Skate America 2019 – Preview

The first of the Grand Prix events is Skate America, which takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States from the 18th-20th October.

Here’s a rundown of who you can expect to see competing at this event and some information about them.


Team Country Notable Results 18/19 Notable Results 19/20 Nationals Program Information World Standing
Ekaterina Alexandrovskaya / Harley Windsor Australia Skate Canada - 7th (166.95) Nebelhorn Trophy - 9th (157.91) 1st SP: Never Tear Us Apart / FP: Adagio of Spartacus and Phrygia 15th
Camille Ruest / Andrew Wolfe Canada Internationaux de France - 5th (164.10) U.S. International Figure Skating Classic - 7th (160.54) 3rd SP: Let Me Down Easy / FP: Turning Page 25th
Cheng Peng / Yang Jin China Grand Prix Final - 2nd (216.90) Shanghai Trophy - 1st (209.85) 1st SP: Alegria / FP: Cloud Atlas (soundtrack) 5th
Zoe Jones / Christopher Boyadji Great Britain Open Ice Mall Cup - 2nd (162.42) 1st 28th
Daria Pavliuchenko / Denis Khodykin Russia Rostelecom - 3rd (190.01) 4th SP: The Storm / FP: Bellkiss/Adagio for Tron/Recognizer 10th
Ashley Cain-Gribble / Timothy LeDuc USA Four Continents - 4th (196.82) U.S. International Figure Skating Classic - 1st (205.58) 1st SP: A Storm Is Coming / FP: Experience/Moonlight (soundtrack) 7th
Jessica Calalang / Brian Johnson USA Tallinn Trophy - 3rd (172.31) U.S. International Figure Skating Classic - 6th (166.50) 5th SP: Light of the Seven / FP: You Are The Reason 41st
Haven Denney / Brandon Frazier USA Four Continents - 5th (184.18) Nebelhorn Trophy - 6th (181.70) 2nd SP: Quidam (Cirque du Soleil) / FS: Lion King Returns (soundtrack) 21st


Skater Country Notable Results 18/19 Notable Results 19/20 Nationals Program Information Notable Jumps World Standing
Keegan Messing Canada Four Continents - 4th (267.61) Autumn Classic - 3rd (256.02) 3rd SP: Perfect / FP: November Rain 4T+3T 7th
Boyang Jin China Four Continents - 2nd (273.51) Lombardia Trophy - 1st (268.31) 1st SP: First Light / FP: The Path of Silence/Yellow Moon 4Lz+3T 10th
Michal Brezina Czech Republic Grand Prix Helsinki - 2nd (257.98) Shanghai Trophy - 4th (218.48) SP: Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing / FP: Beatles medley 4S+3T 14th
Alexei Bychenko Israel Open Ice Mall Cup - 2nd (234.57) Nebelhorn Trophy - 3rd (214.70) 2nd SP: Words / FP: Pirates of the Caribbean (soundtrack) 4T+2T 20th
Koshiro Shimada Japan JGP Linz - 2nd (220.45, J) Nebelhorn Trophy - 2nd (214.98) 5th SP: Stay / FP: The Artist (soundtrack) 4T+3T 29th
Kazuki Tomono Japan Rostelecom - 3rd (238.73) Lombardia Trophy - 7th (203.08) 4th SP: The Hardest Button to Button / FP: Moulin Rouge 3A+3T / 4S 19th
Junhwan Cha South Korea Grand Prix Final - 3rd (263.49) Autumn Classic - 4th (230.44) 1st SP: Astor Piazzolla medley / FP: The Fire Within 4S / 3A+1Eu+3S 12th
Dmitri Aliev Russia Lombardia Trophy - 2nd (250.55) Nepela Memorial - 1st (255.32) 5th SP: Je Dors Sur Des Roses / FP: The Sound of Silence 4Lz+3T 11th
Roman Savosin Russia Junior Worlds - 2nd (229.28, J) 12th SP: Dance of the Bessarabian Gypsies / FP: Violin Concerto 4T+3T 26th
Jason Brown USA 51st Golden Spin - 1st (263.42) 3rd SP: I Can't Go On Without You / FP: Schindler's List (soundtrack) 3A+3T 8th
Nathan Chen USA Worlds - 1st (323.42) 1st SP: La Boheme / FP: Rocketman (soundtrack) 4T+3T / 4Lz 1st
Alexei Krasnozhon USA Egna Spring Trophy - 1st (220.12) U.S. International Figure Skating Classic - 4th (230.11) 5th SP: Runaway/Freedom / FP: "Dracula" 4Lo / 3A+3T 24th​

