NHK Trophy 2020 – Preview

The fourth of the Grand Prix events is NHK Trophy, which takes place in Osaka, Japan from the 27th-29th November.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the ISU decided that the Grand Prix events would be hosted domestically with skaters and teams from the host country or that train geographically in or close to the host country.

Here’s a rundown of who you can expect to see competing at this event and some information about them.

(*Usually I try to only include international results in these previews, but due to the nature of the competition, if necessary sectional/regional/other domestic results have been included.)


Skater Country Notable Results 19/20 Notable Results 20/21 Nationals Program Information Notable Jumps World Standing
Nana Araki Japan JGP Chelyabinsk - 4th (181.80, J) Chubu Regional Championships - 7th (148.75) 16th (J) SP: That Man / FP: Nausicaa 3Lz+2T 79th
Wakaba Higuchi Japan 4CC - 4th (207.46) Eastern Section Championships - 1st (203.24) 2nd SP: Bird Set Free / FP: Poeta/Flamenco Passion & Soul 3Lz+3T / 3A 18th
Marin Honda Japan Skate Canada - 6th (179.26) Eastern Section Championships - 10th (144.11) 8th SP: I'm An Albatraoz / FP: La La Land 3T+2T 27th
Tomoe Kawabata Japan JGP Gdansk - 5th (177.86, J) Eastern Section Championships - 5th (155.97) 3rd SP: Twilight Waltz / FP: Yumeji's Theme/Sikriadas 3Lz+3T 59th
Mana Kawabe Japan Youth Olympics - 4th (185.22) Kinki Regional Championships - 2nd (188.48) 13th SP: Fire Dance / FP: Miracle 3Lz+3T / 3A 85th
Rino Matsuike Japan JGP Riga - 3rd (193.03, J) Japan Junior Championships - 1st (198.38, J) 1st (J) SP: The Color Purple / FP: Perhaps Love 3F+3T+2T 151st
Mai Mihara Japan Western Section Championships - 2nd (194.87) SP: It's Magic / FP: Fairy of the Forest, Galaxy 3Lz+3T 36th
Kaori Sakamoto Japan 4CC - 5th (202.79) Kinki Regional Championships - 1st (218.35) 6th SP: Concerto En Re Mineur/Bach A La Jazz / FP: The Matrix (soundtrack) 2A+3T+2T 5th
Chisato Uramatsu Japan JGP Chelyabinsk - 5th (171.32, J) Western Section Championships - 5th (161.07, J) 9th (J) SP: Trouble In Paradise / FP: Miss Saigon 3F+3T 116th
Mako Yamashita Japan NHK Trophy - 5th (189.25) Western Section Championships - 6th (181.46) 11th SP: Una voce poco fa / FP: A Thousand Years 3Lz+3T+2T 32nd
Yuhana Yokoi Japan Challenge Cup - 2nd (214.56) Western Section Championships - 7th (168.83) 5th SP: Nandemonaiya / FP: Tom & Jerry 2A+3T 22nd
Young You South Korea 4CC - 2nd (223.23) 1st SP: Istanbul Grooves/Asterix & Obelix: Mission Cleopatra / FP: Lord of the Rings (soundtrack) 3A / 3Lz+1Eu+3S 12th

Ice Dance

Team Country Notable Results 19/20 Notable Results 20/21 Nationals Program Information Key Points World Standing
Rikako Fukase / Eichu Cho Japan Mentor Torun Cup - 9th (149.26) 2nd RD: La La Land (soundtrack) / FD: My Funny Valentine/Feeling Good NYYN (+0.27) 81st
Misato Komatsubara / Tim Koleto Japan 4CC - 11th (157.20) Western Section Championships - 1st (170.04) 1st RD: Dreamgirls / FD: Une histoire d'amour YNNN (+0.46) 27th
Kana Muramoto / Daisuke Takahashi Japan RD: The Mask / FD: La Bayadere


Skater Country Notable Results 19/20 Notable Results 20/21 Nationals Program Information Notable Jumps World Standing
Lucas Tsuyoshi Honda Japan Bavarian Open - 3rd (195.70, J) Japan Junior Championships - 1st (209.48, J) 11th (S), 1st (J) SP: S.O.S. d'un terrien un detresse / FP: James Bond soundtrack 3Lz+3T
Yuma Kagiyama Japan 4CC - 3rd (270.61) Kanto Regional Championships - 1st (287.21) 3rd SP: Vocussion / FP: Avatar soundtrack 4S+3T 25th
Yuto Kishina Japan Bavarian Open - 3rd (201.80) Western Section Championships - 2nd (207.78, J) 14th (S), 4th (J) SP: Michelangelo 70 / FP: Rhapsody in Blue 3A+2T 76th
Kao Miura Japan JGP Riga - 8th (185.50, J) Eastern Section Championships - 1st (220.55, J) 2nd (J) SP: Feeling Good / FP: The Last Samurai soundtrack 4T+3T 142nd
Sena Miyake Japan JGP Egna - 10th (189.24, J) Japan Junior Championships - 3rd (203.53, J) 3rd (J) SP: Romeo and Juliet soundtrack / FP: Fantaisie Impromptu 3F+3T / 3A 104th
Shun Sato Japan Junior Grand Prix Final - 1st (255.11, J) Eastern Section Championships - 1st (229.18) 5th SP: Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack / FP: Audio Machine medley 4T+3T 37th
Mitsuki Sumoto Japan Nepela Memorial - 5th (209.15) Western Section Championships - 4th (202.14) 8th SP: The Feeling Begins / FP: The Mission soundtrack 3Lz+3T 70th
Keiji Tanaka Japan Skate Canada - 3rd (250.02) Western Section Championships - 3rd (211.05) 4th SP: Hip Hip Chin Chin / FP: Sherlock Holmes (soundtrack) 3A+2T 18th
Kazuki Tomono Japan 4CC - 7th (251.05) Kinki Regional Championships - 1st (215.61) 6th SP: The Hardest Button to Button / FP: Moulin Rouge 4T+3T 26th
Sota Yamamoto Japan US International Figure Skating Classic - 2nd (240.11) Western Section Championships - 1st (221.22) 7th SP: Dark Eyes / FP: Dragon (soundtrack) 4T+3T 31st
Nozomu Yoshioka Japan Challenge Cup - 1st (201.68, J) Kinki Regional Championships - 4th (172.76, J) 11th (J) SP: Mountain Top / FP: Lorelei 3F+3T

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