Junior Grand Prix Czech Skate 2022 – Preview

The 2022/23 Junior Grand Prix continues with the second event in Ostrava, Czech Republic from the 31st August-3rd September.

Here’s a rundown of who you can expect to see competing at this event and some information about them.

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SkaterCountryNotable Results 21/22NationalsProgram InformationNotable JumpsWorld Standing
Daniel RuisAustriaCoupe de Printemps 2022 - 2nd (95.52, N)3rdSP: Good News/Sea of Flynn / FS: Fuer Elise (Morbius)3S+1Eu+2S
Aleksa RakicCanadaIce Challenge 2021 - 2nd (180.04)SP: Halo / FS: No One Like You3Lz+3T
Tonghe TianChinaSP: Suite No. 1 for Jazz Orchestra - 1. Waltz / FS: An American In Paris3Lz+2T
Matej KlesalCzech RepublicSkate Celje 2021 - 4th (85.09, N)SP: Uptown Funk / FS: Believer/Natural2Lo+2Lo
Damian MalczykCzech RepublicJGP Linz 2021 - 17th (143.80)2ndSP: Wild Side (Beastars) / FS: Guns for Hire3S+2T
Vojtech WarischCzech RepublicSanta Claus Cup 2021 - 5th (94.65, N)SP: James Bond / FS: Persis Overture2A+2T
Luca FuenferGermanyBavarian Open 2022 - 8th (154.38)4thSP: Gangsta's Paradise / FS: Keeping Me Alive3Lz+1Eu+3S
Aleksandr VlasenkoHungaryJegvirag Cup 2022 - 1st (200.76, S)2nd (S), 1st (J)SP: Une Vie D'Amour / FS: Elvis Presley medley3Lz+3T
Iakov PogrebinskiiIsraelSofia Trophy 2022 - 8th (153.53)1stSP: Black Smoke (Angels and Demons soundtrack) / FS: Writing's On The Wall2A+1Eu+3S148th
Nikolaj MemolaItalySanta Claus Cup 2021 - 1st (228.35)1stSP: Prelude No. 2 (Rachmaninov) / FS: Samson et Dalila/Muse3Lz+1Eu+3S30th
Haru KakiuchiJapan14thSP: Libertango / FS: Wake Me Up3Lz+3T
Nozomu YoshiokaJapanEgna Spring Trophy 2022 - 3rd (187.36)20th (S), 3rd (J)SP: Malaguena / FS: Pirates of the Caribbean4T+3T
Minkyu SeoSouth Korea1stSP: You Are My Destiny / FS: Cinema Paradiso3F+3T
Ze Zeng FangMalaysiaSP: Jailhouse Rock / FS: Broken Vow2A+2T
Pavlo KliminPoland2ndSP: Sherlock Holmes (soundtrack) / FS: Lost But Won (Rush soundtrack)3S+2T
David SedejSloveniaTriglav Trophy 2022 - 3rd (169.01)1stSP: Lies / FS: Gladiator (soundtrack)2A+1Eu+3S
Georgii PavlovSwitzerlandMerano Ice Trophy 2022 - 2nd (144.06)2ndSP: Tail of the Nine Tailed (soundtrack) / FS: Mo Ma3F+1Eu+3S
Lukas VaclavikSlovakiaBellu Memorial 2022 - 1st (186.22)1stSP: Shape of my Heart / FS: Malaguena3Lz+2T
Andreas NordebackSwedenJunior Worlds 2022 - 10th (206.13)SP: Hurt / FS: Violin Concerto No. 1 (Glass)3Lz+3T66th
Kai KovarUSAEgna Spring Trophy 2022 - 4th (186.12)1stSP: Uprising / FS: Je Me Souviens De Nous3A+3T92nd
Maxim ZharkovUSAJGP Courchevel II - 4th (178.05)3rdSP: The Great Gig in the Sky/Money / FS: Westworld Theme/Pray3Lz+3T79th


TeamCountryNotable Results 21/22NationalsProgram InformationWorld Standing
Chloe Panetta / Kieran ThrasherCanadaJohn Nicks Pairs Challenge 2021 - 1st (130.46)SP: If I Ain't Got You / FS: Another Love44th
Barbora Kucianova / Lukas VochozkaCzech RepublicIcelab International Cup 2022 - 1st (138.10)1stSP: Nemesis / FS: Crazy37th
Oxana Vouillamoz / Flavien GiniauxFranceWinter Star 2022 - 3rd (124.65)1stSP: Inside / FS: Between These Hands51st
Lucy Hay / Kyle McLeodGreat BritainTayside Trophy 2021 - 1st (59.15, N)SP: Put It On Me / FS: Waves
Sonja Loewenherz / Robert LoewenherzGermanySP: Ashk (Outro)/The Fencing Lesson (Instrumental) / FS: Charlie Chaplin
Haruna Murakami / Sumitada MoriguchiJapanSP: Le Corsaire / FS: Beatles medley
Sonia Baram / Daniel TioumentsevUSA1stSP: Bla Bla Bla Cha Cha Cha / FS: Pilgrims on a Long Journey/Primavera
Cayla Smith / Andy DengUSA5thSP: Summer of 42 / FS: Angel et Demon


