Worlds 2023 – Preview

The 2023 World Championships take place in Saitama, Japan from the 20th-26th March.

Here’s a rundown of who you can expect to see competing at this event and some information about them.


TeamCountryNotable Results 22/23NationalsProgram InformationWorld Standing
Anastasia Golubeva / Hektor Giotopoulos MooreAustraliaWarsaw Cup 2022 - 1st (185.53, S)SP: Architect of the Mind / FS: Sing Sing Sing/Summertime/ Mr Pinstripe Suit11th
Brooke McIntosh / Benjamin MimarCanadaNHK Trophy 2022 - 3rd (175.65)2ndSP: Release / FS: Les Miserables26th
Lia Pereira / Trennt MichaudCanada4CC 2023 - 4th (186.33)3rdSP: Where We Come Alive / FS: Pirates of the Caribbean39th
Deanna Stellato-Dudek / Maxime DeschampsCanadaSkate America 2022 - 2nd (197.89)1stSP: Oblivion / FS: Cleopatra8th
Siyang Zhang / Yongchao YangChinaGolden Spin 2022 - 7th (161.33)SP: Bee Gees medley / FS: Les Miserables63rd
Federica Simioli / Alessandro ZarboCzech RepublicBavarian Open 2023 - 3rd (144.04)1stSP: Way Down We Go / FS: Elton John medley56th
Camille Kovalev / Pavel KovalevFranceGrand Prix de France 2022 - 2nd (179.85)1stSP: Billie Eilish medley / FS: Caruso13th
Oxana Vouillamoz / Flavien GiniauxFranceJunior Worlds 2023 - 5th (153.59)2ndSP: Inside / FS: Between These Hands28th
Lydia Smart / Harry MattickGreat BritainBavarian Open 2023 - 6th (135.32)2ndSP: California Dreaming / FS: Keeping Me Alive57th
Anastasia Vaipan-Law / Luke DigbyGreat BritainWarsaw Cup 2022 - 7th (147.86)1stSP: Never Tear Us Apart / FS: James Bond (soundtrack)33rd
Karina Safina / Luka BerulavaGeorgiaGrand Prix de France 2022 - 5th (162.44)SP: Danse Macabre / FS: Exogenesis Symphony14th
Alisa Efimova / Ruben BlommaertGermanyNebelhorn Trophy 2022 - 2nd (186.17)SP: Moonlight Sonata / FS: Private Investigations/Sold My Souls18th
Annika Hocke / Robert KunkelGermanyNebelhorn Trophy 2022 - 3rd (184.47)1stSP: ABBA medley / FS: Without You12th
Maria Pavlova / Alexei SviatchenkoHungaryBavarian Open 2023 - 1st (177.78)1stSP: I See Red / FS: Angel/Soebody To Love31st
Sara Conti / Niccolo MaciiItalyEuropeans 2023 - 1st (195.13)1stSP: Oblivion / FS: Cinema Paradiso4th
Riku Miura / Ryuichi KiharaJapanNHK Trophy 2022 - 1st (216.16)SP: You'll Never Walk Alone/Sweet Hope Walk / FS: Atlas: Two/Shared Tenderness1st
Daria Danilova / Michel TsibaNetherlandsBavarian Open 2023 - 2nd (167.49)SP: The Hunger Games (soundtrack) / FS: Goodbye Song/Stand Up17th
Nika Osipova / Dmitry EpsteinNetherlandsGolden Spin 2022 - 4th (167.14)SP: Exit Music (for a Film) / FS: Prelude (Age of Heroes)20th
Isabella Gamez / Aleksandr KorovinPhilippinesChallenge Cup 2023 - 6th (150.01)SP: I'll Take Care of You / FS: Exogenesis Symphony51st
Violetta Sierova / Ivan KhobtaUkraineJunior Worlds 2023 - 3rd (159.39)SP: Vesna / FS: Halo16th