Ice Dance

Team Country Notable Results 18/19 Notable Results 19/20 Nationals Program Information Key Points World Standing
Laurence Fournier Beaudry / Nikolaj Sorensen Canada Worlds - 10th (188.10) Nebelhorn Trophy - 1st (201.00) 3rd RD: Bonnie and Clyde / FD: Summer Time/Georgia On My Mind/Cry Me A River YYNY (+2.41) 20th
Hong Chen / Zhuoming Sun China Four Continents - 8th (156.89) Lake Placid Ice Dance International - 8th (138.85) 2nd FD: It's All Coming Back To Me Now 48th
Marie-Jade Lauriault / Romain Le Gac France Skate Canada - 4th (180.32) Autumn Classic - 3rd (182.91) 2nd RD: Les Demoiselles de Rochefort / FD: Histoires sans paroles (Harmonium) NNYY (+1.29) 14th
Sofia Shevchenko / Igor Eremenko Russia Junior Grand Prix Final - 1st (170.66) 1st (J) RD: Burlesque / FD: Give Us A Little Love/Steppe 23rd
Alexandra Stepanova / Ivan Bukin Russia Worlds - 4th (208.52) 2nd RD: Sparkling Diamonds (Moulin Rouge) / FD: Cry Me A River 6th
Tiffani Zagorski / Jonathan Guerreiro Russia Warsaw Cup - 1st (187.40) 7th RD: The Greatest Showman / FD: Survivor/Gangsta's Paradise 15th
Olivia Smart / Adrian Diaz Spain Finlandia Trophy - 2nd (180.07) Nebelhorn Trophy - 5th (187.55) 2nd RD: Grease / FD: Larrons En Foire/My One and Only Love YNNN (+1.93) 12th
Christina Carreira / Anthony Ponomarenko USA Tallinn Trophy 2018 - 1st (180.22) Nebelhorn Trophy - 3rd (190.35) 5th RD: Too Darn Hot / FD: Farrucas/Malagueña YNYY (+1.77) 11th
Caroline Green / Michael Parsons USA Lombardia Trophy - 5th (170.53) RD: Cry Baby / FD: Woodkid medley NTYY (+1.45) 79th
Madison Hubbell / Zachary Donohue USA Worlds - 3rd (210.40) 1st RD: My Heart Belongs To Daddy/Let's Be Bad / FD: A Star Is Born (soundtrack) 1st


Skater Country Notable Results 18/19 Notable Results 19/20 Nationals Program Information Notable Jumps World Standing
Veronik Mallet Canada Finlandia Trophy - 6th (170.68) Autumn Classic - 12th (147.74) 3rd SP: True Colors / FP: Flashlight 3T+2T+2Lo 101st
Yi Christy Leung Hong Kong Worlds - 14th (177.22) Shanghai Trophy - 4th (153.20) SP: Whatever Lola Wants / FP: Cirque du Soleil medley 3Lz+3T 42nd
Wakaba Higuchi Japan Challenge Cup - 3rd (186.24) Lombardia Trophy - 8th (164.37) 5th SP: Bird Set Free / FP: Poeta 3Lz+3T 13th
Kaori Sakamoto Japan World Team Trophy - 3rd (223.65) Nepela Memorial - 2nd (194.42) 1st SP: No Roots / FP: The Matrix (soundtrack) 3F+3T 4th
Mako Yamashita Japan Skate Canada - 2nd (203.06) Nepela Memorial - 6th (163.54) 6th SP: Una voce poco fa / FP: Scent of a Woman 3Lz+3T+2T 19th
Eunsoo Lim South Korea Worlds - 10th (205.57) Shanghai Trophy - 3rd (184.64) 2nd SP: Capriccio Espagnol / FP: Sabrina (soundtrack) 3Lz+3T 12th
Stanislava Konstantinova Russia Winter Universiade - 3rd (205.91) Nepela Memorial - 7th (162.25) 4th SP: February / FP: Moulin Rouge (soundtrack) 3Lz+3T 11th
Anna Shcherbakova Russia Junior Worlds - 2nd (219.94, J) Lombardia Trophy - 1st (218.20) 1st SP: The Perfume (soundtrack) / FP: Six Gnossiennes: Gnossienne No.1/The Firebird 4Lz 37th
Elizaveta Tuktamysheva Russia World Team Trophy 2019- 1st (234.43) Lombardia Trophy - 2nd (214.38) SP: Drumming Song / FP: Caravan/Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen 3Lz+3T / 3A+2T 14th
Karen Chen USA Philadelphia Summer International - 2nd (182.99) SP: You Say / FP: Illumination 2A+3T 41st
Amber Glenn USA Challenge Cup - 4th (180.91) U.S. International Figure Skating Classic - 3rd (186.28) 7th SP: Scars / FP: Gravity 3F+3T 73rd
Bradie Tennell USA World Team Trophy - 2nd (225.64) Japan Open (Free only) - 5th (124.91) 2nd SP: Mechanisms/Chronos / FP: Cinema Paradiso (soundtrack) 3Lz+3T 7th

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