Junior Grand Prix Ljubljana 2021 – Preview

The fifth of the Junior Grand Prix events takes place in Ljubljana, Slovenia from the 22nd-25th September.

There is no Pairs event at this Junior Grand Prix.

Here’s a rundown of who you can expect to see competing at this event and some information about them.

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* Junior debut

Skater Country Notable Results Nationals Program Information Notable Jumps
Paula Margarido Pereira Andorra Open d'Andorra 2019 - 20th (68.50) SP: Angel / FS: My Body Is A Cage 2Lz+2T
*Paola Jurisic Austria SP: Arabia / FS: Praying 2A+2Lo
Nina Pinzarrone Belgium Sofia Trophy 2021 - 1st (186.90) SP: I Will Wait For You (The Umbrellas of Cherbourg soundtrack) / FS: Frida (soundtrack) 3Lz+3T
Milana Ramashova Belarus Junior Worlds 2020 - 12th (169.16) 3T+3T
*Audreanne Foster Canada Bavarian Open 2020 - 3rd (98.16, N) SP: Mein Herr / FS: Mission Cleopatra 3T+2T+2Lo
*Barbora Vrankova Czech Republic SP: Liebestraum / FS: La Terre Vue Du Ciel 2F+2T
*Babeth Hansson-Ostergaard Denmark Skate Malmo 2020 - 1st (98.34, N) SP: Ktheju Tokës / FS: Ave Maria/Protectors of the Earth 3S+2T
Amalia Zelenjak Estonia Tallink Hotels Cup - 4th (138.97, J) 4th (S) SP: Sikuriadas / FS: COPYCAT 2A+1Eu+3S
Olivia Lisko Finland Challenge Cup 2020 - 7th (142.99) SP: I love Paris / FS: Fantasy for violin and orchestra on Porgy and Bess 3T+3T
*Arabella Sear-Watkins Great Britain Denkova-Stavski Cup 2019 - 6th (88.33, N) SP: Scheherazade / FS: Cinderella/Romeo and Juliet 3T+2T
Aya Hatakawa Germany NRW Autumn Trophy 2020 - 2nd (150.07) 1st (S) SP: Organ Donor / FS: Never Enough 2A+1Eu+3S
*Alexandra Panagiota Manis Greece SP: A Million Dreams / FS: The Phantom of the Opera
Vivien Papp Hungary JGP Kosice 2021 - 9th (153.83) SP: Slumdog Millionaire (soundtrack) / FS: 42nd Street (musical) 3Lz+2T
*Julia Sylvia Gunnarsdottir Iceland Reykjavik Internatonal Games 2021 - 2nd (102.65) SP: Megapolis / FS: Romeo and Juliet 2Lz+2Lo+2T<
Michae Kim South Korea Prague Ice Cup 2019 - 2nd (139.39) 10th (S) SP: Miss Saigon / FS: James Bond (soundtrack) 3Lz+2T
*Jia Shin South Korea 1st SP: La Boheme / FS: Love Me If You Dare
Anastasija Konga Latvia Tallink Hotels Cup 2021 - 6th (129.17) SP: Survivor / FS: Angels 3Lz+2T
*Daria Afinogenova Lithuania Volvo Open Cup 2019 - 1st (99,50, N) SP: I like it I like that Cha Cha Cha / FS: Carry You 3Lo+2T
*Ysaline Hibon Luxembourg Challenge Cup 2020 - 32nd (71.23, N) SP: Cinema Paradiso (soundtrack) / FS: SOS d'un Terrien En Détresse 2Lz+2Lo+2T
Sorami Tanaka Peru JGP Courchevel 2021 - 19th (91.84) SP: El Condor Pasa (tropical remix) / FS: Pitch Perfect 3 2Lz+2T
Luiza-Elena Ilie Romania Skate Victoria 2019 - 10th (100.47) SP: Objection / FS: Seven Nation Army/Catgroove 2Lz+2T+2Lo<
Adeliia Petrosian Russia JGP Kosice 2021 - 3rd (201.21) SP: A Evaristo Carriego / FS: No Time To Die/Paint It Black 4Tq / 3Lz+3T
Sofia Samodelkina Russia JGP Krasnoyarsk 2021 - 3rd (202.39) SP: Summer Of '42 / FS: Habanera 4S / 4Lzq / 3A+3T
Manca Krmelj Slovenia Egna Spring Trophy 2021 - 6th (135.34) SP: Vogue / FS: Epic/Paralysed By Fear/Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) 3Lz+2T
Julija Lovrencic Slovenia Sofia Trophy 2021 - 5th (127.81) SP: Run Boy Run / FS: No Time To Die 2A+2T+2Lo
*Klara Sekardi Slovenia Skate Helena 2021 - 7th (73.49, N) SP: Dead Silence / FS: Samson and Delilah 2A+1Eu+2S
Alexandra Michaela Filcova Slovakia Grand Prix of Bratislava 2019 - 1st (139.41) SP: Esperanza / FS: Blackheart/Star Sky 3Lz+2T+2T
Ceren Karas Turkey Sofia Trophy 2020 - 8th (123.49) 1st SP: Fever / FS: Masum Degiliz 2Lz+2Lo+2Lo
Mariia Andriichuk Ukraine Spring Talents Cup 2021 - 3rd (133.31) 3rd (S) SP: Caught Out In The Rain / FS: My Heart Will Go On 3F+1Eu+3Sq
Lindsay Thorngren USA JGP Courchevel 2021 - 1st (181.45) 6th (S) SP: Writing's on the Wall / FS: Queen's Gambit 3Lz+3T
Ava Marie Ziegler USA JGP Kosice 2021 - 6th (176.29) 4th SP: I'll Take Care Of You / FS: Gravity 2A+1Eu+3S


