Junior Grand Prix Courchevel II 2021 – Preview

The second of the Junior Grand Prix events takes place in Courchevel, France from the 24th-28th August.

Here’s a rundown of who you can expect to see competing at this event and some information about them.

There is no Pairs event at JGP Courchevel II.


* Junior debut

Skater Country Notable Results Nationals Program Information Notable Jumps
Nina Pinzarrone Belgium Sofia Trophy 2021 - 1st (186.90) 1st SP: I'll Wait For You / FS: Frida 3Lz+3T
*Chiara Hristova Bulgaria Sofia Trophy 2021 - 1st (115.64, N) 2nd SP: Clown / FS: Sarabende 3T+3T
Kaiya Ruiter Canada Bavarian Open 2020 - 1st (165.22) 1st SP: Opportunity / FS: Mulan (soundtrack) 3Lz+3T
*Nevia Ana Medic Croatia Egna Spring Trophy 2021 - 20th (72.40, N) 2nd (N) 2F+2T+2Lo
Michaela Vrastakova Czech Republic Sofia Trophy 2021 - 13th (108.96) 7th SP: Arsonist's Lullaby / FS: Earned It/I Put A Spell On You 3S+2T
Niina Petrokina Estonia Tallink Hotels Cup 2020 - 1st (174.42) SP: Je N'Attendais Que Vous / FS: Love Of My Life 3Lz+1Eu+3S
Alexandra Mintsidou Greece 14th Skate Helena - 6th (116.69) SP: Danse Macabre / FS: Polovtsian Dances 3Lo+2T
Lili Krizsanovszki Hungary 14th Santa Claus Cup - 1st (139.18) 4th SP: The Winner Takes it All / FS: Japan/La Baletta 3Lz+2T
Julia Ros Vidarsdottier Iceland Reykjavik International Games 2021 - 1st (128.37) SP: Nos souvenirs (Memories) / FS: Carmen 3S+2T
Ginevra Lavinia Negrello Italy Challenge Cup 2020 - 2nd (172.21) 2nd (S) SP: Jenny of Oldstones/A Lannister always pays his debts / FS: La terre vue du ciel 2A+3T
Seoyeon Ji South Korea JGP Lake Placid 2019 - 4th (179.23) 7th (S) SP: Danse Macabre / FS: Piano Concerto No. 2 (Rachmaninov) 3Lz+3T
*Chaeyeon Kim South Korea Asian Open Figure Skating Trophy 2018 - 1st (44.44, BN) 9th (S) SP: Pianco Concerto No. 2 (Rachmaninov) / FS: Ambush from Ten Sides 3Lz+3T
Ahsun Yun South Korea JGP Courchevel 2021 - 5th (157.24) 2nd (S) SP: Smells Like Teen Spirit (piano cover) / FS: The Mummy Returns (soundtrack) 3Lz+3T
*Nikola Fomcenkova Latvia 43rd Volvo Open Cup - 1st (99.93, N) SP: El Tango de Roxanne / FS: Abelle/The Storm 3Lz
Marija Brejeva Lithuania Budapest Trophy - 2nd (137.29) 2nd SP: Tango Composition / FS: Inanna/Rain In Your Black Eyes 3Lz+2T+2Lo
Andrea Astrain Maynez Mexico 14th Skate Helena - 4th (120.52) SP: Charms / FS: The Mission (soundtrack) 3S+2T
Mikai Maria van Ommeren Netherlands Bavarian Open 2020 - 12th (121.30) SP: Anna Karenina / FS: Rain, In Your Black Eyes 3S+2T
*Tara Maria Ienciu Romania SP: Love Triangle / FS: Amelie (soundtrack)
*Vanesa Selmekova Slovakia 61st Grand Prix of Bratislava - 2nd (104.55, N) SP: It's A New Day / FS: California Dreaming 3Lz+2T
Julia Brovall Sweden JGP Egna 2019 - 19th (103.93) 1st SP: Danse Macabre / FS: Wish That You Were Here 3Lo+2T
*Anna Deniz Ozdemir Turkey Sofia Trophy 2020 - 6th (92.84, N) SP: Marionette / FS: II Favoloso Mondo Di Amelie/II Valzer Di Amelie 2A+2T+2Lo
*Josephine Lee USA SP: Please Don't Make Me Love You / FS: Pas de deux 3S+2T
*Isabeau Levito USA Asian Open Figure Skating Trophy 2019 - 3rd (111.15, N) 1st SP: The Swan / FS: Swan Lake 3Lz+3T


