World Championships 2024 – Preview

The 2024 World Championships take place in Montreal, Canada from the 18th-24th March.

Here’s a rundown of who you can expect to see competing at this event and some information about them.


TeamCountryNotable Results 23/24NationalsProgram InformationWorld Standing
Anastasia Golubeva / Hektor Giotopoulos MooreAustraliaNHK Trophy 2023 - 4th (185.39)1stSP: Architect of Your Mind / FS: Umbrellas of Cherbourg11th
Sophia Schaller / Livio MayrAustriaChallenge Cup 2024 - 5th (158.46)1stSP: Helium/Cheer Me Up / FS: Voices Carry/Unsecret44th
Kelly Ann Laurin / Loucas EthierCanadaNebelhorn Trophy 2023 - 6th (175.73)3rdSP: All Right Now / FS: You Don't Own Me/Independent Mind17th
Lia Pereira / Trennt MichaudCanadaGrand Prix de France 2023 - 1st (194.67)2ndSP: River / FS: Gladiator (soundtrack)12th
Deanna Stellato-Dudek / Maxime DeschampsCanadaSkate Canada 2023 - 1st (214.64)1stSP: Oxygene / FS: Interview With A Vampire2nd
Cheng Peng / Lei WangChinaGrand Prix Espoo 2023 - 4th (186.16)1stSP: The Storm Driven Sea / FS: L Apprenti Sorcier/The Sorcerer's Apprentice Fantasia34th
Federica Simioli / Alessandro ZarboCzech RepublicDiamond Spin 2023 - 4th (133.61)SP: You Can Never Tell/Misirlou / FS: Cornfield Chase/Interstellar Theme52nd
Milania Vaananen / Filippo ClericiFinlandGolden Spin 2023 - 1st (172.31)1stSP: Bad To The Bone / FS: Young and Beautiful/Help38th
Anastasia Vaipan-Law / Luke DigbyGreat BritainWarsaw Cup 2023 - 2nd (164.34)1stSP: Never Tear Us Apart / FS: Survivor/Gangsta's Paradise19th
Anastasiia Metelkina / Luka BerulavaGeorgiaWarsaw Cup 2023 - 1st (204.01)1stSP: Summertime / FS: The Millionaire Waltz23rd
Minerva Fabienne Hase / Nikitin VolodinGermanyGPF 2023 - 1st (206.43)1stSP: Stay / FS: The Path of Silence/Power of Mind15th
Annika Hocke / Robert KunkelGermanyLombardia Trophy 2023 - 3rd (191.76)SP: I Love Rock n Roll/Voulez-Vous / FS: Without You6th
Maria Pavlova / Alexei SviatchenkoHungaryEuropeans 2024 - 4th (194.02)1stSP: Another One Bites the Dust / FS: My Perception of Love/Iron 20217th
Lucrezia Beccari / Matteo GuariseItalyEuropeans 2024 - 1st (199.19)2ndSP: Run / FS: Cats (soundtrack)10th
Sara Conti / Niccolo MaciiItalyGPF 2023 - 2nd (205.88)SP: Oblivion / FS: Cinema Paradiso1st
Riku Miura / Ryuichi KiharaJapan4CC 2024 - 2nd (190.77)SP: Dare You To Move / FS: Woman4th
Daria Danilova / Michel TsibaNetherlandsNHK Trophy 2023 - 5th (177.54)SP: The Hunger Games (soundtrack) / FS: The Chain14th
Isabella Gamez / Aleksandr KorovinPhilippines4CC 2024 - 11th (142.86)SP: My Love / FS: Somewhere In Time41st
Ioulia Chtchetinina / Michal WozniakPolandBavarian Open 2024 - 2nd (169.76)1stSP: Down / FS: I Love You49th
Greta Crafoord / John CrafoordSwedenJohn Nicks Pairs Challenge 2023 - 4th (157.31)1stSP: Bring Me Sunshine / FS: In The End/Will It Ever Be The Same/Survivor36th
Sofiia Holichenko / Artem DarenskyiUkraineGolden Spin 2023 - 3rd (162.17)SP: Hit The Road Jack / FS: Smells Like Teen Spirit47th