* Junior debut

Skater Country Notable Results Nationals Program Information Notable Jumps
*Vasil Barakhouski Belarus Ice Star 2019 - 6th (63.74, N) 3T+3T
Alec Guinzbourg Canada JGP Chelyabinsk 2019 - 4th (185.80) SP: Human / FS: Symphony No. 4 "Italian" 3Lz+3T
Georgii Reshtenko Czech Republic Golden Spin 2019 - 18th (183.51, S) 3rd (S) SP: Love Is Gone / FS: From Ear to Ear/How You Like Me Now 3A / 3Lz+1Eu+3S
Euken Alberdi Spain Winter Star 2020 - 2nd (123.50) 2nd SP: One/New Years Day / FS: Eye Of The Tiger/Wind Of Change/Hold The Line 3S+3T
Arlet Levandi Estonia Lombardia Trophy 2021 - 7th (198.67, S) 2nd (S) SP: Carmen / FS: La terre vue du ciel 3Lz+1Eu+3S
Francois Pitot France JGP Courchevel 2021 - 3rd (182.26) 5th (S) SP: Senza Parole / FS: Rocket Man (soundtrack) 3A / 3Lz+3T
Freddie Leggott Great Britain Volvo Open Cup 2019 - 11th (109.25) SP: Way Down We Go / FS: Closing Credits - Bolero (Moulin Rouge soundtrack) 2A+1Eu+2S
Luca Fuenfer Germany JGP Courchevel 2021 - 11th (131.77) SP: Demon Dance / FS: Keeping Me Alive 3Lz+1Eu+2S
Nikolaj Memola Italy Egna Spring Trophy 2021 - 1st (182.10) 2nd SP: Le Corsaire / FS: Modigliani (soundtrack)/Le Di A la Caza Alcance/Memorial Requiem 3Lz+3T
Raffaele Francesco Zich Italy Egna Spring Trophy 2021 - 3rd (174.96) 1st SP: Piano Concerto Trailerized / FS: So Close/I Found/Land Of All 3Lo+3Lo<
Younghyun Cha South Korea Youth Olympics 2020 - 5th (199.12) 3rd (S) SP: The Godfather Suite / FS: The Phantom of the Opera 3Lz+3T
Daniels Kockers Latvia Tallink Hotels Cup 2021 - 2nd (149.42) SP: Ain't No Sunshine / FS: Red Right Hand (Peaky Blinders) 3A+2T
*Nicolas van de Vijver South Africa Open d'Andorra 2018 - 1st (72.75) 1st SP: Hall of Fame / FS: Way Down We Go 2Lz+2T
Ilya Yablokov Russia Cup of Tyrol 2019 - 1st (216.64) 14th (S) SP: Jon Batiste medley / FS: Walk Away/Funny 3A+3T
David Sedej Slovenia Skate Helena 2021 - 1st (128.60) SP: Human 3Lz+2T
Lukas Vaclavik Slovakia Sofia Trophy 2021 - 3rd (153.19) SP: Shape Of My Heart / FS: Malaguena 3Lz+2T
Alp Eren Ozkan Turkey Sofia Trophy 2021 - 1st (178.88) SP: Black Betty / FS: The Chain 3Lz+3Lo
Fedir Kulish Ukraine Ice Star 2019 - 8th (114.66) 3rd (S) SP: Raul di Blasio selection / FS: Rock Band Bi 2 selection 3F+1Eu+3S<
Matthew Nielsen USA Cranberry Cup 2021 - 1st (196.46) 7th SP: Cry To Me And Take You Down / FS: Found, Bernini’s Angels, and Only The Winds 3Lz+3T