Emily Chan / Spencer Akira HoweUSA4CC 2023 - 2nd (201.11)2ndSP: Nyah / FS: Unchained Melody6th
Ellie Kam / Danny O'SheaUSAIce Challenge 2022 - 1st (183.19)3rdSP: The Prayer / FS: Nocturnal Animals (soundtrack)32nd
Alexa Knierim / Brandon FrazierUSAGPF 2022 - 2nd (213.28)1stSP: Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) / FS: Sign of the Times/Healed Broken Wings2nd


SkaterCountryNotable Results 22/23NationalsProgram InformationNotable JumpsWorld Standing
Olga MikutinaAustriaNHK Trophy 2022 - 10th (173.36)SP: My Nocturnal Serenade / FS: The Curse/Dawn of Faith3Lz+1Eu+3S49th
Loena HendrickxBelgiumGrand Prix de France 2022 - 1st (216.34)1stSP: Si Mama/Mi Gente / FS: Heaven/Fallen Angel3Lz+3T2nd
Jade HovineBelgiumGolden Spin 2022 - 8th (161.66)2ndSP: Black Hole Sun/A Distant Lament/Run / FS: The Godfather (soundtrack)3Lz+2A65th
Nina PinzarroneBelgiumChallenge Cup 2023 - 4th (191.20)SP: Meditation / FS: La vita e bella3Lz+3T29th
Alexandra FeiginBulgariaSofia Trophy 2023 - 1st (165.78)1stSP: Onegin's Theme/Prodigy / FS: My Life Is Going On/Berlin/Faithful Fate/Ti Amo3T+3T37th
Madeline SchizasCanadaGrand Prix Espoo 2022 - 5th (187.84)1stSP: Black Swan (soundtrack) / FS: Madame Butterfly3Lz+3T15th
Marilena KitromilisCyprusLatvia Trophy 2022 - 3rd (165.81)SP: Four Seasons/Storm/Concerto in G Minor / FS: Mother/Lion Theme/Run With Your Heart3Lz+3T46th
Eliska BrezinovaCzech RepublicSkate Celje 2022 - 1st (167.55)2ndSP: Sweet Dreams / FS: The Mask of Zorro (soundtrack)3T+3T43rd
Niina PetrokinaEstoniaTallink Hotels Cup 2023 - 1st (203.52)1stSP: Give Us A Little Love / FS: Dusty Road/Prelude (Age of Heroes)3Lz+1Eu+3S10th
Janna JyrkinenFinlandVolvo Open Cup 2022 - 1st (178.72)1stSP: Your Heart Is As Black As Night / FS: The Story of Voyages (soundtrack)3Lz+3T44th
Lorine SchildFranceJGP Gdansk 2022 - 6th (179.00)2ndSP: In The End / FS: Tango Yesica Lozano/Tango de Roxanne3Lz+3T56th
Kristen SpoursGreat BritainEdu Sport Trophy 2023 - 1st (176.69)2ndSP: James Bond (soundtrack) / FS: Bang Bang/The Lonely Shepard/Battle Without Honor or Humanity3Lo+2A76th
Anastasiia GubanovaGeorgiaEuropeans 2023 - 1st (199.91)SP: Istanbul Wedding/Historiette No 5 / FS: Slumdog Millionaire (soundtrack)/Nagada Sang Dhol3Lz+3T7th
Kristina IsaevGermanyGolden Spin 2022 - 6th (163.79)2ndSP: The Storm / FS: Semblanzas de un Rio/Orobroy/Poeta en la Mar3T+3T68th
Nicole SchottGermanyMK John Wilson Trophy 2022 - 6th (181.41)1stSP: Rain In Your Black Eyes / FS: Bohemin Rhapsody3F+2T+2Lo13th
Julia LangHungaryBudapest Trophy 2022 - 4th (165.07)1stSP: Is Dreamed A Dream / FS: A Evaristo Carriego/Grand Guignol2A+1Eu+3S60th
Lara Naki GutmannItalyDragon Trophy 2023 - 1st (180.89)1stSP: Un Ano de Amor / FS: Hitchcock soundtracks3Lz+1Eu+3S28th
