Junior Grand Prix Kosice 2021 – Preview

The third of the Junior Grand Prix events takes place in Kosice, Slovakia from the 31st August-4th September.

Here’s a rundown of who you can expect to see competing at this event and some information about them.


* Junior debut

Skater Country Notable Results Nationals Program Information Notable Jumps
*Semen Daniliants Armenia 1st 3T+3T
Filip Kaimakchiev Bulgaria 14th Skate Helena - 2nd (113.84) 1st 3F+2T
Corey Circelli Canada JGP Courchevel I 2021 - 4th (182.15) SP: Io Ci Saro / FS: The Nutcracker: Pas de Deux 3Lz+3T
Georgii Reshtenko Czech Republic Golden Spin 2019 - 18th (183.61, S) 3rd (S) SP: Love Is Gone / FS: From Ear to Ear (The Joker’s Song)/How You Like Me Now 3A / 3Lz+3T
Jegor Martsenko Estonia 43rd Volvo Open Cup - 1st (143.45) 4th (S) SP: Betty Boop Remix / FS: L'Italiano 2A+1Eu+3S
Makar Suntsev Finland Tallink Hotels Cup 2021 - 6th (172.00, S) SP: Way Down We Go / FS: I Love You (Quinted Version) 3F+1Eu+3S
Louis Weissert Germany NRW Autumn Trophy - 2nd (150.43) 2nd (S) SP: Songs Without Words, Book VI Opus 67 / FS: Blues for Klook 3T+3T
Aleksandr Vlasenko Hungary Ice Star 2018 - 4th (176.53) 1st SP: Feeling Good / FS: The One 3S+2T
Dillon Judge Ireland SP: Mack the Knife / FS: Jamie Callum medley 2F+2T
Emanuele Indelicato Italy Icelab International Cup 2019 - 3rd (147.91) SP: In Her Name, The Sea Rain / FS: St James Infirmary 2A+1Eu+3S
Dias Jirenbayev Kazakhstan Denis Ten Memorial 2019 - 6th (165.52) 3S+1Eu+3S
Younghyun Cha South Korea Youth Olympics 2020 - 5th (199.12) 3rd (S) SP: The Godfather Suite / FS: The Phantom of the Opera 3Lz+3T
*Jaekeun Lee South Korea Prague Ice Cup 2019 - 2nd (95.95, N) 6th (S) SP: Otonal / FS: Untouchables (soundtrack) 3Lo
Seldin Saliu North Macedonia Sofia Trophy 2021 - 7th (90.52) SP: They Don't Care About Us / FS: Innuendo 2Lz+2T+2T
*Andrei Anisimov Russia 12th SP: Melodramma / FS: Inception (soundtrack)
Aleksandr Golubev Russia 40th Volvo Open Cup - 1st (192.36) 2nd SP: Sweet Dreams / FS: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (soundtrack) 3A / 3Lz+3T
*Kirill Sarnovskiy Russia Igne Solar Memorial Alpen Trophy 2018 - 1st (125.92, N) 8th SP: Come Together / FS: Game of Thrones (soundtrack) 3Lz+3T
Ilya Yablokov Russia Cup of Tyrol 2019 - 1st (216.64) 4th (J), 14th (S) SP: Jon Batiste medley / FS: Walk Away/Funny 4T+3T
Naoki Rossi Switzlerland Egna Spring Trophy 2021 - 2nd (179.07) SP: Rain In My Black Eyes / FS: You Raise Me Up 3F+1Eu+3S
Adam Hagara Slovakia 13th Skate Helena - 3rd (151.95) SP: Roads Untraveled / FS: Feeling Good 3Lz+2T+2Lo
Marko Piliar Slovakia Budapest Trophy 2020 - 2nd (140.72) SP: Hope and Legacy/Otonal / FS: La Terre vue du ciel 3S+2T+2Lo
Lukas Vaclavik Slovakia Sofia Trophy 2021 - 3rd (153.19) SP: Shape Of My Heart / FS: Malaguena 3S+1Eu+2S
Oliver Praetorius Sweden JGP Riga 2019 - 15th (153.71) SP: La Boheme / FS: Beatles, Queen medley 3A / 3Lz+3T
Kyrylo Lishenko Ukraine JGP Bratislava 2018 - 19th (110.61) 2nd (S) SP: Ti penso e cambia il mondo / FS: Grande Amor 3Lz+1Eu+3S
William Annis USA Cranberry Cup 2021 - 2nd (191.98) SP: Wake Me Up When September Ends / FS: Sarabande Suite 3A