Ice Dance

* Junior debut

Team Country Notable Results Nationals Program Information
Natalie D'Alessandro / Bruce Waddell Canada JGP Kosice 2021 - 1st (163.04) RD: Son Of A Preacher Man/Hitting the Fan/Pump It / FD: Black Swan: Perfection/Swan Lake Compilation
*Alyssa Robinson / Jacob Portz Canada RD: Stompa/Got Your Number / FD: Paint It Black
*Sofia Val / Nikita Vitryanyuk Spain RD: Stayin’ Alive/Careless Whisper/Daddy Cool / FD: Rain In Your Black Eyes/Paradise
Tatjana Bunina / Ivan Kuznetsov Estonia Volvo Open Cup 2019 - 5th (140.42) RD: Imma Be/Heads Will Roll / FD: James Bond (soundtrack)
Daniela Ivanitskiy / David Goldsheyn Finland JGP Kosice 2021 - 15th (83.33) RD: Empire State Of Mind (Part II)/Welcome to New York / FD: Tango/Larrons En Foire/Ca Deroule
Eva Bernard / Tom Jochum France JGP Courchevel II 2021 - 4th (137.06) 5th RD: Black Swamp Village / FD: Silsila Yeh Chahat Ka/Swalla (Tathi Mio)/Pinga
*Phebe Bekker / James Hernandez Great Britain FD: In The Mood
Karla Maria Karl / Kai Hoferichter Germany JGP Kosice 2021 - 10th (121.37) RD: Bei Mir Bistu Sheyn / FD: Nothing Else Matters/House of the Rising Sun
Reka Leveles / Balazs Leveles Hungary JGP Courchevel II 2021 - 15th (87.90) RD: The Sun's Gonna Shine Again/Mess Around / FD: Tosca
Noemi Maria Tali / Stefano Frasca Italy JGP Courchevel II 2021 - 6th (129.54) 3rd RD: Beth Hart medley / FD: Always Remember Us This Way
*Sofya Lukinskaya / Danil Pak Kazakhstan
*Arina Klimova / Filip Bojanowski Poland 2nd RD: Ended With The Night, Brotherswing / FD: To Build A Home/Rain In Your Black Eyes
*Sofiia Kachuskina / Oleg Muratov Russia 10th RD: Royals/Me Too / FD: The Matrix (soundtrack)
Vasilisa Kaganovskaia / Valeriy Angelopol Russia JGP Kosice 2021 - 2nd (160.72) 7th RD: In the End / FD: Ave Maria
*Anna Simova / Kirill Aksenov Slovakia
*Myroslava Tkachenko / Andrii Kapran Ukraine 3rd RD: Come Get It Bae/I’ll Take Care of You / FD: Harry Styles medley
Katarina Wolfkostin / Jeffrey Chen USA JGP Courchevel I 2021 - 1st (165.01) 1st RD: Michael Jackson medley / FD: Rain, In Your Black Eyes

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