Emily Chan / Spencer Akira HoweUSASP: Elvis Presley medley / FS: Exogenesis Symphony9th
Ellie Kam / Danny O'SheaUSA4CC 2024 - 3rd (187.28)1stSP: East of Eden / FS: Nocturnal Animals (soundtrack)16th
Valentina Plazas / Maximiliano FernandezUSANebelhorn Trophy 2023 - 7th (169.37)3rdSP: Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini / FS: Top Gun Maverick8th

Ice dance

TeamCountryNotable Results 23/24NationalsProgram InformationWorld Standing
Holly Harris / Jason ChanAustralia4CC 2024 - 9th (176.34)RD: Madonna medley / FD: Ocean Lullaby/Gefion/Freya/Vale18th
Adrienne Carhart / Oleksandr KolosovskyiAzerbaijanDenis Ten Memorial 2023 - 6th (150.19)RD: Billy Ocean medley / FD: Skyfall/Square Escape96th
Laurence Fournier Beaudry / Nikolaj SoerensenCanada4CC 2024 - 2nd (207.54)RD: Top Gun (soundtrack) / FD: Notre Dame de Paris5th
Piper Gilles / Paul PoirierCanadaSkate Canada 2023 - 1st (219.01)1stRD: No More I Love You's / FD: Wuthering Heights4th
Marjorie Lajoie / Zachary LaghaCanadaCup of China 2023 - 2nd (206.02)2ndRD: Michael Jackson medley / FD: Roses8th
Xizi Chen / Jianing XingChinaCup of China 2023 - 8th (159.72)1stRD: Kool and the Gang medley / FD: The Phantom of The Opera On Ice71st
Katerina Mrazkova / Daniel MrazekCzech RepublicEuropeans 2024 - 9th (182.33)1stRD: Self Control/Total Eclipse of the Heart/Holding Out For A Hero / FD: Swan Lake16th
Natalia Taschlerova / Filip TaschlerCzech RepublicEuropeans 2024 - 7th (191.55)RD: The Knowledge/Juicy Fruit/Serious Slammin / FD: Bluecobalto/Terra Rosa/Son Felice13th
Olivia Smart / Tim DieckSpainSkate America 2023 - 6th (180.67)1stRD: Blondie medley / FD: Elvis (soundtrack)49th
Solene Mazingue / Marko Jevgeni GaidajenkoEstoniaGolden Spin 2023 - 7th (163.75)1stRD: Walk This Way/Push It / FD: No Woman No Cry/Arboles Bajo El Mar/Lift Me Up61st
Yuka Orihara / Juho PirinenFinlandMezzaluna Cup 2023 - 1st (189.01)2ndRD: Madonna medley / FD: Chicago28th
Juulia Turkkila / Matthias VersluisFinlandSwiss Open 2023 - 1st (195.97)1stRD: Tell It To My Heart/I'll Always Love You/Prove Your Love / FD: Mass/Loss10th
Loicia Demougeot / Theo le MercierFranceEuropeans 2024 - 5th (192.15)2ndRD: Jump On It/Why Can't We Leave Together / FD: Clair de Lune/Waves12th
Evgeniia Lopareva / Geoffrey BrissaudFranceEuropeans 2024 - 4th (197.17)1stRD: Mylene Farmer medley / FD: Elegie/Prelude in C-Sharp (Rachmaninov)7th
Phebe Bekker / James HernandezGreat BritainSwiss Open 2023 - 2nd (177.06)2ndRD: Prince medley / FD: Muse medley34th
Lilah Fear / Lewis GibsonGreat BritainNHK Trophy 2023 - 1st (215.19)1stRD: Sweet Dreams/Here Comes The Rain Again / FD: Rocky2nd
Diana Davis / Gleb SmolkinGeorgiaDenis Ten Memorial 2023 - 1st (192.67)RD: Michael Jackson medley / FD: Swan Lake/Black Swan26th
Jennifer Janse van Rensburg / Benjamin SteffanGermanyBavarian Open 2024 - 1st (185.27)1stRD: Beds are Burning/Don't Leave Me Now/Runaway / FD: Tango/Libertango22nd