* Junior debut

Skater Country Notable Results Nationals Program Information Notable Jumps
Wesley Chiu Canada JGP Egna 2019 - 13th (167.29) SP: Vincent / FS: I Belong To You 3Lz+3T
Arlet Levandi Estonia Tallinnk Hotels Cup 2021 - 1st (179. 65) 2nd (S) SP: Carmen / FS: La Terre Vue Du Ciel 3Lz+1Eu+3S
*Axel Ahmed France 13th Santa Claus Cup - 1st (94.84, N) SP: Diego/Libre dans sa tête / FS: Lupin (soundtrack) 3S+2T+2Lo
Corentin Spinar France JGP Courchevel 2019 - 18th (117.06) 3S+1Eu+3S
Edward Appleby Great Britain Mentor Torun Cup - 1st (170.90) SP: Don't You Know / FS: Jon Batiste medley 3A / 3Lz+3T
Iakov Pogrebinskii Israel JGP Courchevel 2021 - 10th (136.09) SP: Cheat Coat / FS: Writing's on the Wall 3S+1Eu+2F
Daniels Kockers Latvia Tallinnk Hotels Cup 2021 - 2nd (149.42) 1st SP: Ain't No Sunshine / FS: Peaky Blinders (soundtrack) 3A
Jakub Lofek Poland JGP Courchevel 2019 - 16th (121.45) 4th 3Lz+2T
Marko Piliar Slovakia Budapest Trophy 2020 - 2nd (140.72) SP: Hope and Legacy/Otonal / FS: La Terre vue du ciel 3S+2T+2Lo
Casper Johansson Sweden Mentor Torun Cup 2020 - 2nd (160.20) SP: Thinking Out Loud / FS: Narnia/Unsteady 3F+1Eu+3S
Ali Efe Gunes Turkey Sofia Trophy 2021 - 2nd (167.58) 1st 3Lz+3T
Vadym Novikov Ukraine JGP Courchevel 2021 - 7th (156.17) SP: Time Lapse / FS: Winston Churchill's Boy 3F!+1Eu+3S
Kai Kovar USA Challenge Cup 2020 - 6th (153.17) SP: Ninja / FS: What a Wonderful World 3T+3T
*Maxim Zharkov USA 12th SP: Blues for Klook / FS: Tosca 3A+3T

Ice Dance

* Junior debut

Team Country Notable Results Nationals Program Information
Ekaterina Andreeva / Ivan Desyatov Belarus Ice Star 2018 - 2nd (142.54) 4th (Russia) RD: Mount Everest/I am The Best / FD: In This Shirt
*Chaima Ben Khelifa / Everest Zhu Canada RD: Goldeneye/Die Another Day / FD: Keeping Me Alive (Acoustic)/Composition
Miku Makta / Tyler Gunara Canada JGP Gdansk 2019 - 4th (154.11) RD: Leave The Door Open/September / FD: Tangosain/Adios Nonino
Barbora Zelena / Jachym Novak Czech Republic NRW Autumn Trophy - 6th (91.92) 3rd RD: Seven Nation Army/Swing Baby / FD: Rain, In Your Black Eyes/Fire on Fire
*Solene Mazingue / Marko Jevgeni Gaidajenko Estonia RD: Clint Eastwood/Beggin' / FD: To Build A Home
Eva Bernard / Tom Jochum France 14th Santa Claus Cup - 4th (121.36) 5th
*Lou Koch / Ivan Melnyk France RD: Hey Ya/Big Spender / FD: La Llorona/Medley Tango/Big Man
*Lucie Lauria / Antonin Emo France RD: Ice Ice Baby/Clint Eastwood/The Power / FD: Paint It Black/Mayas
*Natalia Pallu-Neves / Jayin Panesar Great Britain RD: Feeling Good/It Don't Mean A Thing / FD: West Side Story
*Reka Leveles / Balazs Leveles Hungary
Noemi Maria Tali / Stefano Frasca Italy Ice Star 2019 - 13th (123.02) 3rd RD: Love is a Lie / FD: Always Remember Us This Way
Olivia Oliver / Joshua Andari Poland Golden Spin 2019 - 12th (115.33) 1st
*Kayleigh Maksymec / Maximilien Rahier Switzerland RD: High For This/Can't Feel My Face / FD: W.E. (soundtrack)
Lika Bondar / Artem Koval Ukraine LuMi Dance Trophy - 5th (126.81) 2nd RD: Virtual Insanity/Uptown Funk / FD: Bedroom Hymns/Young and Beautiful/A Little Party Never Killed Nobody
Oona Brown / Gage Brown USA Junior Worlds 2020 - 10th (152.05) 2nd RD: How Ya Like Me Now / FD: Muse medley
Isabella Flores / Dimitry Tsarevski USA Lake Placid Ice Dance International - 1st (151.09) 4th RD: Oh What A Night For Dancing/Perm / FD: Nuvole Bianche/Earth Song

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