Junior Grand Prix Egna-Neumarkt 2019 – Preview

The seventh of the Junior Grand Prix events takes place in Egna, Italy from the 2nd-5th October.

Here’s a rundown of who you can expect to see competing at this event and some information about them.

The final Pairs event was held in Zagreb, Croatia.

Ice Dance

* Junior debut

Team Country Notable Results 18/19 Nationals Program Information Result from 1st JGP
Marina Philippova / Vadym Kravtsov Austria Bosporus Cup - 6th (109.16) 1st RD: Cinderella / FD: Un Dia Llegara
Natalie D'Alessandro / Bruce Waddell Canada JGP Richmond - 6th (138.13) 3rd RD: He Loves and She Loves/Le Jazz Hot / FD: I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That) 4th (152.12) - JGP Riga Cup
Olivia McIsaac / Corey Circelli Canada JGP Ostrava - 7th (134.19) 8th RD: Funny Girl / FD: Nature Boy/Danse Macabre medley 9th (133.78) - JGP Courchevel
Xizi Chen / Jianing Xing China Russian-Chinese Winter Games - 4th (116.79) RD: The Sound of Music / FD: They Don't Care About Us/Imagine 13th (121.94) - JGP Courchevel
Denisa Cimlova / Vilem Hlavsa Czech Republic RD: Pal Joey/An American In Paris/A Chorus Line / FD: I Still Can See Your Face/Io Ci Saro 15th (111.22) - JGP Chelyabinsk
Darja Netjaga / Marko Jevgeni Gaidajenko Estonia Tallinn Trophy International - 5th (127.73) RD: Puttin' On the Ritz / FD: Love Of My Life/Death On Two Legs 12th (115.91) - JGP Riga Cup
Marie Dupayage / Thomas Nabais France Egna Dance Trophy - 6th (128.78) 3rd FD: Jean-Philippe Goude Medley 7th (134.09) - JGP Riga Cup
Lara Luft / Stephano Valentino Schuster Germany RD: Sweet Charity / FD: Yasmin Levy Medley 11th (126.60) - JGP Courchevel
Nicole Calderari / Marco Cilli Italy Bavarian Open - 8th (125.68) 4th
Sara Campanini / Francesco Riva Italy Open d'Andorra - 2nd (135.06) 2nd RD: 42nd Street / FD: Ludovico Einaudi Medley 11th (120.21) - JGP Lake Placid
Francesca Righi / Aleksei Dubrovin Italy Bosporus Cup - 1st (144.87) 1st RD: Elvis The Musical / FD: It's a Man's Man's Man's World/Back to Black/Party Rock Anthem 7th (141.20) - JGP Baltic Cup
Utana Yoshida / Shingo Nishiyama Japan RD: A Chorus Line / FD: Don Quixote 6th (139.75) - JGP Lake Placid
Elizaveta Khudaiberdieva / Andrey Filatov Russia RD: La La Land / FD: Sign of the Times 1st (165.59) - JGP Riga Cup
Angelina Lazareva / Maksim Prokofiev Russia Ice Star - 1st (144.47) 9th RD: New York, New York/Sing Sing Sing / FD: O Fortuna/Pearl Harbour (soundtrack)
Martina Rossi / Adriano Rossi Spain RD: Mack and Mabel / FD: The Beatles Medley 17th (92.80) - JGP Riga Cup
*Anastasiia Sammel / Mykyta Pogorielov Ukraine RD: Big Spender - Nave a Swing/The Lady Is A Tramp / FD: Tango d'Amor/Building the Bullet
Oona Brown / Gaga Brown USA JGP Yerevan - 8th (133.83) 4th RD: The Boy From Oz / FD: Bloodstream/Air 7th (141.33) - JGP Chelyabinsk
Katarina DelCamp / Ian Somerville USA RD: La La Land / FD: Rewrite The Stars/You Are The Reason 10th (137.44) - JGP Croatia Cup