Mariia Ignateva / Danijil Leonyidovics SzemkoHungaryBosphorus Cup 2023 - 4th (172.22)1stRD: Boys/Total Eclipse of the Heart/Push It / FD: Slip/Dark Side40th
Carolane Soucisse / Shane FirusIrelandEuropeans 2024 - 13th (168.19)1stRD: Rick James medley / FD: Hier Encore/La Boheme19th
Mariia Nosovitskaya / Mikhail NosovitskiyIsraelWarsaw Cup 2023 - 6th (164.08)RD: George Michael medley / FD: No Life Without You/The Battle/Now We Are Free51st
Charlene Guignard / Marco FabbriItalyGPF 2023 - 2nd (215.51)1stRD: Holding Out For A Hero/Against All Odds / FD: Emily/The Crimsonwing Mystery of the Flamingos/The Theory of Everything/The Dressmaker (soundtracks)1st
Victoria Manni / Carlo RoethlisbergerItalyWarsaw Cup 2023 - 4th (168.23)2ndRD: Walk Like An Egyptian/Need You Tonight/Rhythm Nation/I Want To Know What Love Is / FD: Interstellar/Gravity38th
Misato Komatsubara / Tim KoletoJapan4CC 2024 - 8th (182.70)1stRD: Ghostbusters/True / FD: Loving You/Love Grows35th
Hannah Lim / Ye QuanSouth KoreaWarsaw Cup 2023 - 2nd (187.10)1stRD: Prince medley / FD: Umbrellas of Cherbourg15th
Paulina Ramanauskaite / Deividas KizalaLithuaniaBosphorus Cup 2023 - 5th (171.03)RD: I Love Rock n Roll/Crimson and Clover/Call Me / FD: En Contra/Duo de Amor56th
Allison Reed / Saulius AmbruleviciusLithuaniaEuropeans 2024 - 3rd (203.37)RD: Welcome To The Jungle/Paradise City / FD: Enough of Our Machines/Children6th
Hanna Jakucs / Alessio GalliNetherlandsBosphorus Cup 2023 - 10th (154.38)RD: Queen medley / FD: Warriors/What Could Have Been/Enemy141st
Olivia Oliver / Filip BojanowskiPolandEphesus Cup 2024 - 3rd (166.38)1stRD: Relax/Careless Whisper/Uptown Girl / FD: Tom Odell medley117th
Gina Zehnder / Beda Leon SieberSwitzerlandBosphorus Cup 2023 - 2nd (186.47)1st (J)RD: Race/Joe le Taxi / FD: This Bitter Earth/On The Nature of Daylight/This Unfair Earth52nd
Anna Simova / Kirill AksenovSlovakiaMezzaluna Cup 2023 - 4th (171.25)2ndRD: Ghostbusters/I Can Wait Forever/Name Game / FD: Beatles medley43rd
Milla Ruud Reitan / Nikolaj MajorovSwedenDenis Ten Memorial - 4th (160.76)1stRD: Yello medley / FD: The Spy and the Liar/I Expect You To Die92nd
Mariia Holubtsova / Kyryl BielobrovUkraineWarsaw Cup 2023 - 5th (167.67)RD: Bonnie Tyler medley / FD: Merry Go Round of Life/Fragile Dream/A Walk In The Skies55th
Emily Bratti / Ian SomervilleUSANHK Trophy 2023 - 6th (183.43)3rdRD: Prince medley / FD: Ne Me Quitte Pas20th
Christina Carreira / Anthony PonomarenkoUSA4CC 2024 - 3rd (194.14)2ndRD: Stevie Nicks medley / FD: Perfume: The Story of a Murderer9th
Madison Chock / Evan BatesUSAGPF 2023 - 1st (221.61)1stRD: Queen medley / FD: Pink Floyd medley3rd


SkaterCountryNotable Results 23/24NationalsProgram InformationNotable JumpsWorld Standing
Semen DaniliantsArmeniaDenis Ten Memorial 2023 - 5th (212.07)SP: The Mask (soundtrack) / FS: Peaky Blinders (soundtrack)3A+2A+2A107th
Maurizio ZandronAustriaTayside Trophy 2023 - 1st (216.28)1stSP: L'ultima notte di Amore (soundtrack) / FS: Adagio for strings3A+1Eu+3S43rd