Mai MiharaJapanWorld University Games 2023 - 1st (221.18)2ndSP: Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence / FS: El Amor Brujo3Lz+3T5th
Kaori SakamotoJapanChallenge Cup 2023 - 1st (228.35)1stSP: Rock With U/Feedback / FS: Elastic Heart/Lovation3F+3T1st
Rinka WatanabeJapanLombardia Trophy 2022 - 1st (213.14)12thSP: El Tango de Roxanne / FS: Jin (soundtrack)3A14th
Chaeyeon KimSouth KoreaFinlandia Trophy 2022 - 2nd (205.51)4thSP: Everybody Knows / FS: Poeta En El Viento3Lz+2A+2T23rd
Yelim KimSouth KoreaFinlandia Trophy 2022 - 1st (213.97)2ndSP: Mercy / FS: Summer of 423Lz+3T3rd
Haein LeeSouth Korea4CC 2023 - 1st (210.84)3rdSP: Storm / FS: Phantom of the Opera3Lz+3T4th
Sofja StepcenkoLatviaLatvia Trophy 2022 - 1st (177.71)SP: All Eyes On Me / FS: Il est ou le Bonheur3Lz+2T+2Lo72nd
Anastasia GrachevaMoldovaBosporus Cup 2022 - 1st (167.56)SP: Nextango / FS: The Magnificent Century Hurrem Dance3Lz+1Eu+2S121st
Lindsay van ZundertNetherlandsChallenge Cup 2023 - 5th (176.84)SP: Pas Sans Toi / FS: Pirates of the Caribbean (soundtrack)3Lo+2A40th
Mia Risa GomezNorwaySanta Claus Cup 2022 - 1st (163.04)1stSP: Metamorphosis Two / FS: Wonder Woman (soundtrack)3T+3T99th
Ekaterina KurakovaPolandMK John Wilson Trophy 2022 - 5th (190.44)1stSP: Elvis Presley medley / FS: Up (soundtrack)3Lz+1Eu+3F9th
Julia SauterRomaniaBellu Memorial 2023 - 1st (171.88)SP: In This Shirt / FS: Me Before You/Unsteady3T+3T31st
Dasa GrmSloveniaSkate Celje 2022 - 3rd (148.19)1stSP: Near Light/Breathe Me / FS: Close Your Eyes/Human/I Was Here3F+2T52nd
Kimmy RepondSwitzerlandEuropeans 2023 - 3rd (192.51)2ndSP: Two Feet medley / FS: Exogenesis Sympthony3F+1Eu+3S20th
Ema DoboszovaSlovakiaBellu Memorial 2023 - 2nd (167.31)2ndSP: The Warrior / FS: Bang Bang/Boom Boom3S+3T86th
Amber GlennUSASkate America 2022 - 3rd (197.61)3rdSP: Hit The Road Jack / FS: Without You3F+3T19th
Isabeau LevitoUSAMK John Wilson Trophy 2022 - 2nd (215.74)1stSP: Una Noche Mas / FS: Dulsea Si Tandra Mea Fiara3Lz+1Eu+3S11th
Bradie TennellUSA4CC 2023 - 6th (199.91)2ndSP: Michigan 7 / FS: Four Seasons medley3Lzq+3T34th


SkaterCountryNotable Results 22/23NationalsProgram InformationNotable JumpsWorld Standing
Maurizio ZandronAustriaChallege Cup 2023 - 7th (212.94)1stSP: Earth Song / FS: Gortoz a Ran/Adagio for Strings/Revolution/Nemesis3A+1Eu+3S37th
Vladimir LitvintsevAzerbaijanBosporus Cup 2022 - 1st (250.52)SP: La Califfa (soundtrack) / FS: Joker (soundtrack)4T+3T54th
Alexander ZlatkovBulgariaSofia Trophy 2023 - 1st (200.13)4thSP: Mozart l'opera rock / FS: Tiny Riot3Lz+3T110th
Keegan MeesingCanada4CC 2023 - 2nd (275.57)1stSP: Grace Kelly / FS: Home/Lullaby For An Angel4T+2T6th
Conrad OrzelCanada4CC 2023 - 8th (226.10)2ndSP: Carmina Burana / FS: Out of Tears/Paint It Black4S+3T104th
Boyang JinChina4CC 2023 - 7th (227.47)SP: Seven Nation Army / FS: This/Precious Lost Love4T39th
