soundtrack / FD: Seize the Night/It’s All Coming Back to Me Now 46th
Wanqi Ning / Chao Wang China Asian Open Figure Skating Trophy - 6th (152.92) 3rd RD: Mary Poppins / FD: Mozart L'Opera Rock 51st
Shiyue Wang / Xinyu Liu China Cup of China - 4th (186.45) 1st RD: Charlie Chaplin / FD: Black Swan 12th
Rikako Fukase / Eichu Cho Japan Mentor Torun Cup - 9th (149.26) 2nd
Misato Komatsubara / Tim Koleto Japan Cup of China - 10th (145.35) 1st RD: Dreamgirls / FD: Lord of the Dance 30th
Maxine Weatherby / Temirlan Yerzhanov Kazakhstan Denis Ten Memorial - 3rd (156.17) 2nd
Yura Min / Daniel Eaton South Korea Mezzaluna Cup - 4th (168.10) 1st RD: 42nd Street / FD: Love Is a Bitch/Nemesis 84th
Madison Chock / Evan Bates USA Internationaux de France - 3rd (203.34) 1st RD: Too Darn Hot / FD: Egyptian Snake Dance 6th
Kaitlin Hawayek / Jean-Luc Baker USA Skate Canada - 4th (194.77) 3rd RD: Saturday Night Fever / FD: Symphony No. 5 (Beethoven)/Caprice No. 24 (Paganini) 8th
Madison Hubbell / Zachary Donohue USA Skate America - 1st (209.55) 2nd RD: My Heart Belongs to Daddy/Let's Be Bad / FD: A Star Is Born 2nd


Team Country Notable Results 19/20 Nationals Program Information World Standing
Liubov Ilyushechkina / Charlie Bilodeau Canada Finlandia Trophy - 3rd (193.58) 3rd SP: My Funny Valentine / FP: Je voudrais voir la mer 39th
Kirsten Moore-Towers / Michael Marinaro Canada Nebelhorn Trophy - 1st (210.35) 1st SP: Love On the Brain / FP: Carry You 5th
Evelyn Walsh / Trennt Michaud Canada Rostelecom - 6th (168.96) 2nd SP: Someone You Loved / FP: One 27th
Cheng Peng / Yang Jin China Shanghai Trophy - 1st (209.85) 1st SP: Alegria (Cirque du Soleil) / FP: Cloud Atlas soundtrack 4th
Wenjing Sui / Cong Han China Cup of China - 1st (228.37) SP: Blues Deluxe / FP: Rain, In Your Black Eyes 3rd
Feiyao Tang / Yongchao Yang China Nebelhorn Trophy - 4th (182.76) 2nd SP: Tango de los Exilados / FP: The Greatest Showman soundtrack 28th
Riku Miura / Ryuichi Kihara Japan NHK Trophy - 5th (179.94) 1st SP: Million Reasons / FP: Fix You 60th
Isabella Gamez / David-Alexandre Paradis Philippines Warsaw Cup - 11th (145.04) SP: One and Only / FP: Parla Piu Piano
Jessica Calalang / Brian Johnson USA Warsaw Cup - 1st (191.46) 2nd SP: Light of the Seven / FP: You Are the Reason 29th
Tarah Kayne / Danny O'Shea USA Golden Spin - 2nd (194.29) 3rd SP: Clair de Lune / FP: Les Mierables 11th
Alexa Scimeca Knierim / Chris Knierim USA Nebelhorn Trophy - 2nd (202.41) 1st SP: At Last / FP: Drop of Fragrance/Experience 15th


Skater Country Notable Results 19/20 Nationals Program Information Notable Jumps World Standing
Kailani Craine Australia NHK Trophy - 10th (165.46) 1st SP: I Like It Like That / FP: Shout/Lux Aeternae 3Lo+2T 45th
Emily Bausback Canada Warsaw Cup - 6th (172.48) 1st SP: Everywhere / FP: My Heart Will Go On 3Lz+2T+2T 164th
Alicia Pineault Canada Skate Canada - 11th (161.37) 4th SP: Back to Black / FP: Woman 3T+3T 100th
Alison Schumacher Canada Warsaw Cup - 8th (169.98) 2nd SP: Clair de Lune / FP: Ghost - The Musical 2A+3T 86th
Hongyi Chen China Rostelecom - 8th (175.77) 2nd SP: Air on The G String / FP: W.E. soundtrack 3T+3T 61st
Yi Zhu China Golden Spin - 14th (143.10) SP: The Winner Takes It All / FP: Piano Concerto in F 3Lo+1Eu+2F
Amy Lin Chinese Taipei Denis Ten Memorial - 7th (138.05) SP: Give Me Love / FP: Sunset Boulevard/As If We Never Said Goodbye 3Lz+2T 138th
Jenny Shyu Chinese Taipei U.S. International Figure Skating Classic - 9th (123.81) 2nd SP: Sway / FP: Paint It, Black 3Lz<+2T
Cheuk Ka Kahlen Cheung Hong Kong JGP Courchevel - 13th (144.34, J) SP: Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) / FP: Carmen 3Lz+2T
Wakaba Higuchi Japan Skate America - 6th (181.32) 2nd SP: Bird Set Free / FP: Poeta 3Lz+3T 16th
Rika Kihira Japan NHK Trophy - 2nd (231.84) 1st SP: Breakfast in Baghdad / FP: International Angel of Peace 3F+3T / 3A 2nd
Kaori Sakamoto Japan Skate America - 4th (202.47) 6th SP: No Roots / FP: The Matrix soundtrack 3F+3T 5th
Aiza Mambekova Kazakhstan Golden Spin - 18th (132.52) SP: Corazon Espinado / FP: Jumyr-Qylysh 2A+1Eu+2F 126th
Andrea Montesinos Cantu Mexico Autumn Classic - 10th (148.55) SP: Swing Da Cor / FP: O - Cirque du Soleil 3Lz+2T 167th
Alisson Krystle Perticheto Philippines Warsaw Cup - 16th (139.70) SP: Milonga del Angel / FP: Galicia Flamenca 3T+1Eu+3S 104th
Yelim Kim South Korea Nebelhorn Trophy - 2nd (186.27) 3rd SP: Black Swan / FP: Love Story 3Lz+3T 25th
Eunsoo Lim South Korea Asian Open Figure Skating Trophy - 1st (197.63) 7th SP: Somewhere in Time / FP: Sabrina (soundtrack) 3Lz+3T 15th
Young You South Korea Skate Canada - 3rd (217.49) 1st SP: Romeo and Juliet soundtrack / FP: Evita 3Lz+1Eu+3S / 3A 20th
Karen Chen USA Philadelphia Summer International - 2nd (182.99) 4th SP: You Say / FP: Slow Dancing in the Big City 2A+3T 42nd
Amber Glenn USA U.S. International Figure Skating Classic - 3rd (186.28) 5th SP: Scars / FP: Gravity 3F+3T 49th
Bradie Tennell USA Skate America - 2nd (216.14) 3rd SP: Mechanisms/Chrono / FP: Cinema Paradiso 3Lz+3T 6th