Vladimir LitvintsevAzerbaijanSkate America 2023 - 5th (237.44)SP: The Lion King (soundtrack) / FS: Fall On Me4T+3T28th
Alexander ZlatkovBulgariaSofia Trophy 2024 - 1st (204.37)1stSP: Je Dors Sur des Roses / FS: Daylight/Can't Pretend3Lz+3T77th
Wesley ChiuCanada4CC 2024 - 7th (240.38)1stSP: Romeo and Juliet / FS: Kill Bill4T+3T22nd
Roman SadvoskyCanada4CC 2024 - 10th (217.83)6thSP: Unconscious / FS: Nureyev3Lz+3T35th
Boyang JinChinaGolden Spin 2023 - 1st (258.67)SP: Vienna / FS: This4Lz / 3A+3T21st
Jari KesslerCroatiaTirnavia Ice Cup 2023 - 3rd (199.77)1stSP: Angela / FS: November/Spiegel im Spiegel3Lz+3T75th
Georgii ReshtenkoCzech RepublicBavarian Open 2024 - 2nd (234.72)1stSP: Triple Concerto in C Major (Beethoven) / FS: The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (soundtrack)4T+3T61st
Tomas-Llorenc Guarino SabateSpainNRW Trophy 2023 - 1st (215.98)1stSP: St James Infirmary Blues/Happy / FS: Cowboys & Aliens (soundtrack)/Powershifter/The Ecstasy of Gold/Guns Go Bang/Cotton Eye Joe3Lz+2A+2A54th
Aleksandr SelevkoEstoniaEuropeans 2024 - 2nd (256.99)2ndSP: Pharaoh Ramses II/The Mummy's Curse / FS: Ad Martem3Lz+2A+2A / 4T24th
Valtter VirtanenFinlandTallink Hotels Cup 2024 - 3rd (208.98)2ndSP: Saturn / FS: Other Side of Sea3T+2A+2A69th
Luc EconomidesFranceGrand Prix de France 2023 - 6th (230.74)2ndSP: Selah / FS: Charlie Chaplin3A+1Eu+3S40th
Adam Siao Him FaFranceGrand Prix de France 2023 - 1st (306.78)1stSP: The Prophet / FS: Departure/The Quality of Mercy/Mercy/Refuge4T+3T / 4Lz2nd
Edward ApplebyGreat BritainJunior Worlds 2024 - 9th (205.55, J)1stSP: You Should Be Dancing/Disco Inferno / FS: John Wick3A+3T37th
Nika EgadzeGeorgiaLombardia Trophy 2023 - 2nd (243.35)1stSP: Ave Maria / FS: Moulin Rouge (soundtrack)4S+3T13th
Nikita StarostinGermanyChallenge Cup 2024 - 4th (220.38)2ndSP: The Nutcracker / FS: Backstreet Boys medley3Lz+2A+2A47th
Aleksandr VlasenkoHungaryDragon Trophy 2024 - 1st (187.27)1stSP: Une vie d'amour / FS: Iron Sky3Lz+1Eu+3S78th
Mark GorodnitskyIsraelWarsaw Cup 2023 - 2nd (243.29)SP: Moonlight Sonata / FS: Shape of Lies/True Love's Last Kiss3A+2A30th
Gabriele FrangipaniItalyCup of China 2023 - 5th (251.59)2ndSP: Keeping Me Alive / FS: Io Ci Saro4T+3T19th
Nikolaj MemolaItalyMerano Ice Trophy 2024 - 1st (256.24)1stSP: Prelude No. 2 (Rachmaninov) / FS: Samson et Dalila/I Belong To You/Mon coeur s'ouvre a ta vois4Lz+3T16th
Yuma KagiyamaJapan4CC 2024 - 1st (307.58)2ndSP: Believer / FS: Rain, In Your Black Eyes4T+1Eu+3S / 4S5th
Kao MiuraJapanGrand Prix Espoo 2023 - 1st (274.56)4thSP: This Place Was A Shelter / FS: Attack on Titan (soundtrack)4T+3T6th
Shoma UnoJapanGPF 2023 - 2nd (297.34)1stSP: I Love You Kung Fu/Clair de Lune / FS: Timelapse/Spiegel im Spiegel4T+3T3rd
Mikhail ShaidorovKazakhstanCup of China 2023 - 3rd (264.46)SP: The Matrix / FS: Carmina Burana4T+1Eu+3S17th
Junhwan ChaSouth Korea4CC 2024 - 3rd (272.95)1stSP: Masquerade Waltz / FS: Batman Theme3A+2A+2A / 4S+3T7th