Jari KesslerCroatiaTallink Hotels Cup 2023 - 4th (212.19)SP: Angela / FS: The Home of Dark Butterflies (soundtrack)3Lz+3T58th
Georgii ReshtenkoCzech Republic2ndSP: Apologize / FS: The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (soundtrack)4T+3T90th
Tomas-Llorenc Guarino SabateSpainIce Challenge 2022 - 4th (216.05)1stSP: St James Infirmary/Happy / FS: Sarabande3Lz+3T44th
Mihhail SelevkoEstoniaFinlandia Trophy 2022 - 4th (220.33)1stSP: Break My Baby / FS: What Could Have Been4T+3T24th
Kevin AymozFranceWarsaw Cup 2022 - 1st (258.02)2ndSP: Still Don't Know My Name/Nate Growing Up / FS: Gladiator4T+2T21st
Adam Siao Him FaFranceGrand Prix de France 2022 - 1st (268.98)1stSP: Rain, In Your Black Eyes / FS: Horizons/Horizons Into Battlegrounds/Minus Sixty One/Run Boy Run4T+3T3rd
Graham NewberryGreat BritainBritannia Cup 2022 - 1st (211.07)1stSP: No Good / FS: Malaguena3A82nd
Nika EgadzeGeorgiaGrand Prix de France 2022 - 5th (233.40)SP: I Won't Complain / FS: S.O.S. d'un terrien en detresse4S+3T23rd
Morisi KvitelashviliGeorgiaFinlandia Trophy 2022 - 2nd (231.30)SP: Way Down We Go/Break My Baby / FS: Elvis medley4S+3T13th
Nikita StarostinGermanyIce Challenge 2022 - 3rd (217.04)1stSP: West Side Story / FS: Jamiroquai medley3S+2A+2A56th
Mark GorodnitskyIsraelCranberry Cup 2022 - 1st (219.83)SP: Follow Your Heart / FS: Shape of Lies/True Love's Last Kiss3A+1Eu+3S61st
Daniel GrasslItalyMK John Wilson Trophy 2022 - 1st (264.35)4thSP: Silhouette / FS: Struggling Brain/Korea Town/Hour of the Ruler/Dans la maison4Lz+3T2nd
Matteo RizzoItalyEuropeans 2023 - 2nd (259.92)1stSP: Maneskin medley / FS: Bruno Mars medley3A+2A4th
Kazuki TomonoJapanNHK Trophy 2022 - 4th (251.83)3rdSP: Happy Jazz / FS: Die Fledermaus Overture4T+3T14th
Shoma UnoJapanGPF 2022 - 1st (304.46)1stSP: Gravity / FS: Air on the G String/Sanctus Petrus Et Sancta Maria Magdalena4T+3T1st
Sota YamamotoJapanWorld University Games 2023 - 1st (274.86)5thSP: Yesterday / FS: Piano Concerto 2 (Rachmaninov)4T+3T19th
Mikhail ShaidorovKazakhstan4CC 2023 - 5th (237.14)SP: Luna / FS: Carmina Burana4T+3T29th
Junhwan ChaSouth KoreaSkate America 2022 - 3rd (264.05)1stSP: Michael Jackson medley / FS: James Bond (soundtrack)3A+2A5th
Deniss VasiljevsLatviaMK John Wilson Trophy 2022 - 2nd (254.56)SP: Englishman in New York / FS: Symphony No 9 (Dvorak)3Lz+1Eu+3S7th
Vladimir SamoilovPolandVolvo Open Cup 2022 - 1st (220.17)1stSP: Money / FS: Notre Dame de Paris (soundtrack)4Lz64th
Lukas BritschgiSwitzerlandWarsaw Cup 2022 - 3rd (253.66)SP: Another Level / FS: An Honorable Choice/Sacrifice of Tradition/Trap/Knight, Promises4T+3T15th
Adam HagaraSlovakiaSkate Celje 2022 - 1st (207.58)1stSP: Freedom / FS: Dream On3A+1Eu+3S43rd
Andreas NordebackSwedenFinlandia Trophy 2022 - 3rd (229.88)1stSP: Hurt / FS: Notre Dame de Paris3A+3T30th