SkaterCountryNotable Results 21/22NationalsProgram InformationNotable JumpsWorld Standing
Hannah FrankAustriaIce Challenge 2021 - 3rd (99.78, N)SP: Crazy Train/Devil's Dance/Palladio / FS: Piano Sonata No. 8/Beethoven Virus/Crazy Poem Music3T+2T
Zara HusedzinovicBosnia and HerzegovinaDragon Trophy 2022 - 25th (63.14)1stSP: Roxie (Chicago) / FS: The Sound of Silence1A+1Eu+2S
Maria ManovaBulgariaSofia Trophy 2022 - 4th (136.22)SP: Torna a Casa / FS: Les Miserables3T+3T
Sara-Maude DupuisCanadaJGP Linz 2021 - 10th (143.54)SP: Take The A Train / FS: The 100 (soundtrack)/Empire of Our Own3T+3T167th
Jiaying ChengChinaSP: Theben/A Lifetime / FS: Chu Xin (Beginner's Mind)3S+2T
Lucie DatlovaCzech Republic5thSP: The Greatest Showman / FS: The Ghost Of You/One Day2A+2T
Katerina HanusovaCzech RepublicSP: What About Us / FS: Paint It, Black
Michaela VrastakovaCzech RepublicSanta Claus Cup 2021 - 8th (131.92)4th (S), 3rd (J)SP: Hit The Road Jack / FS: Tout l'univers3T+2T
Nataly LangerbaurEstoniaTallink Hotels Cup 2022 - 4th (151.44, S)3rd (S), 4th (J)SP: Love on the Brain / FS: The Grand Duel/Bang Bang/Battle Without Honor or Humanity3F+1Eu+3S<130th
Rosa ReponenFinlandSkate Celje 2021 - 1st (145.47)4thSP: Champagne Problems / FS: Bette Midler medley2A+1Eu+3S
Lorine SchildFranceEuropean Youth Olympic Winter Festival 2022 - 1st (166.98)2nd (S), 2nd (S)SP: In The End / FS: Tango Yesica Lozano/Tango de Roxanne3Lz+2T104th
Olesya RayGermanyBavarian Open 2022 - 5th (143.01)1stSP: Black and Gold / FS: The Matrix: Clubbed To Death3T+3T174th
Vivien PappHungaryBudapest Trophy 2021 - 1st (154.55)1stSP: Two Steps From Hell / FS: 42nd Street3Lz+2T118th
Kelly Elizabeth SupangatIndonesiaSP: I Dreamed A Dream / FS: Cuella de Vil (soundtrack)2A+2T
Julia Sylvia GunnarsdottirIcelandReykjavik International Games 2022 - 6th (94.74)2ndSP: Pray For My Lie/Lie / FS: To Build A Home/In This Shirt2A+2T
Gabriella GrinbergIsraelSP: Jungle / FS: Cirque du Soleil2F+2Lo
Chiara MinighiniItalyIcelab International Cup 2022 - 6th (130.48)3rdSP: East of Eden (soundtrack) / FS: Time (soundtrack)3S+1Eu+ 2F
Ikura KushidaJapan8thSP: Red Violin / FS: Samson et Dalila3Lz+3T
Mao ShimadaJapanEgna Spring Trophy 2022 - 1st (160.68, N)1stSP: Lion King (soundtrack) / FS: Passepied/Wild Swans Suite4T / 3Lz+3T
Nuriya SuleimanKazakhstan2Lz+2Lo+2Lo
Heesue HanSouth KoreaJGP Gdansk 2021 - 5th (168.25)11th (S)SP: Concerto for Violin and Orchestra (Glass) / FS: Frida (soundtrack)3Lz+2T+2Lo141st
Minsol KwonSouth Korea1stSP: Danse Macabre / FS: Cats (soundtrack)3Lz+3T
Katherine Ong Pui KuanMalaysiaSP: Libertango / FS: Clair de Lune3S+2T
Maria GribinicMoldovaSP: Tout l'univers / FS: Pan's Labyrinth (soundtrack)2F+2T+2Lo
Regina Garcia De Leon SaabMexicoJGP Courchevel 2021 - 14th (113.36)SP: Libertango / FS: Amelie3S+2T
Julia van DijkNetherlandsJunior Worlds 2022 - 20th (139.76)SP: I Love Paris, J'aime Paris / FS: Orobroy/Poeta En Al Viento/Amor Dulce Muerte3Lz+2T172nd
Mirika ArmstrongNew ZealandSP: Cinema Italiano / FS: Hometown Glory2Lz+2T+2T
Weronika FerlinPolandJGP Linz 2021 - 22nd (116.42)4thSP: Loyal Brave True (Mulan soundtrack) / FS: You Raise Me Up3S+2T
Zala GrumSloveniaTriglav Trophy 2022 - 3rd (100.96, N)4th (N)SP: La Terre Vue Du Ciel / FS: The Magnificent Century (soundtrack)3Lo+2T
Noemi JoosSwitzerlandTirnavia Ice Cup 2021 - 1st (109.82, N)SP: La Cumparsita / FS: The Prayer3Tq+1Eu+2S
Sarina JoosSwitzerlandEuropean Youth Olympic Winter Festival 2022 - 3rd (153.43)2ndSP: Apres Moi / FS: Dreamcatcher/East of Eden (soundtrack)2A+1Eu+3S
Vanesa SelmekovaSlovakiaSanta Claus Cup 2021 - 10th (145.46)1stSP: Eyes on Fire/Supermassive Black Hole / FS: Forbidden Love/Le Di a LA Caza Alcance2A+1Eu+3S
Mia KalinUSAJGP Kosice 2021 - 7th (156.23)6thSP: Powe of Mind / FS: Experience4T+2T111th
Elyce Lin-GraceyUSAChallenge Cup 2022 - 5th (149.58)5thSP: The Prayer / FS: Moonlight Sonata3Lz+2T
Linh Khanh TranVietnamSP: Stella's Theme / FS: Ne me quitte pas2Lz+2T<