* Junior debut

Skater Country Notable Results 18/19 Nationals Program Information Notable Jumps Result from 1st JGP
Elvis Caubet Andorra Open d'Andorra - 6th (99.28) 10th (Spanish) SP: Parisian Walkways / FP: Nostradamus 3S
Luc Maierhofer Austria Inge Solar Memorial Alpen Trophy - 5th (198.29, S) 1st (J), 2nd (S) SP: Notte Stellata / FP: Across the Sky Instrumental/Iron Sky 3Lz+3T 13th (152.73) - JGP Croatia Cup
Alexander Zlatkov Bulgaria Skate Victoria - 3rd (179.73) 2nd (S) SP: Un Giorno Per Noi / FP: Mala Luna 3Lz+3T 17th (149.66) - JGP Riga Cup
*Wesley Chiu Canada Bavarian Open - 1st (120.74, N) 1st (N) SP: Stargazing / FP: Casablanca (soundtrack) 2A+3T
Yudong Chen China Russian-Chinese Winter Games - 3rd (195.74) SP: No Man No Cry / FP: Tristan and Isolde 3Lz+3T 9th (175.67) - JGP Courchevel
Fang-Yi Lin Chinese Taipei JGP Ljubljana - 16th (143.90) 1st SP: SOS d'un terrien en detresse / FP: Turandot 3Lz+2T 11th (148.46) - JGP Lake Placid
Filip Scerba Czech Republic Four Nationals - 9th (158.69, S) 7th (S) SP: Give Me Love / FP: The Sleeping Beauty 3Lz+3T 16h (144.40) - JGP Baltic Cup
Mihhail Selevko Estonia 14th European Youth Olympic Winter Festival - 2nd (180.29) 1st (S) SP: Nothing Else Matters / FP: Last of the Mohicans (soundtrack) 3Lz+3T / 3A 10th (169.95) - JGP Chelyabinsk
Adam Siao Him Fa France Junior Worlds - 6th (219.91) 1st (J), 2nd (S) SP: Dust and Light/Lords of Lankhmar / FP: Golden Age 4T+3T 8th (192.16) - JGP Croatia Cup
Naoki Ma Hong Kong JGP Yerevan - 19th (100.62) SP: Hallelujah / FP: The Sound of Silence 3S+1Eu+2S
Calvin Pratama Indonesia JGP Bratislava - 24th (72.46) SP: Swing Supreme / FP: Waves/Run Boy Run
Daniel Grassl Italy 30th Golden Bear - 1st (250.37, S) 1st (S) SP: Lacrimosa + Requiem "Angel" / FP: A Single Man (soundtrack) 4Lz 3rd (228.64) - JGP Baltic Cup
Nikolaj Memola Italy Skate Victoria - 2nd (169.68) 2nd SP: Fly/Experience / FP: Angels and Demons (soundtrack) 3Lz+2T 18th (135.19) - JGP Riga Cup
*Raffaele Francesco Zich Italy Egna Spring Trophy - 2nd (97.64, N) 2nd (N) 3Lo
Sena Miyake Japan Coupe du Printemps - 1st (183.62, S) 6th (J), 17th (S) SP: Paradise / FP: The Last Samurai (soundtrack) 3Lz+3T / 3A
Ze Zeng Fang Malaysia SEA Figure Skating Challenge - 1st (29.07, Inter N) SP: Say Something / FP: Capone 19th (92.04) - JGP Lake Placid
Younghyun Cha South Korea 1st Winter Children of Asia International Sports Games - 3rd (193.38) 4th (S) SP: Bolero / FP: Minnie the Moocher 3Lz+3T 5th (183.61) - JGP Chelyabinsk
Petr Gumennik Russia JGP Richmond - 1st (220.04) 2nd SP: Je me souviens de nous / FP: The Phantom of the Opera 3A+3Lo / 4S (attempted a 4Lz in Chelyabinsk) 1st (222.14) - JGP Chelyabinsk
Ilya Yablokov Russia Cup of Tyrol - 1st (216.64) 10th SP: Tick Tock Goes the Clock / FP: Notre Dame de Paris (soundtrack) 3A+3T 3rd (207.68) - JGP Chelyabinsk
Arnau Joly Spain Open d'Andorra - 4th (121.93) 2nd SP: Queen medley / FP: Exogenesis Symphony Part II/The Globalist 3Lz+2T 18th (131.86) - JGP Croatia Cup
Andreas Nordeback Sweden JGP Ostrava - 9th (173.44) 1st SP: I'm a Wanted Man / FP: The Untouchables (soundtrack)/Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (soundtrack) 3Lz+1Eu+3S / 3A 14th (153.89) - JGP Baltic Cup
Noah Bodenstein Switzerland 37th Volvo Open Cup - 2nd (155.16) 1st SP: Overture (Top Hat) / FP: Desert (Cirque du Soleil) 3T+3T 17th (143.39) - JGP Baltic Cup
Ivan Shmuratko Ukraine Bosporus Cup - 2nd (208.65, S) 1st SP: What a Wonderful World / FP: Cornerstone 3Lz+3T / 3A 7th (201.90) - JGP Baltic Cup
Ilia Malinin USA Asian Open Figure Skating Trophy - 1st (116.71, N) 3rd (N) SP: Make It Rain / FP: Writing on the Wall 3Lz+3T / 3A 4th (201.72) - JGP Lake Placid
Matthew Nielsen USA Golden Bear - 5th (150.04) 2nd (N) SP: Come Together / FP: I Don't Want to Miss a Thing 3Lz+3T 6th (186.71) - JGP Courchevel