Hyungyeom KimSouth KoreaNepela Memorial 2023 - 4th (230.46)4thSP: Music / FS: Requiem for a Dream3Lo+2A+2A40th
Sihyeong LeeSouth KoreaCup of China 2023 - 8th (209.13)2ndSP: Feeling Good / FS: Cyrano (soundtrack)3F+2A+2A31st
Deniss VasiljevsLatviaBavarian Open 2024 - 1st (256.18)1stSP: Hallelujah / FS: The Lion King3A+2A15th
Donovan CarrilloMexicoNRW Trophy 2023 - 2nd (205.70)1stSP: Sexyback/4 Minutes / FS: Besame mucho/Historia de un amor/Cuba3A+1Eu+3S74th
Davide Lewton BrainMonacoBavarian Open 2024 - 7th (198.23)1stSP: Sign of the Times / FS: Sound of Silence3Lz+3T70th
Vladimir SamoilovPolandEuropeans 2024 - 8th (230.17)1stSP: Fatboy Slim medley / FS: Notre Dame de Paris4S+3T44th
Lukas BritschgiSwitzerlandGrand Prix de France 2023 - 4th (263.3)1stSP: I'm In the Mood/Superstition / FS: The Rainmaker/Enduring Love/Corpus Rex4T+3T10th
Adam HagaraSlovakiaJunior Worlds 2024 - 3rd (225.61, J)1stSP: Another Love / FS: Dream On3F+2A+2A23rd
Andreas NordebackSwedenNordics Open 2024 - 1st (214.29)SP: Personal Jesus / FS: The Dark Knight Rises (soundtrack)3Lz+3T38th
Burak DemirbogaTurkeyEphesus Cup 2024 - 1st (213.38)1stSP: Bones / FS: Who Wants to Live Forever3F+1Eu+3S67th
Ivan ShmuratkoUkraineNepela Memorial 2023 - 8th (215.68)SP: Melody from The High Pass / FS: Walk/This Place Is A Shelter3Lz+1Eu+3S46th
Jason BrownUSAWarsaw Cup 2023 - 3rd (236.75)2ndSP: Adios / FS: The Impossible Dream3A+2T20th
Ilia MalininUSAGPF 2023 - 1st (314.66)1stSP: Malaguena / FS: Succession (soundtrack)4Lz+1Eu+3S / 4A1st
Camden PulkinenUSAGrand Prix de France 2023 - 5th (230.84)3rdSP: A Different Kind of Love / FS: Tosca4T18th


SkaterCountryNotable Results 23/24NationalsProgram InformationNotable JumpsWorld Standing
Olga MikutinaAustriaEuropeans 2024 - 8th (173.46)1stSP: El Mariachi/Uccen / FS: The Curse/Dawn of Faith3Lz+3T33rd
Loena HendrickxBelgiumSkate America 2023 - 1st (221.28)SP: I'm nin'alu/Living For Love / FS: Break My Soul3Lz+3T2nd
Nina PinzarroneBelgiumEuropeans 2024 - 3rd (202.29)1stSP: W.E. (soundtrack) / FS: Spartacus3Lo+2A+2T12th
Alexandra FeiginBulgariaDenkova-Staviski Cup 2023 - 1st (176.06)1stSP: Le Di A La Caza Alcance/Cernunnos / FS: Anna Karenina (soundtrack)3T+3T46th
Madeline SchizasCanadaSkate Canada 2023 - 4th (189.91)2ndSP: Farrucas/Solea Grana / FS: Summertime3Lz+3T15th
Eliska BrezinovaCzech RepublicBosphorus Cup 2023 - 3rd (145.53)2ndSP: Running Up That Hill / FS: The Legend of Zorro/The Mask of Zorro (soundtracks)3T+3T64th
Nataly LangerbaurEstoniaBudapest Trophy 2023 - 6th (165.85)2ndSP: Love on the Brain / FS: Je t'aime3Lo+2A54th
Niina PetrokinaEstoniaSkate America 2023 - 3rd (194.55)1stSP: Run / FS: Dusty Road/Prelude (Age of Heroes)3Lz+1Eu+3S14th
Nella PelkonenFinlandFinlandia Trophy 2023 - 4th (179.31)1stSP: Lo Vas A Olvidar / FS: Tourner Dans le Vide3Lz+2A+2T67th
Lorine SchildFranceEuropeans 2024 - 5th (183.86)1stSP: Ojos de Serpiente / FS: Hell To The Liars3Lz+3T23rd