Ice Dance

TeamCountryNotable Results 21/22NationalsProgram InformationWorld Standing
Anita Straub / Andreas StraubAustriaBavarian Open 2022 - 12th (114.28)2ndRD: La Llorona/Assassin's Tango/El Vito / FD: Grease (soundtrack)
Marianne Hubert / William OddsonCanadaRD: Perro Viejo and Farrucas / FD: Photograph
Hailey Yu / Brendan GiangCanadaJGP Gdansk 2021 - 10th (129.55)RD: Epoca/Tango Tanssimaan / FD: Punjabi Wedding Song/Love's Never Easy/Ganesh75th
Xinyi Yu / Tianyi LiuChinaRD: Otros Aires/Flamenco / FD: Say Something
Natalie Blaasova / Filip BlaasCzech RepublicRD: Tango D'Amor/Sombrero Blanco / FD: Michael Jackson medley
Ktaterina Mrazkova / Daniel MrazekCzech RepublicEgna Dance Trophy 2022 - 1st (167.06)2ndRD: A Evaristo Carriego/Espana Cani / FD: The Man in the Iron Mask60th
Andrea Psurna / Jachym NovakCzech RepublicRD: Sube Y Baja/Farrucas / FD: Easy on Me/Rolling In The Deep
Louise Bordet / Thomas GipoulouFranceBavarian Open 2022 - 6th (132.19)4thRD: Mujer Soy/Ya No Llores / FD: Under Pressure/We Will Rock You/Another One Bites The Dust99th
Phebe Bekker / James HernandezGreat BritainEgna Dance Trophy 2022 - 7th (144.34)1stRD: The Duel/Tango de Besame/Concerto de Espana / FD: Four Seasons56th
Alexia Kruk / Jan EisenhaberGermanyRD: Tango de Besame/Farrucas / FD: Silsila Ye Chahat Ka/Vahana Alarippu-Ragamalika
Elizabeth Tkachenko / Alexie KiliakovIsraelEgna Dance Trophy 2022 - 3rd (153.02)RD: Ausencia/Presidente / FD: Run Boy Run/Guns For Hire96th
Nao Kida / Masaya MoritaJapanJunior Worlds 2022 - 12th (132.94)1stRD: Sentimientos/Toca Tango / FD: Red Notice/Who Can You Trust/Rogue91st
Jinny Kim / Namu LeeSouth Korea2ndRD: Milonga/Vanguardia Vieja / FD: Someone You Loved
Anna Simova / Kirill AksenovSlovakiaEgna Dance Trophy 2022 - 5th (148.80)1stRD: Essa/Epoca/Tango de Malaga / FD: Music104th
Iryna Pidgaina / Artem KovalUkraine3rdRD: Epoca/Almoraima/Alfilers De Colores / FD: Moonlight Sonata/Mother's Journey
Jenna Hauer / Benjamin StarrUSA6thRD: Adios Noninos/Felicia/Malaguena Salerosa / FD: Pina (soundtrack)
Chi Linh Nguyen / Minh Quang NguyenVietnamRD: Country Club/Flamenco / FD: The Other Woman/Phantom of the Opera

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