Skater Country Notable Results 18/19 Nationals Program Information Notable Jumps Result from 1st JGP
Angela Camp Torres Andorra Open d'Andorra - 12th (84.88) 7th (Spanish) SP: At Last / FP: Me Quedo Contigo/Esperanza
*Dorotea Partonjic Austria Dragon Trophy - 2nd (87.82, N) 1st (N) 3S+2T
Kristina Grigorova Bulgaria Sofia Trophy - 5th (129.66) 2nd (S) SP: It's a Man's World / FP: Love Of My Life/Run 3S+2T
Kaiya Ruiter Canada Bavarian Open - 3rd (100.98, N) 1st (N) SP: Oh Heart / FP: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (soundtrack) 3Lo+2T+2Lo 11th (151.13) - JGP Riga Cup
Yixuan Zhang China 8th (S) SP: No One / FP: The Scent of Love (The Piano soundtrack) 3S
Eva Lotta Kiibus Estonia 14th European Youth Olympic Winter Festival - 4th (155.93) 2nd (S) SP: House of the Rising Sun / FP: Historia de un amor 3T+3T 7th (154.34) - JGP Chelyabinsk
Maia Mazzara France JGP Bratislava - 10th (139.59) 2nd (J), 7th (S) SP: City Hunter (soundtrack) / FP: Down 3T+3T 20th (117.53) - JGP Chelyabinsk
Ann-Christin Marold Germany Skate Celje - 2nd (136.99) 1st (J), 3rd (S) SP:Always Remember Us This Way / FP: Madonna Medley
Elisavet Voulgari Greece Skate Victoria - 13th (95.72) SP: Bravo tu as gagne / FP: Carmen 36th (65.55) - JGP Riga Cup
Hiu Yau Chow Hong Kong 1.st Christmas Cup - 10th (108.95) SP: Hallelujah / FP: Chicago (soundtrack) 3S+2T
Bernadett Szigeti Hungary Jégmadár Cup - 2nd (133.75) 3rd SP: Valse Sentimentale / FP: Thousand Years/I Didn't Mean It 3F+1Eu+2S
Kelly Elizabeth Supangat Indonesia Asian Open Figure Skating Trophy - 12th (86.78) SP: I Want to Be Loved By You / FP: Bohemian Rhapsody
Elizabeth Golding Ireland JGP Linz - 27th - (87.72) 1st SP: Masquerade Waltz / FP: Two Steps from Hell medley 35th (71.46) - JGP Riga Cup
Lucrezia Gennaro Italy Sofia Trophy - 2nd (157.79, S) 5th (S) SP: Sola / FP: Dark Piano Limbo/Mad World/Dark Piano Mother 3S+1Eu+2F 9th (140.42) - JGP Lake Placid
Lara Naki Gutmann Italy Bosporus Cup - 2nd (150.37, S) 3rd (S) SP: The Sheltering Sky / FP: The Mission (soundtrack) 3T+1Eu+3S 6th (164.23) - JGP Courchevel
Alessia Tornaghi Italy 1.st Christmas Cup - 2nd (157.93) 1st (S) SP: The Matrix (soundtrack) / FP: Sunset Boulevard (soundtrack) 2A+1Eu+3S 9th (148.86) - JGP Croatia Cup