Team Country Notable Results Nationals Program Information
*Meghan Fredette / William St-Louis Canada SP: Ophelia / FS: Wonderworld
*Barbora Kucianova / Lukas Vochozka Czech Republic Bavarian pen 2020 - 1st (83.03, N) 1st SP: Nemesis / FS: Someone You Loved
*Oxana Vouillamoz / Flavien Giniaux France SP: Men Should Never Fall In Love/ FS: Between these Hands
*Karina Safina / Luka Berulava Georgia SP: Moonlight / FS: In This Shirt
*Alyssa Montan / Filippo Clerici Italy SP: Il Poeta en el Mar / FS: Henry Mancini medley
*Federica Simioli / Alessandro Zarbo Italy 3rd SP: Way Down We Go / FS: Rocket Man/Crocodile Rock
Kseniia Akhanteva / Valerii Kolesov Russia JGP Chelyabinsk 2019 - 1st (185.05) 2nd SP: Heart of Glass / FS: Romeo and Juliet (soundtrack)
*Polina Kostiukovich / Aleksei Briukhanov Russia 4th SP: Earned It / FS:Nature Boy
Anastasia Mukhortova / Dmitry Evgenyev Russia 40th Volvo Open Cup - 5th (138.28) 3rd SP: El Choclo/El Tango de Roxanne / FS: Strangers In The Night/My Way
*Margareta Muskova / Oliver Kubacak Slovakia Bavarian Open 2019 - 3rd (63.29, N) 2nd SP: Bella Ciao / FS: Tango Negro
*Violetta Sierova / Ivan Khobta Ukraine 1st (S) SP: Harley Quinn (soundtrack)/Joker (soundtrack) / FS: Halo


* Junior debut

Skater Country Notable Results Nationals Program Information Notable Jumps
*Elen Ghazaryan Armenia 2nd (Inter N) 2Sq+2Lo<
*Justine Miclette Canada SP: I Want to Hold Your Hand / FS: Caruso
Ellen Slavickova Czech Republic Bavarian Open 2020 - 3rd (137.14) SP: Hustle / FS: Young and Beautiful/A Little Party never Killed Nobody 3Lz+2T
*Anna-Flora Colmor Jepsen Denmark Skate Malmo 2018 - 1st (80.80, N) SP: It Ain't Necessarily So / FS: Piano Concerto No. 2 (Rachmaninov) 3T+2T
Olivia Lisko Finland Challenge Cup 2020 - 7th (142.99) 3T+3T
Lorine Schild France Dragon Trophy 2019 - 2nd (146.91) 4th (S) SP: Everybody Wants to Rule the World / FS: Jazz Hot 3S+3T
Nargiz Suleymanova Germany Bavarian Open 2020 - 6th (149.31) SP: Anytime, Anywhere / FS: Bang Bang 3Lz+3T (has attempted 4S)
*Vivien Papp Hungary Egna Spring Trophy 2021 - 2nd (105.26, N) SP: Slumdog Millionaire (soundtrack) / FS: 42nd Street 3Lzq
Sophia Tkacheva Ireland Budapest Trophy 2020 - 12th (76.21) SP: Io Ti Penso Amore/Paganini Rhapsody (on Caprice 24) / FS: Voila 2Lo+1Eu+2Sq
Bagdana Rakhishova Kazakhstan Denis Ten Memorial 2019 - 12th (84.53) 2Lz+2Lo
Chaeyeon Kim South Korea JGP Courchevel II 2021 - 2nd (191.46) 9th (S) SP: Pianco Concerto No. 2 (Rachmaninov) / FS: Ambush from Ten Sides 3Lz+3T
*Julia van Dijk Netherlands Challenge Cup 2020 - 4th (103.21, N) SP: I Love Paris - J'aime Paris / FS: Malificent (soundtrack)/Once Upon a Dream 2A+2T+2Lo
Mia Caroline Risa Gomez Norway Challenge Cup 2020 - 10th (124.74) SP: IT (soundtrack) / FS: Wonder Woman (soundtrack) 3S+2T
*Laura Szczesna Poland Mentor Torun Cup 2018 - 11th (66.29, N) 6th (S) SP: Spring Waltz / FS: Bruises/Someone You Loved 3S+2T
*Sofia Muravieva Russia 3rd SP: Ne Me Quitte Pas / FS: The Great Gatsby (soundtrack) 3F+3T
*Adeliia Petrosian Russia 2nd SP: A Evaristo Carriego / FS: No Time To Die/Paint It Black 3Lz+1Eu+3S
*Mariia Zakharova Russia SP: Libertango / FS: Paint It, Black 3Lz+3T
*Veronika Zhilina Russia 12th SP: You Don't Own Me/Seven Nation Army / FS: Love Story 3A+3T / 4T+2T
Danica Djordjevic Serbia 13th Skate Helena - 17th (99.90) SP: Survivor / FS: I Love You 2F+1Eu+2S
Kimmy Repond Switzerland Sofia Trophy 2021 - 2nd (183.69) SP: Run / FS: Exogenesis Symphony Part 3 3F+3T
Ema Doboszova Slovakia 12th Tirnavia Ice Cup - 4th (136.71, S) SP: The Warrior / FS: Joke's On You/Sway With Me 3S+2Lo
Alexandra Michaela Filcova Slovakia 61st Grand Prix of Bratislava - 1st (139.41) SP: Esperanza / FS: Blackheart/Star Sky 3Lz+2T+2T
Vanesa Selmekova Slovakia JGP Courchevel II 2021 - 14th (112.75) SP: It's A New Day / FS: California Dreaming 2A+2Lo+2Lo
*Josefin Brovall Sweden Nordics Open 2020 - 4th (94.58, N) SP: New World Coming / FS: Blackbird 3S+2T
Anastasiia Shabotova Ukraine Ice Star 2019 - 1st (174.76) 1st (S) SP: Carol of the Bells/Shchedrick / FS: James Bond (soundtrack) 3A / 3Lz+1Eu+3S
*Mia Kalin USA Asian Open Figure Skating Trophy - 2nd (114.39, N) 8th SP: Waltz of the Flowers / FS: Clash of the Titans/Game of Thrones 4T
Ava Marie Ziegler USA Cranberry Cup 2021 - 1st (157.53) 4th SP: I'll Take Care Of You / FS: Gravity 2A+1Eu+3S