Skater Country Notable Results 19/20 Nationals Program Information Notable Jumps World Standing
Jordan Dodds Australia Open d'Andorra - 4th (160.16) 5th 3T+1Eu+3S
Brendan Kerry Australia Cup of China - 7th (220.31) 1st SP: Puttin' On the Ritz/Mah-Na Mah-Na / FP: Sherlock Holmes soundtrack 3Lz+1Eu+3S / 4T 29th
James Min Australia Asian Open Figure Skating Trophy - 8th (170.80) 2nd 3Lz+1Eu+3S 123rd
Keegan Messing Canada Autumn Classic - 3rd (256.02) 3rd SP: Perfect / FP: November Rain 4T+3T 10th
Nam Nguyen Canada Skate Canada - 2nd (262.77) 2nd SP: Blues for Klook / FP: Beatles medley 4S+3T 22nd
Roman Sadovsky Canada NHK Trophy - 3rd (247.50) 1st SP: Fly Me to the Moon / FP: Schindler's List 4S+1Eu+3S 55th
Boyang Jin China Lombardia Trophy - 1st (268.31) SP: First Light / FP: The Path of Silence/Yellow Moon 4Lz+3T 8th
Han Yan China Cup of China - 2nd (249.45) 1st SP: A Thousand Years / FP: La La Land 3A+3T 51st
He Zhang China Cup of China - 9th (217.42) 2nd SP: Don’t Stop the Music / FP: Skin/Another Love 3A+3T 140th
Micah Tang Chinese Taipei Warsaw Cup - 24th (141.40) 2nd SP: Feeling Good / FP: Sarabande Suite 3Lz+2T 138th
Chih-I Tsao Chinese Taipei Cup of China - 12th (186.82) 1st SP: Rain, In Your Black Eyes / FP: House of the Rising Sun 3A+2T 76th
Harrison Jon-Yen Wong Hong Kong Golden Spin - 24th (162.63) SP: Lay Me Down / FP: Notre Dame de Paris 3Lz+3T 96th
Yuzuru Hanyu Japan Skate Canada - 1st (322.59) 2nd SP: Ballade No. 1 in G Minor Op. 23 / FP: Seimei (soundtrack) 4T+1Eu+3F 2nd
Yuma Kagiyama Japan JGP Gdansk - 2nd (245.35, J) 3rd SP: Piano Concerto "Fate" / FP: Tucker soundtrack 4T+2T 50th
Kazuki Tomono Japan Rostelecom - 8th (237.54) 6th SP: Chroma - The Hardest Button to Button / FP: Moulin Rouge 4T+3T 19th
Donovan Carrillo Mexico Philadelphia Summer International - 2nd (196.79) SP: In the Mood / FP: Aranjuez 3Lz+3T / 3A 126th
Christopher Caluza Philippines Nebelhorn Trophy - 7th (191.89) SP: Clair de Lune / FP: La terre vue du ciel 3Lz+3Lo 135th
Edrian Paul Celestino Philippines Finlandia Trophy - 9th (191.45) SP: Black Magic Woman / FP: You & Me/You (Piano & Strings) 3Lz+3T 164th
Junhwan Cha South Korea Autumn Classic - 4th (230.44) 1st SP: Astor Piazzolla medley / FP: The Fire Within 3A+1Eu+3S 14th
June Hyoung Lee South Korea Warsaw Cup - 3rd (205.20) 3rd SP: Eternally / FP: Piano Concerto No.2 (Rachmaninov) 3F+3T 67th
Sihyeong Lee South Korea JGP Riga - 2nd (218.31, J) 2nd SP: Elena & Lila, Last Days / FP: Love Never Dies 3Lz+3T 59th
Micah Kai Lynette Thailand U.S. International Figure Skating Classic - 7th (177.83) SP: Ameksa: The Shepard/Poeta En El Viento / FP: Piano Concerto in F: Allegro 3F+3T 131st
Jason Brown USA Skate America - 2nd (255.09) 2nd SP: I Can't Go On Without You / FP: Schindler's List 3Lz+1Eu+3S 9th
Tomoki Hiwatashi USA Internationaux de France - 5th (227.43) 3rd SP: Love Runs Out / FP: Petrushka 4T+3T 26th
Camden Pulkinen USA Skate Canada - 4th (244.78) 7th SP: Caruso / FP: The Last Emperor soundtrack 3Lz+3T / 4T 23rd

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