Klimentina Maleevska Macedonia Sofia Trophy - 25th (55.34) SP: The Room Where It Happens (Hamilton) / FP: Light of the Seven (Game of Thrones soundtrack)
*Katherine Ong Pui Kuan Malaysia SP: Despacito / FP: Speechlesse Harvest Dance (Aladdin soundtrack) 3S+2T
Andrea Pakarek Peru SP: Guerilleros / FP: One Moment in Time 29th (83.26) - JGP Lake Placid
Yeonjeong Park South Korea 1st SP: I'll Never Love Again / FP: The Arena 3Lz+3T 2nd (186.58) - JGP Lake Placid
Ana Sofia Beschea Romania Crystal Skate of Romania - 4th (117.13) SP: Vogue / FP: Mil Pasos/Tango de los Exilados
Anna Frolova Russia 4th stage of the Cup of Russia 2018 - 2nd (201.09) 9th SP: Mathilde (soundtrack) / FP: Notre Dame de Paris (soundtrack) 3Lz+1Eu+3S 3rd (181.96) - JGP Croatia Cup
Kseniia Sinitsyna Russia 1st Winter Children of Asia International Sports Games - 3rd (198.13) 4th SP: Alfonsina Y El Mar / FP: Vajrasattva Mantra/Wrench and Numbers/Dakini: Movement IV 3Lz+3T+2T 2nd (204.25) - JGP Chelyabinsk
*Darja Mijatovic Serbia 51st Golden Spin - 12th (82.42, N) 1st (N) SP: Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps / FP: Les Patineurs Waltz op. 183 3T+2T
Ching Ting Su Singapore 1st SP: Sing Sing Sing / FP: Les Miserables (Orchestral Instrumental Medley)
Lara Hrovat Slovenia JGP Ljubljana - 33rd (82.70) 4th SP: The Jungle Book / FP: Romeo and Juliet
Marian Millares Spain 30th Golden Bear - 10th (132.54) 1st SP: Malaguena / FP: Turandot/Nessun Dorma 3T+2T 18th (109.00) - JGP Croatia Cup
*Julia Brovall Sweden Nordics Open - 5th (91.94, N) 1st (N) SP: Crier tout bas / FP: This Is Me (The Greatest Showman soundtrack) 3Lo+2T
Anais Coraducci Switzerland 30th Golden Bear - 4th (159.19) 4th (S) SP: Nisi Dominus / FP: The Feeling Begins 3T+1Eu+3S 13th (133.52) - JGP Baltic Cup
Anna Ivanchenko Ukraine Bosporus Cup - 12th (101.99) 2nd (S) SP: Por una cabeza (Scent of a Woman soundtrack) / FP: Someone Like You 3Lo+2T
Ameera Mubarak United Arab Emirates Tallinn Trophy International - 22nd (55.91) SP: Asi se baila el Tango / FP: Obscurity
Isabelle Inthisone USA Egna Spring Trophy - 1st (109.86, N) 3rd (N) SP: Not About Angels / FP: East of Eden 3Lz+3T 10th (156.03) - JGP Riga Cup
Kate Wang USA 30th Golden Bear - 3rd (102.39, N) 10th (N) SP: Over the Rainbow / FP: Dr. Zhivago suite (soundtrack) 3Lz+3Lo 6th (164.59) - JGP Chelyabinsk

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