Burak DemirbogaTurkeyBosporus Cup 2022 - 2nd (234.45)1stSP: Another Love / FS: Moulin Rouge (soundtrack)3F+1Eu+3S68th
Kyrylo MarsakUkraineVolvo Open Cup 2022 - 3rd (194.05)SP: Pale Yellow / FS: Star Wars3Lz+2A+2T78th
Jason BrownUSA2ndSP: Melancholy / FS: The Impossible Dream3Lz+3T20th
Ilia MalininUSASkate America 2022 - 1st (280.37)1stSP: I Put A Spell On You / FS: Euphoria (soundtrack)4A9th
Andrew TorgashevUSAChallenge Cup 2023 - 5th (215.86)3rdSP: Oblivion / FS: Gravity of Love3Lz+1Eu+3S153rd

Ice Dance

TeamCountryNotable Results 22/23NationalsProgram InformationWorld Standing
Holly Harris / Jason ChanAustraliaSanta Claus Cup 2022 - 1st (178.16)RD: The Beat/Cha Cha Danzon/Suavemente / FD: Labrinth medley18th
Adrienne Carhart / Oleksandr KolosovskyiAzerbaijanDenis Ten Memorial 2022 - 6th (148.57)RD: Loca/Casi un Bolero/Samba de Rio Pardo / FD: Egyptian Belly Dance/Table Talk/Entracte109th
Olivia Josephine Shilling / Leo BaetenBelgiumEgna Dance Trophy 2023 - 6th (147.40)RD: Batucadas/El beso del final/Loca / FD: Happiness Doesn't Wait/In This Shirt
Laurence Fournier Beaudry / Nikolaj SorensenCanada4CC 2023 - 2nd (214.08)1stRD: Gloria Estefan medley / FD: Ennio Morricone/Robert Rodriguez/Malaguena Salerosa medley5th
Piper Gilles / Paul PoirierCanadaGrand Prix Espoo 2022 - 1st (219.49)RD: Do What I Do/Rhythm Only / FD: Evita4th
Xizi Chen / Jianing XingChinaSanta Claus Cup 2022 - 5th (153.25)RD: Are You Ready/Cuando Pienso En Ti/Latin Music / FD: The First Waltz/The King's Birthday112th
Natalie Taschlerova / Filip TaschlerCzech RepublicEuropeans 2023 - 6th (188.34)1stRD: Hips Don't Lie/Hero / FD: On The Nature Of The Daylight/Run/Early Morning Fog16th
Sofia Val / Asaf KazimovSpainChallenge Cup 2023 - 6th (159.34)1stRD: Havana/Don't Go Yet / FD: SOFIA/Turning Page
Solene Mazingue / Marko Jevgeni GaidajenkoEstoniaRD: Amado Mio/Donde Estas Yolanda / FD: Evil Morty71st
Juulia Turkkila / Matthias VersluisFinlandEuropeans 2023 - 3rd (198.21)1stRD: Rebelado/Wicked Game/Jao Geralderry/Banto / FD: Schubert medley8th
Loicia Demougeot / Theo le MercierFranceWarsaw Cup 2022 - 1st (182.00)2ndRD: Fever/Somebody That I Used To Know/Magalenha / FD: Swell/Gnossienne No 3/Le Di A la Caza Alcance17th
Marie Dupayage / Thomas NabaisFranceWorld University Games 2023 - 1st (176.04)5thRD: Quetzalcoatl Offering/Aguas de Marco/Dame Agua / FD: Innocent/Dance I: First Movement47th
Evgeniia Lopareva Geoffrey BrissaudFranceChallenge Cup 2023 - 1st (196.46)1stRD: Paxi Ni Ngongo/Magalenha / FD: Edith Piaf medley11th
Lilah Fear / Lewis GibsonGreat BritainSkate Canada 2022 - 2nd (209.18)1stRD: Vivir Mi Vida/No Me Ames / FD: Lady Gaga medley2nd
Maria Kazakova / Giorgi ReviaGeorgiaNRW Trophy 2022 - 1st (188.38)RD: Squin Samba/Hello/1 to 8/Samba do Brasil / FD: Mad World19th
