Anything GOEs Fantasy Skating *BONUS ROUND* – Junior Grand Prix Final 2019

Welcome to Anything GOEs Fantasy Figure Skating for the 2019/20 Grand Prix season!

This is a Bonus Round for the: JUNIOR GRAND PRIX FINAL (It won’t be counted in the overall ranking! Enter the GRAND PRIX FINAL to get those points! )

Here’s how to play:

Pick ONE skater from EACH group below to represent you for the event, and whatever total score that skater gets in the event (rounded up to the nearest whole point) will be how many points you earn! Bonus points will be awarded for podium places, 15 for 1st, 10 for 2nd, and 5 for 3rd.

Come up with a name to represent your team and keep it consistent when submitting! That way we’ll be able put all of your data together for each discipline! If you participated in previous weeks, please use the same Fantasy team name so we can continue to keep your scores updated week to week!

For information about the skaters competing, don’t forget to check out our Junior Grand Prix Final Preview! Some of the statistics could be handy in making those tough selections!

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This form has now closed. Enjoy the Men’s event and good luck!


This form has now closed. Enjoy the Ladies event and good luck!


This form has now closed. Enjoy the Pairs event and good luck!

Ice Dance

This form has now closed. Enjoy the Ice Dance event and good luck!

Once the event goes live, the submit form will disappear and you’ll no longer be able to submit your predictions for that discipline.

Let us know how you get on in the comments or with the Twitter hashtag #AGOEsFantasy!

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