Ice Dance

* Junior debut

Team Country Notable Results Nationals Program Information
Natalie D'Alessandro / Bruce Waddell Canada Bavarian Open 2020 - 3rd (155.05) RD: Son Of A Preacher Man/Hitting the Fan/Pump It / FD: Black Swan/Swan Lake
*Chloe Nguyen / Alec Roueche Canada RD: Talking to the Moon/Mr. Almost / FD: Happy Together
Angelina Kudrayavtseva / Ilia Karankevich Cyprus Ice Star 2020 - 1st (165.21) RD: Ruby Blue / FD: Nuvole bianche
Katerina Mrazkova / Daniel Mrazek Czech Republic JGP Courchevel I 2021 - 4h (140.93) RD: Daddy Cool/True/Disco Inferno / FD: Vicente Amigo medley
*Daniela Ivanitskiy / David Goldshteyn Finland RD: Empire State Of Mind (Part II)/Welcome to New York / FD: Tango/Larrons En Foire/Ca Deroule
*Lila-Maya Seclet Monchot / Martin Chardain France RD: Give Up The Funk/Spell On You/Act Like You Know / FD: Lee Gun Young medley
*Sophia Bushell / Alex Lapsky Great Britain RD: Greased Lightening/Blue Moon / FD: Queen medley
*Yulia Lebedeva-Bitadze / Dmitri Parkhomenko Georgia RD: One Night Only / FD: Walk That Walk
*Milla Ruud Reitan / Nikita Remeshevskiy Germany RD: our Heart Is As Black As Night/Uptown Funk / FD: Per Te/Mala Luna
Nicole Calderari / Marco Cilli Italy Egna Dance Trophy 2020 - 5th (135.78) 2nd RD: Poker Face/Killer/Bad Romance / FD: Survivor/Run Away
*Vasilisa Kaganovskaia / Valeriy Angelopol Russia 7th RD: In The End / FD: Ave Maria
Ekaterina Rybakova / Ivan Makhnonosov Russia 13th Santa Claus Cup - 3rd (145.38) 9th RD: Meant/Bad Guy / FD: Bacchanale (Samson and Delilah)
Margarita Svistunova / Dmitrii Studenikin Russia Ice Star 2019 - 4th (142.80) 5th RD: I Feel Like I'm Drowning/Feel The Weigh / FD: Power-Haus medley
Sofya Tyutyunina / Alexander Shustitskiy Russia Youth Olympics 2020 - 2nd (159.15) RD: Do I Wanna Know/Losing Your Mind / FD: Babe I'm Gonna Leave You
Mariia Pinchuk / Mykyta Pogorielov Ukraine LuMi Dance Trophy 2021 - 2nd (138.98) 1st RD: Your Heart Is As Black As Night/Brotherswing / FD: Beethoven’s Last Night

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