Jennifer Janse van Rensburg / Benjamin SteffanGermanyBavarian Open 2023 - 1st (182.57)1stRD: Safari/Havana/Move It / FD: Prelude Age of Heroes29th
Mariia Ignateva / Danijil Leonyidovics SzemkoHungarySanta Claus Cup 2022 - 2nd (176.39)1stRD: Mil Pasos/Sympathy for the Devil / FD: Cirque du Soleil medley31st
Mariia Nosovitskaya / Mikhail NosovitskiyIsraelLake Placid International 2022 - 6th (164.10)RD: La Bomba/Mil Pasos/Sambando / FD: Edith Piaf medley56th
Charlene Guignard / Marco FabbriItalyMK John Wilson Trophy 2022 - 1st (213.74)1stRD: This Is/I'm Crying (Mother's Tears)/Cuba / FD: Love Will Never Die/Mephisto's Lullaby/Eden1st
Victoria Manni / Carlo RoethlisbergerItalyEgna Dance Trophy 2023 - 1st (177.64)RD: Wicked Game/Calabria 2007 / FD: Modigliani Suite/My Reason/Rain In Your Black Eyes/Rich Beyond Belief39th
Kana Muramoto / Daisuke TakahashiJapanDenis Ten Memorial 2022 - 1st (188.30)1stRD: Conga/Rhythm Is Gonna Get You/Ahora/Move / FD: Phantom of the Opera14th
Gaukhar Nauryzova / Boyisangur DatievKazakhstanDenis Ten Memorial 2022 - 7th (145.12)RD: En Cantos/Bailar / FD: Mechanisms/Silent Sky80th
Aurelija Ipolito / Luke RussellLatviaPavel Roman Memorial 2022 - 5th (145.12)RD: Da Da Da/Jump In The Line / FD: Time/Creep/Thriller74th
Paulina Ramanauskaite / Deividas KizalaLithuaniaLombardia Trophy 2022 - 9th (146.38)RD: La Vida Es Un Carnaval/Sway/Magalenha / FD: AC/DC medley65th
Allison Reed / Saulius AmbruleviciusLithuaniaEuropeans 2023 - 4th (195.67)RD: Yello medley / FD: Insomnia10th
Chelsea Verhaegh / Sherim van GeffenNetherlandsChallenge Cup 2023 - 8th (149.87)RD: Sing It Back/Katchi / FD: Evanescence medley
Charlotte Lafond-Fournier / Richard Kang In KamNew ZealandSanta Claus Cup 2022 - 4th (164.24)RD: Temperature/Attention/Cheap Thrills / FD: Charlotte Cardin medley43rd
Anastasia Polibina / Pavel GolovishnikovPolandBosporus Cup 2022 - 1st (167.43)1stRD: Magalenha/Parfidia/Hip Hip Chin Chin / FD: Feel It/Dad/Give Em Hell45th
Anna Simova / Kirill AksenovSlovakiaNRW Trophy 2022 - 4th (160.78)1stRD: Beautiful Creatures/Manana de Carneval/Cerezo Rosa/Copa Cabama / FD: John Miles medley50th
Mariia Holubtsova / Kyryl BielobrovUkraineWorld University Games 2023 - 5th (158.85)RD: Sad Girlz Luv Money/Cuanda Caliente el Sol/Hip Hip Chin Chin / FD: I'll Keep Coming/Bones/Don't Be So Serious/Without You58th
Christina Carreira / Anthony PonomarenkoUSAGolden Spin 2022 - 1st (191.31)3rdRD: Kind of Latin Rhythm/(Where do I begin)Love Story/Samba / FD: Backbone (soundtrack)/Summertime9th
Madison Chock / Evan BatesUSA4CC 2023 - 1st (220.81)1stRD: Let's Dance / FD: Souffrance/Les Tectoniques3rd
Caroline Green / Michael ParsonsUSASkate Canada 2022 - 4th (194.19)2ndRD: CVocalizado/Historia de un Amor/Boutique / FD: Rhapsody in Blue6th

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