Nina PoveyGreat BritainDenkova-Staviski Cup 2023 - 3rd (160.32)1stSP: Hold My Hand / FS: Black Swan3Lo+2T63rd
Anastasiia GubanovaGeorgiaEuropeans 2024 - 2nd (206.52)1stSP: Mojo / FS: Caruso3Lz+3T5th
Kristina IsaevGermanyEuropeans 2024 - 15th (155.28)1stSP: Why Don't You Do Right? / FS: Semblanzas de un Rio/Orobroy/Poeta En La Mar2A+2T+2Lo65th
Mariia SeniukIsraelDenis Ten Memorial 2023 - 1st (175.75)SP: Animal / FS: James Bond (soundtrack)3F+2A61st
Sarina JoosItalyTallinn Trophy 2023 - 1st (181.90)1stSP: Caruso / FS: A Beautiful Storm/Mercy in Darkness/Gefion3F+2A+2Lo32nd
Mone ChibaJapan4CC 2024 - 1st (214.98)2ndSP: Les Yeux Noirs / FS: The Legend of 19003Lz+2A13th
Kaori SakamotoJapanSkate Canada 2023 - 1st (226.13)1stSP: Baby, God Bless You / FS: Wild Is The Wing/Feeling Good3F+3T1st
Hana YoshidaJapanCup of China 2023 - 1st (203.97)7thSP: Koo Koo Fun / FS: Shakuhachi/La Terra Vue Du Ciel3Lz+3T / 3A11th
Chaeyeon KimSouth Korea4CC 2024 - 2nd (204.68)3rdSP: Pantomeme/(Pina) soundtrack / FS: Le Bal des folles3Lz+3T8th
Haein LeeSouth KoreaShanghai Trophy 2023 - 2nd (196.40)2ndSP: Sirens / FS: Notre Dame de Paris3Lz+2T+2Lo4th
Young YouSouth KoreaNepela Memorial 2023 - 5th (181.80)7thSP: Otono Porteno / FS: Lord of the Rings3F+2T+2Lo17th
Sofja StepcenkoLatviaJelgava Cup 2023 - 1st (171.90)1stSP: All Eyes On Me / FS: Il Est Ou Le Bonheur3F+2A+2A28th
Meda VariakojyteLithuaniaBosphorus Cup 2023 - 2nd (163.32)1stSP: Bang Bang / FS: Van Gogh x Voila3Lz+1Eu+3S113th
Anastasia GrachevaMoldovaBudapest Trophy 2023 - 13th (146.62)SP: Didn't It Rain / FS: The Magnificent Century (soundtrack)3Lz+2T107th
Mia Risa GomezNorwayNordics Open 2024 - 2nd (155.03)SP: Metamorphosis / FS: Samurai Swords/Happiness Does Not Wait3Lz+2A89th
Ekaterina KurakovaPolandNepela Memorial 2023 - 4th (181.98)1stSP: Sentimental Waltz / FS: Solas/My Way/White Flowers Take Their Bath3Lz+1Eu+3F10th
Julia SauterRomaniaTirnavia Ice Cup 2023 - 1st (175.74)SP: Oh My God / FS: Inspiration3T+2A+2A31st
Livia KaiserSwitzerlandEuropeans 2024 - 4th (194.72)3rdSP: Lost Without You / FS: Lucy Gray/Lion Theme/Run With Your Heart3Lz+3T34th
Kimmy RepondSwitzerlandNebelhorn Trophy 2023 - 2nd (191.94)1stSP: Voila / FS: Freya3F+3T20th
Vanesa SelmekovaSlovakiaDragon Trophy 2024 - 3rd (168.41)1stSP: Golden Hour / FS: Forbidden Love/Le Di Ala Caza Alcance3Lz+2T119th
Josefin TaljegardSwedenTallinn Trophy 2023 - 2nd (176.20)1stSP: Wicked Game / FS: Elvis Presley medley3Lz+2T38th
Tzu-Han TingChinese Taipei4CC 2024 - 10th (171.87)1stSP: Crimson Peak / FS: Sherlock Holmes (soundtrack)3Lz+3T37th
Anastasia GozhvaUkraineGolden Spin 2023 - 4th (163.77)SP: Vuelvo al Sur / FS: Proud3F+2A80th
Amber GlennUSASkate America 2023 - 5th (189.63)1stSP: Heads Will Roll / FS: Exogenesis Symphony3Lz+2A+2T / 3A19th
Isabeau LevitoUSASkate America 2023 - 2nd (208.15)3rdSP: Nella Fantasia / FS: The White Crow (soundtrack)3Lz+1Eu+3S3rd

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